Darkened Reflection

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Ch. 9

Avery had sat Nathan up against a wall like a little doll on a shelf. After making sure he was as comfortable as he could be he walked calmly back to a table over by the sewer lines. Nathan’s eyes were now open and he could make out his surroundings.
He was in fact in some sort of underground sewage tunnel. With his nose being swollen and more than likely broken he couldn’t smell anything but assumed that an awful stench was in the air. The floor he was sitting on was wet with small puddles scattered in each way. There was a metal bar fence a few feet in front of him that guarded a drop off towards the sewage water. Nathan slowly looked down at his body and noticed that he wasn’t wearing his clothes anymore. Instead, he was wearing what Avery was wearing when he kidnapped him. Avery himself had put on Nathan’s clothes including his white shoes which were now covered in mud and who knows what else.  
“So tell me, Nathan, how is mom and pop?” Avery asked as he started rummaging through the many devices that were spread out on the table.  Nathan didn’t answer. “Have you gone quiet?”
“What do you want from me?” Nathan asked simply.
“Now we get to the core of the apple.” Avery replied with another sinister smile. He walked back with what looked like a car cigarette lighter and a blow torch. He crouched in front of Nathan and tilted his head like a curious dog. “Do you think it’s fair that you actually got to live a great life just because you were normal?” Nathan didn’t answer. Instead he slowly tilted his head down onto his chest and almost fell asleep.  Avery slapped Nathan’s cheek, making Nathan rise up from his luring sleep. “Hey, there’s no dying on me yet. I’ve got plans for you…”
“Plans? What….plans?”
Avery chuckled lightly. “Plans to get my life back….and destroy yours of course. You see, Nathan, I’m going to make your life a living hell all the while planning the rest of my escape from this wretched country.
“But…why?” Nathan asked.
“Why? Are you serious?!” Avery shouted in shock. “The deadbeats we call mom and dad disowned me because I was different from all the other boys in the family! But truthfully I was only expressing my passion for violence and mischief!
“Oh my god….” Nathan had come to a realization that he didn’t want to think was true. “You really murdered all those children, didn’t you?
“They never understood me…” Avery whispered lowly. “they all laughed and laughed…I HATE THAT DAMN LAUGHTER!!”
“This doesn’t make any sense! If you truly are my twin brother then why the hell don’t I remember anything about you?!
“Because, brother, Mom and Dad brainwashed your sorry ass! You were in the damn classroom when it all went down!
“You’re full of shit!”
“Am I? How do you explain the nightmares of darkness and screams?”
Nathan’s eyes went wide with fear. “How do you know about that…?”
“I read your file.” Avery said simply with a shrug of his shoulder.
“That was you in the school!” Nathan accused.
“BINGO! Announcer please give Nathan his first place prize!” Avery shouted sarcastically as he waved his hands through the air.
“What do you plan to do with it?” Nathan asked, completely ignoring the insult.
“Man if you haven’t caught on by now than I think it’s safe to dub you as the dumb twin of the two of us.” Avery chuckled. “It appears that I’m gonna have to spell it out for you. YOU are my twin, correct? Not only are you my twin but you look EXACTLY like me in every detail possible. This, my dear brother, is a key factor in the plan. By stealing everything that deals with you including your clothes, friends, car, house, and school file there would be no argument that I, Avery Belford, would actually be YOU, Nathan Belford, correct? Now as I’m portraying you, and trust me this is the juicy part, I’ll be ridding you of every single person you’ve ever loved.” Avery came closer to Nathan’s face once again and brought his voice down to a low whisper. “Yes, Nathan, that includes that hot piece of ass Jasmine.”
“Don’t you dare touch her!!” Nathan snapped as he painfully lurched towards Avery. Avery moved back swiftly and let Nathan fall face first to the floor. Pain shot through Nathan’s face as if he was hit by a hammer. Avery smiled and laughed hysterically as he grabbed Nathan’s shoulders and lifted him back onto the wall.
“My my, touchy are we?” Avery asked. “Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to give it to her nice and slow.”
“Avery…” Nathan’s voice became the most serious it had ever been. “Whatever you have against my parents…”
“Your parents?” Avery asked as he lit the blow torch and began placing the car lighter right at the tip of the blaze. “They’re mine too, remember?”He looked towards Nathan and gave him a wink. Nathan breathed in deeply and tried his best to keep his cool.
“Whatever…just take your anger out on us. Leave my friends out of this!”
“No can do, brother.” Avery said disappointedly. “But I will take up your offer of taking out my anger on the family.” The smile on his face grew as he continued to talk. “My plan for the three of you is nothing but genius. You should expect as much seeing that I’ve had fifteen years to sketch it out!”
Nathan began to sob in pain. Pain from the position he was in and pain from the knowing of what was going to happen to everyone he knew. “This is not happening….this is a nightmare.”
“Is that what you think this is?” Avery asked as he turned off the blow torch. The car lighter was glowing bright red orange from all the heat that it had just endured. “Allow me to bring you back to reality!” Avery reached behind Nathan’s back and grabbed his tied up wrists tightly. “Hold still now…” He relentlessly mashed each and every one of Nathan’s fingers inside the small circle of the car lighter one at a time, burning off the fingertips in the process.
Nathan screamed bloody murder as each finger went into contact with the hot piece of metal. Tears streamed down his eyes as he struggled and attempted to wiggle away from the burning. Avery was stronger than Nathan however. He wrapped his free arm around Nathan’s chest and held him in place as he continued to torture Nathan’s fingers.
“…and with the last pinky we’re done.” Avery said happily as he stood back and stared at Nathan sobbing and whimpering. “Feel that pain? It’s nothing compared to the pain I went through, brother!”
“Please…” Nathan cried. “Don’t do this!”
“That’s so funny!” Avery laughed. “You sound just like I did when I pleaded to mom and dad when they put me in the psychiatric home!”
The conversation between the two brothers was interrupted by a Rise Against ringtone coming from Avery’s pocket. Avery pulled out Nathan’s phone and smiled greedily. “Well would you look at that! It’s Jasmine!”
“Jasmine, don’t!” Nathan cried out but Avery ran to him and placed his hand over Nathan’s mouth.
“Shhh..” He hissed. “It’s rude to interrupt people on the phone by yelling.” Avery placed the duct tape back onto Nathan’s mouth as Nathan made muffled cries behind it. Avery answered the phone and began talking with the unsuspecting Jasmine.
“Hey babe…..naw, I got lost on the track but I think I’ve found the end……of course I had fun! Hey you know what we should do? Let’s go out tonight, just the two of us….”
Nathan squirmed and screamed behind the duct tape as Avery made plans with the love of his life right in front of him. He could do nothing but watch in horror as Jasmine went on with the conversation as if she was talking to Nathan himself.
“….yeah we’ll catch a movie, get some dinner, and the sit on my roof and talk. You up for it…..? GREAT! I’ll pick you up around 9:00. LOVE YOU!”
Avery stared at Nathan with an evil grin. “Well I’d love to say and catch up with you Nathan but seeing that I have a big date tonight I think I’m gonna have to cut our reunion short.” Avery walked away and grabbed a bag that sat by the table. He threw the bag over his shoulder and proceeded to walk over to the exit of the sewage tunnel. “Don’t get too close to the water!” Avery warned. “The sewer rats are gonna smell that charred blood pretty soon!” A hysterical laugh echoed through the tunnel as Avery closed and latched the huge door of the entrance.
Nathan was left in total darkness with nothing but his tears and screams accompanying him….

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