The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Kelsey to the Rescue!

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




Ch. 16


David knew that the four of them running down the hallways without any stealth or secrecy would cause for them to be seen.

What he didn’t know was that they would be seen by the majority of the Area 51 base.

“Stop them!” One of the guards shouted towards them. While David fell back quickly, Chris reached into his bad and pulled out a night stick. As the guards ran towards him he began swiping swift and strong down at their knees, tripping them onto the hard floor below.

“Go on ahead!” He shouted back after tripping up another one of the guards. “I’ll hold these guys back!” David, Lucas and Isabella ran pass the guards quickly and continued down the hall, leaving Chris smacking and tripping up the group of guards behind them.

“The exit should be just around this corner!” Lucas growled as they came up to a fork in the path. David pushed himself harder and harder until he finally felt the effects of the pills wear off. David slowed his running down to a slow jog and then ultimately collapsed on the floor.

He’s breathing was hoarser than ever and he could feel his life pulling away from him.

“Lucas!” Isabella called as she turned around and knelt down beside him. “His body has completely given in.” She said, softly rubbing her cold hands down David’s cheeks.

“Put him on my back.” Lucas demanded. “He risked his life to save our son and put him back in our arms. I shall do the same for him.”

Isabella carefully lifted David from the floor and placed him on the back of Lucas. Lucas Grabbed on to his legs and David weakly wrapped his arms around his neck. “Hang in there David.” Lucas whispered to him. Isabella could hear the radios and clattering of feet coming from three hallways over.

“Lucas, they are coming.” She warned. Lucas nodded his head once and the two of them flew through the halls with David resting on Lucas’s back.





“Where the hell did you learn how to drive?!” Brittany asked as they burst through the gate of the facility.

“Need for Speed: Underground!” Kelsey shouted back. As they drove through the open lot towards the building, sparks began flying all over the car. Kelsey peered up for only a moment and saw that the guard posts of the facility were shooting at them as they drove through. Kelsey swerved one way and then another trying to dodge the rain of bullets pummeling her sweet little bug. “You guys are gonna pay for all this car damage!” Kelsey screamed.

“Kelsey I don’t think they can hear you.” Brittany said calmly.

“I know what they can and cannot hear.” Kelsey grumbled under her breath. She drove around the lot looking for some sort of entrance so that they could just get out of the line of fire and head in. But with all of the bullets flying on the ground she knew that if they took one step out of the car they would all be dead in less than a minute. “Come on, think…” Kelsey said to herself.

“There!” Brittany pointed out. Kelsey looked to where Brittany was indicating and saw a very beautiful female running fast beside a handsome young man. On the man’s back was….

“David!” Kelsey screamed out as she drove towards the couple with max speed. She noticed that the couple had stopped at the edge of a shadow from the building and had refused to go any further, even as the guards came rushing out of the door behind them with guns pointed at them. Kelsey turned the car around quicker than ever and halted it right in front of the guards. Kelsey removed herself from on top of the vampire and opened the side door.

“Please get in!” Brittany said as she ushered the couple to come into the small car. The bullets began firing just as soon as she opened the door. The woman was the first to enter the car and her first reaction was to the vampire.

“Damien!” She screamed in excitement. Damien smiled brightly and welcomed the hug his mother gave him. The man tossed David in next and got inside the car himself. Brittany had to crawl her way back to the front of the car to make some room in the small vehicle. She laid eyes on David and gasped in horror.

“What happened?!”

“Don’t worry, he’s still alive.” The man said as he embraced his son as well. “Might I ask for you to drive now?”

“I can’t!” Kelsey said as the bullets continued to hit her car. “You guys will burn in the sunlight.”

“Its okay, Kelsey.” The woman said. “We are very old vampires. Sunlight doesn’t hurt us as much as it used to.”

“Okay.” Kelsey said with nervousness hidden in her voice. She punched the gas with her foot and skidded off towards the gate they had just broken in. After much swerving and dodging they finally made it to the gate where they proceeded to drive down the road, leaving the guards shooting bullets behind them

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