college diaries(the darkest pit of hell)

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a grl leaves her home for college.but college is not all that she had dreamt of hope. friends,love,betrayal leaves her in a confused state of mind. a state in which she forgets who she was any more..............

Chapter 1 (v.1) - college diaries(the darkest pit of hell)

Submitted: April 20, 2012

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Submitted: April 20, 2012



chapter 1:

The road that goes down to the darkest pit of hell

It also has a story of its own to tell



I was tiered ,very tiered.Yet the fire that burned within me continued to char my soul  without any signs of exhaustion.My hands where tied by ropes to the bed of the hospital and so  where my legs.My head felt like metal from all the electric shocks that it have received.
They came back again.The demons .I will kill them .i wanted to get up and destroy these creatures dressed in white.Infact everything was white around me.The walls,the bed .the ceiling.White used to be my favourite colour.No more.This white is cruel and a hypocrite that hides within itself the terrifying darkness .Darkness that haunts me  day and night.
I tried to get up and attack them like a mad bull but I could feel my allready tied up hands weighing like lead.I could hardly feel my body.god knows what medicine they have injected me with.
they opened my ropes for thry knew I was helpless even without them.I wanted to suck their blood when they looked at me .The doctor with his team of nurse and attendants slowly put me in a wheel chair.
The doctor always came with his team for he was afraid. Afraid of me.
But where were they taking me.They never took me out of this room of this Mental Assylum.
Are they giving me my freedom.Have they felt mercy for me.Have they finally realized I am not mad .Is it possible?
Suddenly the white in front of my eyes closed into blackness.They tied something around my eyes.What are they doing?My tiered mind which has stopped caring suddenly tried to wake up and grasp the situation desparetly.
The  darkness removed to be blinded by  sun light.
i looked around trying to see the world around.The trees ,blue sky,the soil beneath me.So many colours.
I was only begining to take in this world after so long when suddenly those huge piles of wood burning caught my eyes.
piers.Thet were burning all around. I was in a crematory.Were they playing some game with me or is ita dream.must be a dream .for it is not the first time that I have failed to distinguish between reality and my crazy dreams.That does not mean I am crazy only my drams are.
But What am i doing here?
I thought i had burned my soul to ashes a long tme ago.But I was wrong.For i certainly felt my heart catching fire and spreading to engulf whatever little I have left.
My parents were lying in the ground . Both of them covered in that cruel bitch of white.Their eyes closed .I saw my relatives on the other side of the pires that now i realized has been set for them.
For the first time since I have entered this Assylum ,where i had with all the resove in my body refused to admit I was mad no matter what the doctor would say ,I wanted to become mad.
My sedation had slowly evaporated over time but my ropes were back on. I sat there tied to the wheel chair while they burned the two roots that had uptill now kept me connected to this world.
The fire burned endlessly .I was blinded .A fog of deep anguish blocked my view when I saw those eyes again.Those eyes that ate my entire life right in front of me...................................

Ayena sat in her room all dressed up for the journey when her hands traced the last two lines of a book that read “what would come would come and we have to meet it when it does”.Once more she looked outside through the window at the small world she was so familiar with but this time, with a so-long-partner look and finally when she heard the honking of the car from below .She closed the book with a thud ,kept it on the table and walked out of her world with a determined look on her face .

I looked through the glass of the car  outside.A huge white building was slowly taking shape and in the reflection of the glass i could see my face .When i walked in through the doors it was like walking into a dream….it was like things were  happening and i was like a silent observer when suddenly somebody woke me up. “ um,excuse me” a tall lanky girl called me from behind.It was almost a whisper and she looked like she hoped i wouldn’t hear her.i turned towards her and saw the source of this please-don’t-hear-me whisper.It was her mother standing right behind her trying to make her daughter acquainted with hostel life. “yes,”i said with a polite smile on my face. “Are  you a fresher?” the girl asked almost ready to run away now.She obviously have gone way out of her league.i felt a slight irritation now. ‘why do they ever come to hostel if the world is too cruel for her to survive.Just go home Barbie’i felt like saying it to her but all i said was “yes , I am a fresher”. “I am Lipi”she said in a small voice,and I am bored already.

