The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Hostage Situation

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



Ch. 11

David heard the two girls scream out in fear as the shots were fired wildly.

The three of them all split up and ran in different directions as the bullets flew pass their heads. David felt a sharp sting in his right shoulder and held it tightly. He felt the thick liquid seeping through the cracks in his finger and knew that he had been shot. He found cover behind a tree and stood behind it. Pieces of bark and wood exploded from the tree as the bullets struck it. David let go of his shoulder and peered at his hand in the moonlight. Sure enough, his red blood covered his hand like paint. He took a look at his shoulder and saw that the bullet only grazed him.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” He heard Kelsey scream out. “You can’t shoot at children!”

“You all are at least in your early twenties.” Kalgan replied calmly as the bullets kept flying. “Hardly within the age range of children.”

“David?!” Brittany’s voice yelled out in panic.

“I’m here!” He called back. “Ju-just stay calm, okay?! Where are you?!”

“We’re hiding!” Kelsey called. “Don’t worry they can’t get to us!”

All of a sudden the bullets stopped. David peered around the tree nervously and saw that the two men were re-loading their guns. He also noticed that the vampire was ducking behind the bungalow and holding his hands over his ears.

“This is stupid. This is so stupid!” He yelled as he emerged from the tree and bolted towards Kalgan. The two men spotted him and began hurrying with their guns. David was quicker however. He was a few feet from Kalgan in less than a moment. Kalgan noticed him and reached into his coat pocket as well. David tackled him in his waist and took him down to the ground.

“Kelsey! Get Brittany and Calvin out of here!” He yelled, pinning Kalgan down the best he could.

“Okay!” Kelsey yelled back with no argument. David watched as the two of them ran out from behind a tree and bolted towards the car. Kelsey grabbed the now dazed and confused vampire by his wrist and pulled him towards the car as well.

“Don’t let them escape you fools!” Kalgan growled with anger. The two men shot at the three of them without aim. David watched as Kelsey, Brittany and the vampire ducked into the green beetle and sped off.

“Good…” He said to himself. His relief was soon shattered as a strong fist connected with his jaw. David fell to his back and held it softly. Suddenly he was being kicked and stomped on by the two men holding the guns. His body was being filled with pain as they continued to brutally beat him.

“Hold it.” He heard Kalgan say. David looked up with the one good eye he still had left and saw him staring down at him with rage in his eyes. “That was a brave move boy….but to what cost to you?”

“Y-you stay a-away from them.” David uttered in pain. Kalgan scowled down at him.

“You pathetic boy.” He sneered. “I could care less about what happens to your friends. I WANT MY DAMN VAMPIRE!” He turned away quickly and rushed back to where ever he had come from. “PUT HIM IN THE TRUNK!” He ordered the two men. David looked up and saw the bottom of one of the men’s shoe hovering over his face. He closed his eyes as it slammed down on his face firmly.

“DAVID!” The vampire cried and moaned sadly in the back seat. He was kicking and growling at whatever he could get his hands on and hadn’t stopped wailing ever since Kelsey pushed him in the car.

“Please Calvin, you have to be quiet!” Kelsey said shakily as she sped down the road and tried to think about what just happened.

“DAVID!” The vampire continued to scream out. Brittany sat in the passenger seat with tears streaming down her eyes. She looked back to the deranged vampire and felt its pain. She slowly and cautiously held her hand out towards the vampire and placed it on his kneecap.

“Brittany I don’t think you should…” Kelsey held her warning as she heard the vampire calm down.

“It’s okay, Calvin. We’re going to get him back.” Brittany said firmly.

“Rescue…” The vampire said slowly. Brittany smiled slightly and nodded her head.

“That’s right. Rescue.” The vampire lowered his head and sat back in the seat quietly. Brittany turned around in her own seat and looked straight forward as Kelsey continued down the highway. “You need to tell me everything that’s going on.”

“To be honest, I don’t even know.” Kelsey admitted. “All I know is that Calvin back there is an escaped vampire from Area 51. David and I have been trying to get him back to his parents but as you can see, it’s becoming more and more difficult.”

“So…he’s really a vampire?” Brittany asked with interest and fear.

“Yeah. Drinks blood and everything.”

“But aren’t vampires supposed to kill humans?”

“That’s what I thought too. But Calvin back there is different. He’s innocent and doesn’t know much. He was taken from his family at a very young age and tortured and train in Area 51 ever since.”

“And now that he’s escaped, they want him back….” Brittany finished.

“Right. But that’s not it.” Kelsey added. “Some weird Asian vampire is also on the hunt for him. I don’t know if she’s with Area 51 or not but I do know that she’s completely dangerous.”

Brittany took a few moments to let the information sit in. She knew she couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. She cared about David more than she wanted to admit. She was not going to let anything happen to him.

“Okay. So what’s the plan?” She asked firmly, pulling down her seatbelt and buckling herself in.

“I don’t know yet.” Kelsey admitted sadly. “I do know that we need to come up with a plan soon. If I’m not mistaken, Area 51 has some weird and painful ways of getting people to talk.”

“You think they’re going to question David?”

“If their protocol is like in the movies, yes.”

“Well we have to stop them!” Brittany shouted.

“I know. But we can’t do that if we don’t even know where the Area 51 base is located.” Kelsey said. “We need to head back to our apartment and get online.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Brittany said. “Knowing that we’re fighting Area 51 agents, I think they would want us to go straight to our homes. We better try a library.”

“Yeah, your right.” Kelsey agreed. “Alright, hang on!” Kelsey whipped the wheel around and performed an illegal U-turn on the highway. She put the car back in drive and stamped hard on the gas pedal, speeding off towards the nearest library.

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