The Dark Angel Chronicles: Damnation (Draft)

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A 17 year old witch gets more then she bargained for when she falls in love with a troubled fallen angel.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



Some people believe that Tartarus is a giant prison for all wicked sinners. Others believe it is a spiritual condition. According to the Greeks, it was a prison for the Titans and other sinful creatures. According to the Romans, it was a prison for the sinful but according to the Arch Angel Uriel, Tartarus was build by the Almighty to punish the Angelics who turn from his light and seduces mortal woman. Angered by their act, the Almighty ordered hordes of Archs to drag them to Tartarus before casting them into one of it's deepest and darkest pits before He ordered the angels to wipe the earth of their offspring in a great floor. The Fallen wept for their lost children and swore to devote themselves to the darkness. They took spiritual forms and whispered into the ears of man, teaching him the secrets of Heaven. Worried and angry, the Almighty send a floor of heavenly water into Tartarus, flooding and sinking it into the darkness of the abyss. The Almighty then banished the Beast into Tartarus to guard the fallen. However the Beast attempted to escape, angering the Almighty. He froze the lake, capturing the beast in mid-flight. The Beast and the Fallen were forgotten and frozen in time and left to rot. However, after his fall, Lucifer discovered the wasteland that once housed the great prison. Finding it to his taste, he had his castle build, had pits for the wicked dug out and renamed the land Aeternas Carceris Inferni, which mortals shortened to Inferno then changed it to Hell. He renamed the frozen lake Cocytus and kept it to punish traitors, both immortal and mortal alike. Many souls were locked in there along with other fallen angels who had betrayed the Almighty after Lucifer's fall. Though they remain trapped in the darkness of its waters, sometimes there is something too powerful, too angry to contain with the frozen waters and just sometimes, the abyss sends something back.


~The Dark Castle, Hell~


“Aaaahhhh!!” A boy screamed as he rose from the icy lake before falling onto the ice. He gasped and slowly looked up before blinking and pushing himself up. He shakily looked around. His prison had changed. Creatures were whipping mortal souls down from trying to escape from the walls that kept them inside the castle. The boy slowly got up before falling back down again and gasping. He felt numb. Been trapped in that ice for so long, it didn't come as a surprise that he was freezing. He carefully got back up and walked over to the many souls trying to escape. He cautiously walked over before looking at a man at the side. The boy studied him, noting he wasn't mortal. A reaper. Probably one of many. The boy cleared his throat, getting the attention of the reaper. “W-what's going on?”


“They're trying to escape,” The Reaper replied. “The Dark King allows freedom to souls who can make it to the other side of the river Styx.... oh that's one gate down...”


The boy looked over as a soul ran past a demon but the demon gave chase and dragged the soul back. It screamed and kicked as it did.


“Ah too bad...” The Reaper smirked, before noticing the boy. He rose an eyebrow before clearing his throat. “And you are?”


“My name isn't important..” The boy replied, as he watched other souls trying to escape. The Reaper frowned.


“Then what was your sin?”


“I trusted the wrong person... I'm not meant to be here..”


“That's what they all say...”


“Well I mean it... I was accused off a crime I never did...”


“And what was that crime?”


“Falling for the wrong person... I loved her yes but I knew she'd never love me back...”


“Ah love... the greatest pain ever...” The Reaper replied, looking back at the souls trying to escape. The boy frowned before turning to the Reaper.


“How many gates are there?” He asked.


“9 plus the final entrance...” The Reaper replied, as the boy clicked his neck. “You won't make it... no one has ever escaped here...”


“I can try..” The boy replied, pushing his way through the souls before seeing the open gate at the end. The boy frowned. The best way to punish someone is to place hope in front of them and stop them from reaching it. The boy ran his eyes over the demons, who took in turn to whip. Most of the souls were desperate so they would not see the pattern that the demons were doing but the boy did. He took a deep breathe before running out. One of the demons saw him and lashed his whip out at him but the boy smirked and slid under it on his knees before reaching the gate. He smirked as a demon ran towards him but before it could reach him, he let himself fall into the next level of Hell.


~The Bay of the River Styx~


“I made it..” The boy gasped, falling onto the sand. He had fought his way out of the nine levels of hell. Each one getting harder as he broke through but he did it. All he needed to do now was escape this part... the final entrance as the Reaper had called it. He got up and clicked his neck before walking towards the Entrance. A jet black fire burned like a dark flame in the night. It emitted mystery and horror at the same time. The boy walked over to it then placed his hand on the flames. They didn't burn nor freeze. He pushed his hand through the fire before stepping into it completely. It tickled as he walked through before stepping out on the other side. All he saw was rock til he looked up. Right at the very top was a small ball of light. He clicked his neck before grabbing onto the rock and pulling himself up. He continued climbing to the top, slipping sometimes and cutting his hand and feet before finally pulling himself into the ball of light. He gasped as the sun hit him with the garish light of day, forcing him to cover his eyes. He stumbled off the rocks and into the land of the living, finding his way to where he needed to be.


~Lucifer's Throne Room~


“My lord!! Someone has escaped!!” A low class demon gasped as he ran in. Lucifer looked up from his throne with surprise.


“No one escapes..” He replied, playing with his blood red hair. The demon whimpered and showed him the footage of the boy escaping. “Who is that?”


“W-we d-don't k-know..” The demon gasped, bowing slightly. “We have no record of him, my lord!!”


“No record?”


“According to the Reaper, he just walked over, covered in water... we think he might be from the frozen lake sir.... we think he's an original fallen...” The demon gasped, shaking in fear but Lucifer held up his hand.


“If he is, then he might not be the only one who's awake... guard the lake...”


“And the boy?”


“Well he did earn his freedom... for now,”

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