I don’t like this place orrrrr this place doesnt like me.Whatever the case is we certainly have to go a long way  to understand each other .Right now it’s the dead middle of the night and I am well tucked in my  precisely –cut-to –the shape-of-my-body bed.One move this side or that side and I am going down on the floor.I am using my pen light to make this wonderful conversation with my diary and right beside me there are two more beds,one with a girl sleeping open mouthed(wonder I could slip a spider into it) and the other with this girl totally covered from head to toe with bed sheet with just her hand poping up in an inverted l .Now lets rewind a little bit and see what they were like when they were alive oops I mean awake. Omg (open mouthed girl)is Ayesha and inverted l is actually Aria. May be I have read too many classics but Ayesha seemed exactly like Elizabeth bennet .Smart ,beautiful and brainer.i like her but…..well this is just the beginning of the about that inverted l.everything about her is a little bit well inverted. I cant figure her out yet but she is definitely strange not in a spooky way but its like she is even a stranger to herself .It looked like half of the time she was quite surprised with herself at what she did or talked.In case I forgot to mention she was a beauty too.

I looked outside the window.there was this lone tree standing in the middle of the field. The tree looked like whimping willow except a tad smaller and flood light falling on it made it glimmer with mysticism.i don’t know why but I felt a chill run down my spine.  It looked like the tree was silently smilling at me more like a smirk. Like there was something which it knew and I didn’t .

My eyes opened to a totally new place.At first I totally forgot where I was .then I looked aside.omg(oh my god) OMg(open  mouthed girl)was doing surya namaskar .I don’t need this. I turned to the other side and my eyebrows shot up with irony because aria was doing suryanamaskar in bed.i mean she was sleeping in almost that position and all her cover was lying on the floor.Talk about day and night.Whatever it was I got up from my bed  to get my brush when aesha turned towards me and said “good morning.i will be finished in seconds u want to go down for breakfast?” .now, I am not really the breakfast kind of girl .i usually skip that part from my list of meals but I don’t know why I smiled at her sweetly and said “ya sure.I am dying to have breakfast” .Suddenly there was movement in aesha’s bed and I saw aeysha  rolling over and free falling from her bed and hitting the floor with a loud thud “ouch, I actually fell down” and she was laughing like a mad man. Then her hand shot up in the air like she was giving attendance in class and said “me too” instead of “present maam” “ya,but are u sure u will be able to make it to the breakfast table in one piece?” i  asked with serious concern and I am not kidding. I was actually afraid. The mess was deserted when we entered it .We sat in a table close to the window with our cup of tea and breakfast.The sun beams were falling silently in our face.Three of us were chatting our hearts out. I don’t know why but it felt like the  three of us got comfortable with each other very easily .i felt the warmth in my face from the sun beams .It smelled of hope ,hope of a new beginning.The mess has got crowded gradually and I looked around to see it filled with faces of new and excited girls. “What are we going to were today?i m so excited” Aria said out in a loud shrilly excited voice. “Try nothing. That’s the latest fashion” I said in my most matter of  fact tone. “go to hell  u jackass” Aria shot back. “ladies right now we need to go to our room” said Aria trying to call truce.

Icant believe I am actually wearing a salwar . “I want to die” I almost cried. “jane nahin denge tujhe.jane tujhe denge nahin”aria sang in a dramatic tone. “Common crybaby .Time to meet our counter parts” Aesha gave me a slap in the head with a mischievous look in her face. “huh ,easy for u to say, when both of u r looking dazzling in salwar whereas I am feeling like a jeans girl trapped inside a damn salwar body” ,I snapped back at both of them.

Man our class was huge.100 students. The first day in college was mostly about professors telling us how the road ahead is going to be the bumpiest ride of our lives and we better were our seatbelts. It was almost symbolic consideringthe fact that I almost fell flat on my face on my way to my seat,my foot trapped in the laptop cord .No one laughed out of manners but I know they wanted to. “boyezzz”hummed aria in her I-am-going-to-have-them-for-my-dinner tone when I have finally managed to settle my ass in a chair without any more further mishaps.When I looked around heres what I saw some of them were geeks,some of them where i-want-u-baby right now,some where where-am-I, and some well hey its just my first day I couldn’t figure all of them out.But the problem was ,in a jeans I could have taken all of them out but in salwaar I just felt like little red ridding hood .



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