The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - What Love Is

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




Ch. 2


The day had turned into the evening quickly.

It was midsummer so the weather was warm with a small breeze in the city of Green Ridge. All of the people were outside in the small park downtown or tending to their gardens. Many of the guys were sitting on their porches and watching the day go by peacefully. David made his second to last delivery as quickly as possible and was now speeding down the road towards the one he saved for last.


He turned the corners like he was in a Fast and Furious movie and speeded over the limit towards her house. Once there, he brought the car to a sudden stop and turned off the engine. He looked in the rear view mirror and brushed his short black hair with his hands. He smoothed out his eyebrows wiped his entire face down. He sniffed himself under his arms and realized that he smelled like the pizza parlor. He quickly began looking for something to douse the smell. He ended up pulling of the car freshener from the rear view mirror and rubbing it over his chest and arm pits. He took one final look in the mirror and took a deep breath.

“Eat your heart out, Brittany.” He said as he smiled at himself and exited the car. He walked half way up the walkway and had to turn around and grab the pizza in the car. Once he did, he walked back up the driveway cautiously and tried to control his breathing. “Come on man, you can do this.” He stepped onto the porch and extended a shaking hand to the doorbell. He pressed it slightly and waited.

“Coming!” A woman’s voice called from inside. David knew it was Brittany. He knew her voice anywhere. He heard the soft footsteps leading up to the door and froze.

“Oh crap…” He said as he quickly pulled down his cap over his eyes. The door swung open and David could see the nice legs standing in the doorway.

“Um…”Brittany said confused. “What do I owe you?” She asked as she slowly took the pizza from David’s hands.

“20.55” David mumbled into the collar of his shirt.

“I’m sorry?”

“Uh, 20.55.” He said with the mistake of looking up slightly. For a few seconds he saw the thick and wavy blonde hair that came down to Brittany’s chest. He saw that she was wearing daisy dukes and a white tank top with a sports bra underneath. As he looked back down he caught sight of her beautiful feet in white sandals.

“Is…is that David?” She asked as she reached in her back pocket for the money. She bent down and peered up the cap that David was wearing. David stepped back clumsily and fell on his butt. The cap fell off and he found himself looking into Brittany’s crystal blue eyes.

“Hey Brittany.” He said with an adoring smile. “How’s it going?”

“David!” Brittany shouted as she placed the pizza on the table beside the door. “How have you been?” She smiled brightly and held out a hand for David to grab onto. David grabbed it and let her soft hands caress his. As soon as he got up Brittany wrapped her arms around his narrow body and hugged him tightly. David let the aroma of her perfume consume his nose. He closed his eyes and went into a daze for a few moments. Brittany let go and stood back to look at him. “So you’re in Pizza Delivery now?” She asked brightly.

“What? Oh! No.” David stuttered. “This…it’s just a…It’s my part time job.”

“Oh…okay.” Brittany said with a little bit of confusion on her face. “So what are you doing nowadays?”

“Well…I’m a…”

“Hey babe! Where’d you put all the beer?!” A male voice called from inside.

“It’s in the fridge behind the fruit!” Brittany yelled back. She turned back to David and rolled her eyes. “That’s Tommy.”

“Oh…you have a boyfriend?” David asked curiously. A giant of a man wobbled out of the house with a beer in his hand. He had a scruffy beard that looked like it needed a good trim. He had a bear of a body with powerful arms. His hair was a dirty brown and messy. He was wearing an old dirty football jersey with blue jeans and black boots.

“Yo the pizza’s here.” He said sluggishly. It was obvious that he was already a little buzzed. “Who’s the prick?”

David I would like for you to meet my boyfriend, Tommy.” Brittany said with a light smile.

“Oh…” David said as he sunk down in a little black hole deep in his heart. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“So what? You wanna tip or something?” Tommy asked as he took another gulp from his beer.

“Tommy this is my friend from high school. I haven’t seen him in awhile.” Brittany explained.

“Yeah whatever.” Tommy said as he lumbered back into the house and grabbed the pizza box along the way. Brittany sighed and turned back to me.

“Sorry about that.” She said with a soft smile. “He really is a nice guy when you get to know him.”

