The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Plan of Escape

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




Ch. 17


“We have to go to a hospital!” Brittany suggested as she attempted to shake the beaten David.

“We can’t do that Brittany.” Kelsey said.

“Why the hell not?!”

“Because if we go to a hospital than that runs the risk of Damien and his parents being found.”


“David is going to be fine.” Kelsey said, mainly to calm herself down. “Just….trust me.”  Brittany looked at David thoroughly before turning back around in her seat and facing forward.

“Chris…” David moaned n the back seat. Brittany was the first one to turn back around and stare at his trembling body.

“David?! David can you hear me?!” She asked.


“Who is Chris?” Brittany asked confused.

“Chris? I think he’s a newbie that works with us at the pizza shop.” Kelsey explained. “Why would he be calling for him?”

“There was another boy that helped us escape back in the facility.” Lucas said.

“He fell behind and took on the guards while we escaped.” Isabella added. “I don’t know if he escaped or not.”

“Oh no…” Kelsey said as she turned onto the road to the apartment. David had fallen silent once again and Kelsey turned back around in her seat. “Should we go back?”

“Are you crazy?” Brittany asked. “We have to get Damien and this family somewhere safe before we even think about heading back to Area 51.”

“You’re right.” Kelsey said as she pulled into the driveway of the apartment. She pulled the car all the way in and out of sight from the road. Afterwards she opened her trunk and removed a thermal blanket. She blanketed the three vampires and led them all to the back door with Brittany trailing behind them with caution. After she felt that the coast was clear she rushed into the house and locked the door.

“Well, at least we know they’ve been here already.” Kelsey said as she stared at the destroyed house. Couches, tables, and drawers were all thrown onto the ground. Papers had been thrown everywhere as well. Kelsey shook her head and continued to lead the family of Vampires towards the stairs. David was being carried by Lucas who had him tightly in his arms.

They had made it to the top of the stairs and went to the open attic door. “Up here.” Kelsey said as she ran up the stairs. Lucas and the others made their way into the attic next and removed the blanket over them. Kelsey took the blanket and placed it over the broken window, blocking out the sun so that they could move around as much as they wanted to.

Lucas placed David down on one of the old mattresses within the attic just as Brittany had made her up. She pulled the stairs in behind her and locked the door. She breezed over to where David was resting and ran her hand over his bruised and beaten face.

“I’m sorry…” Damien said sadly as he looked down at the two of them. “My fault…”

“No it’s not Damien.” Kelsey said as she began to breathe normally for the first time. “It’s not your fault.”

“David may be a shy awkward nerd but when he wants to do something, nothing stops him.” Brittany said as she smiled slightly at David. “David wouldn’t blame you for this and neither do we.”

“The bond you all have is so impenetrable.” Isabella said. “You humans become more interesting by the century.”

Kelsey and Brittany smiled slightly but turned their attention back to David whose breathing was becoming short. “We have to figure out our next move.” Kelsey said. “I’m pretty sure those agents are looking for us again.”

“I doubt they’ll come back here.” Brittany said. “They’ve already destroyed this place so coming back would be pointless.”

“We need to get to the port.” Lucas stated. “There’s a ship that will take us back home.”

“The port is located on the other side of the city.” Kelsey pointed out. “It would take the whole day to get there. Well, in your case, the whole night.”

“Which is good.” Lucas said. “The night can give us extra cover for when we’re moving and we won’t have to worry about hiding from the sunlight.”

“It also gives us some time to tend to David and his wounds.” Isabella said. “I can’t do much but I can keep him alive for some time.”

“Okay.” Kelsey said. “While we do that we can go over plans on how to get to the port.”

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