The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Royalty

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



Ch. 13

Kelsey swerved in an out of the lanes as if she was racing Vin Diesel in one of those Fast and Furious movies. Brittany held on tightly to the handle above her window and braced herself for each daring turn Kelsey took. The vampire, on the other hand, sat quiet and still in the back. It was almost as if he didn’t mind the heart pounding speed that Kelsey was driving.

Sooner than later Kelsey swerved into the driveway of the huge three story library. After dodging three pedestrians and two cars, she found a parking space and the car came to a complete stop inside of it.

Kelsey quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and exited the car. It took Brittany a few moments of breathing before she could let go of the handle above her. Once she did, she unbuckled her seatbelt and got out as well. The vampire was the next to get out. As he did, he searched his surroundings thoroughly before running up to walk in a brisk pace beside Kelsey. Brittany ran up to her side just as they entered the library.

“Attention everyone!” The loud speaker within the library called. “The Library will be closing in one hour. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here.”

“Oh great, we don’t have enough time.” Kelsey growled to herself.

“David…” The vampire mumbled sadly.

“We know buddy.” Brittany said, rubbing the vampires broad back. “We’re gonna get him back.”

“I think the archives and computers are on the third floor.” Kelsey stated as she studied the library map. “I don’t think we should take the elevators, let’s just take the stairs.

“Okay.” Brittany agreed. The three of them jetted towards the stairs with determination. They all took the stairs by three and eventually landed on the third floor. To their left were the computers and to their right were the archives documents. “Brittany, you go and look online for anything about a local Area 51 station.”

“Okay.” She said rushing over to the nearest computer.

“Calvin you come with me and help me search through these documents.” The vampire obeyed and the two of them headed into the opposite direction.

The library was almost completely empty besides the occasional librarians walking around. Kelsey looked over to the computers and saw that Brittany was the only one occupying them. She turned back to the many aisles of shelves and began scanning over all of the books. The vampire did the same thing.

As she continued to look, her hope of finding some information was getting thinner. She was finding everything BUT information on Area 51. It wasn’t until the vampire caught eye of something at the top of the shelf. He tapped Kelsey’s shoulder vigorously to get her attention. Kelsey turned around and looked up to where he was pointing.

“Tanseltown Area 51…” She read. It was a thick black book that looked to be worn out and not used in awhile. As she stared at the book she realized that there was no way she was going to be able to get to it without the help of one of the librarians. “Damnit….” She cursed. She looked around and saw none of the librarians around. She looked back towards the book and gasped at the sight of the vampire crawling up towards it like a spider. “Calvin! What are you doing?!”

The vampire didn’t answer. He continued to climb the giant shelf until he reached the book and grabbed it. Afterwards he dropped down and landed on his feet quietly. He gave Kelsey a huge smile and handed her the book. Kelsey shook her head and chuckled slightly.

“When we do get you back to your parent’s, I think I’m gonna miss the hell out of you.” She said, grabbing the book from the vampire. The vampire took a glance behind her and frowned suddenly. “Calvin….?” The vampire grabbed Kelsey by her shoulder and moved her to the side quickly. Kelsey felt a giant wind rush pass her and saw the vampire tackled into the nearby wall. As the books fell down around her from the shelf, Kelsey could see the outline of a small figure standing over the vampire’s body.

“Oh poo, you made me miss.” The Asian woman said sadly. The vampire tried to get to his feet but she placed her foot on his chest and pushed him back down with tremendous strength. The woman turned her attention towards Kelsey and smiled. “Hello Kelsey. I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.”
“Tackling me to the ground is definitely not what I would call a proper introduction.” Kelsey said with a sneer. The woman smiled.

“My name is Larraine.” She greeted politely. “I’m here for the vampire.”

“Yeah? Join the club. I think they have a Facebook page now.”

“Tsk tsk, such a rude young girl.” Larraine said as she pressed down harder on the vampires chest, making him cry out in pain.

“I already know why Area 51 wants him.” Kelsey stated. “The question is, why do you want him?” Larraine smirked happily and looked back down at the squirming vampire below her foot.

“This vampire…is not an ordinary vampire.” She explained.

“Yeah I know. He’s been trained for war use.” Kelsey said smartly. Larraine laughed shortly.

“His uses go far beyond anything of war, my dear.” She said slowly. “He’s royalty.”


“Part of the bloodline of the Vampire Lords.” She continued. “His mother is the descendent of one of the Lords. His father is just another plain vampire. When his mother gave birth to the boy, it was said that he would be the next Lord of the Vampires and take his grandfather’s place on the throne. He’s gifted with strength unlike any other vampire known to man. This type of power was admired by many people…including Area 51.”

“So you’re saying that he’s an upcoming Vampire Lord who was kidnapped by Area 51 for war purposes?” Kelsey asked.


“So that means you want to bring him home, right?”

“Well, not quite.” She said with a devious smile. “I’m a rogue vampire working for Area 51. I’m returning him there so that I can get my reward.”

“Yeah, wrong answer!” Kelsey screamed as she smacked Larraine across the face with the thick book. Larraine flew over to the floor and landed on her face. The vampire got up quickly and crawled over her. He grabbed her head and began ramming it into the floor. He continued to ram her head into the floor until there was a giant pool of blood below her. He let the head drop lifelessly on the ground and turned back around to Kelsey.

Kelsey didn’t have time to be shocked by the sight. She quickly grabbed his arm and ran in the opposite direction. The two of them met Brittany at the top of the stairs.

“Guys! I found out where the facility is!” She said brightly. Her attention went towards the vampire’s bloody hands and her eyes went wide with fear. “What happened?” She asked.

“A sad attempt to kill a vampire.” Larraine’s voice said calmly. The three of them looked back and saw her bloody crushed face regenerating itself quickly. Once it was done, Larraine stared at the three of them with an evil glare. “Come on ladies, we all know that the only way to kill a vampire is to stab it in the heart. Didn’t you two ever watch Buffy?”

“Run!” Kelsey yelled. The three of them darted down the stairs quickly. Brittany was pulled back by her hair and thrown into one of the information desks.

“Oh my god! Someone call 911!” A librarian screamed from across the floor. Kelsey turned back and ran back up the stairs to help Brittany. Larraine walked calmly over to where Brittany had landed and held out her hand towards her. Brittany screamed in terror.

Kelsey jumped onto the Larraine’s small frame and began punching and scratching her face relentlessly.

“Get off me you little brat!” Larraine growled.

“Brittany, run!” Kelsey demanded. Brittany didn’t think twice. She quickly darted around Larraine and headed to the stairs.

“You are getting so annoying!” Larraine cried out. In one quick move she threw Kelsey back towards the stairs. Kelsey screamed out and flailed her arms throughout the air. She was caught by strong arms which she soon saw was the vampires. The vampire turned to Brittany and motioned for her to get on his back.

“Jump on!” He demanded. Brittany nodded once and wrapped herself around the vampire’s wide frame. In a blur, they were racing down the stairs and out of the library, leaving Larraine scowling at them from behind.

“Now…I’m getting pissed.”

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