“I’m sure he is.” David said with a small chuckle. The two of them stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments before either of them said anything. “Well, I gotta head back.”

“Oh yeah! Right…” Brittany said with a little bit of despair in her voice. “Well here you go.” She handed David the money and smiled brightly. “Also…” She quickly ran back into the house and knelt over the table by the door. She popped back up and ran back towards David with a piece of paper in her hands. “It’s my new number. I don’t know if you were still calling the other one after graduation but in any case this is the new one.”

“Oh great.” David said with a smile. “Well hold on, I’ll give you mine.”
“Couldn’t I just call Carl’s Pizza?” Brittany said jokingly as she picked up David’s hat and placed it on his head. David chuckled lightly and took out a pen from his shirt pocket. He began searching for something to write on but couldn’t find anything. He nervously went for Brittany’s arm. Brittany insisted and held it out in front of him with a chuckle.

“Go ahead.” She said. David chuckled nervously and began writing down his number on her smooth pale skin. After he was done she smiled brightly and waved him off. “It was good seeing you again.”

“Yeah you too.” David said with a small smile. “We…we should hang out sometime.” He stuttered. “You know….catch up.”

“I’d like that.” Brittany said with a smile. She closed the door behind her and David began to slowly walk back to his car muttering to himself about how much of an idiot he was.  



“Well of course she has a boyfriend.” Kelsey said as she sat on the couch and ate her Special K cereal. “It’s been what, two years since you two have seen each other?”

“Three.” David corrected as he roughly cleaned the dirty dishes in the sink. The sun was setting behind the trees in the back yard. Some of the neighborhood kids were catching fireflies in the front yards. Kelsey had found something on the television about eating healthier and was partly occupied by the show. David had just come in from work and hadn’t even taken his shower yet. His mind was occupied with the thought of seeing Brittany. Kelsey had noticed his mind was somewhere else and had asked him about work as soon as he got in.

“Oh wow.” Kelsey said with a frown. “You actually counted the days. You are really pitiful.”

“I know!” David growled. “I don’t know why I’m obsessed with her so much…I just am.”

“I hate to say it, but it’s obvious what the problem is.” Kelsey said calmly. David looked over his shoulder for her answer. “You’re whipped.” David rolled his eyes and sighed at the unrelated answer.

“I can’t be whipped Kelsey.” He explained. “In order for a man to be whipped he has to be in a relationship.”

“Oh yeah you’re right.” Kelsey agreed. “And you haven’t been in a relationship since like…well ever.”

“Thanks, Kelsey.”

“I’m just saying, maybe this is a sign.”

“A sign that’s telling me what?” David asked.

“To move on.” Kelsey said plainly. “Find someone else. Go to a strip club for crying out loud. Just forget about her because she obviously doesn’t feel love towards you.”

David sighed as he finished putting up the cleaned dishes. “You’re probably right…” Kelsey looked up from the television and saw the low look on David’s face. She grumbled as she sat the bowl of cereal down on the coffee table and stood up from the couch.

“Okay look she did say that she wanted to hang out with you, didn’t she?” Kelsey asked as she walked over and stood beside David.

“Yeah…well she said it would be nice if we did.”

“Okay then that’s perfect!” Kelsey said with excitement. “You may still have a chance with her.”

“What do you mean?”

“Listen to me, I’m a girl.” Kelsey explained. “When girls have a boyfriend and they still have time to hang out with you, then that means the relationship isn’t all that perfect.”


“Yes.” Kelsey said as she patted him on the back. “Plus, by the way you described her current fling, I don’t see how that relationship lasted this long.”

David and Kelsey let out a nice laugh as they joked on the way her boyfriend looked. David like that about Kelsey. No matter what he could be going through he could always count on her to make him laugh in some way. He was glad to have her as a roommate and wouldn’t want anyone else.

“But I’m serious, David.” Kelsey continued. “If you really love this girl, which I know you do, then you would fight for her.”

“Yeah…yeah you’re right.” David said with a confident smile. “I’ll start tomorrow.”

“That’s my roommate!” Kelsey said as she went back to eating her cereal and watching the fitness show.

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