Rain in the rocks

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"We need to kill the girl"I said in my commanding tone.My eyes were looking at the picture of the girl .Her pictures in the house that I have burnt were more lively .This one had a fire of anguish in them.
I looked up at the gang of members that I lead, all sitting around looking at me waiting for my order.
"Even if the police do rest the case she will not.The more days we allow her to breath ,the closer she will come to finding the truth."I spoke in my most serious tone.
"You are right "my second in command Shatrughan said in agreement as did all the other members of the gang
"We are not just gang members but also eminent personalities in the societies.We have a reputation to keep .Keep at any cost.The truth about that night should remain buried deep in the ashes of the house never to be found again."Shatrughan concluded sounding desperate as were we all.
"What do you say about sending some of our men to silence her into grave?"Shatrughan said asking for my permission.
"No, I don't want any mistake.I will personally go and do what has to be done."I said silencing him.
"Already you have put yourself in much risk by burning the house by yourself.If the police finds any kind of fingerprint or other evidence you will be in danger." he said refusing to be silenced.
"You don't need to do all these ground jobs.We have people to take care of all these business and if you still have doubt I will go with them And ensure the job is done ."he continued
"You know there is a reason why I am the leader of this group and you are the second incommand"I said in my alpha tone giving Shatrughan a death glare.Sometimes people needed to be reminded about their position here.
"Your job is to silently follow the orders I give and not to order me to take decisions."I said unleashing the voice that made them all bow down before me.
Shatrughan looked down and so did all the others.If anyone else had any problem with my decision none of them would have the courage to contradict me now.
"That girl will have to die and die in my hands."I said with finality.
I needed air .I went up to the terrace.Eveninng was spreading its wings.The red ball of fire seemed like a soft blanket enveloping my eyes in its serinity.I closed them letting the calmness of the sunset seep into me and when I did close them I saw like a blinding flash that night.
That night in the rain.She was wearing a blood red colour dress.Her hair was let open flying everywhere with the ghowling wind.She was standing alone in the veranda outside the party.Her stillness a contrast to the lashig wind and thundering clouds.Her hand was extended outside catching the droplets of the rain.
"Will you dance with me ?"I asked not really in control of myself which hardly every happened.
She turned and when her eyes did set on me there was lightning in them as there was thunder in my chest.
"Ahana how are you doing?"Anshuman asked softly over the phone.
I was standing in front of the Ganga river watching the sun set in its blood red hue among the dense water of the river.
"I don't find them in the stars Anshuman."I said to him hoping he might have some answer.
"What are you talking about Ahana?"Anshuman sounded taken aback.
I sighed deeply letting it flow with the wind that flew towards the river and join many others  in their hopeless plea.
"Oh"he exclaimed suddenly realizing what I have said.
"Ahana they are with you ,your parents.You dont need to find them anywhere.They are in every word you speak,in everyy breath you take ,in every beat your heart pumps,in every thought you think."Anshuman's words came as a fairytale that mesmerized the child who previously thought there were no fairies.
I could feel a tear drop roll and fall into the ground.
"How is the investigation going?"he asked suddenly."Are they any closer?"
"Not much yet but Inspector Avinash who is incharge of the investigation seems a capable man and is doing whatever it takes to find out the truth."I said recovering myself.
"Anyways I am not going to rest untill they give me answers. I keep going to the police station trying to learn new updates about the case."I said 
Suddenly I remebered something ,"Do you know my phone is being tapped by the police?"I asked him.
"What?"He sounded a bit startled.
"Inspector Avinash claims that whover have done this might try and contact me threatening me to close the case ."Isaid amused.
"oh"he said simply and remained silent for sometime.
I had not noticed before drowned in my oen state of vaccum.Anshuman did not sound his usual cheerful self today.Infact he sounded a bit forlorn.
"What happened to you man?"I asked concerned.I startled myself with the concern ,for my lack of interest in making friends have never given me the opportunity to be concerned about anybody other than myself.
"Nothing."Anshuman was just into monosyllables now.
I was on the verge of cracking another gay joke but decided against it.That maynot be the best thing to cheer him up.
"you know what I have just unfriended you from my list"I said finally.
"Girl you are one stubborn ass,"he said.
Ok that was insulting .I was only trying to help him.This friendship thing is frustrating.
"Ok whatever " I said ready to hang up the phone.
"Wait"he spoke sounding desperate.
"I will tell you when I meet you in kolkata and you will let me come to kolkata in return to help you"he said in one breath.
"Deal?" he asked again.
This guy should have been in business making a deal out of everything.
Never the less because I am such a saint ,I wanted to help him so I guess it would only be fare if I let him help me.
"Deal "I said 

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