The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Research

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




Ch. 4


“Nothing you need to worry about?” Kelsey asked as the two of them slowly lead the man down the attic stairs. “What does that mean?”

“It means that this man probably came from somewhere important and now they’re looking for him.” David said as he held on to the man’s wrist and pulled him down the stairs. As the man came down he began looking around at everything curiously.

“Hmm…maybe he’s an escaped prisoner.” Kelsey suggested as they made it down the stairs. Kelsey immediately went to the windows and closed the curtains. David led the man into the kitchen and turned on the lights. He turned around and jumped at the horrifying sight of the man. Now that the man was in better light, David noticed that he was wearing a tattered and dingy shirt and pants with holes in them. He was covered in dirt and dry blood that David soon realized was his own. His height was extraordinary. He was at least 6 foot 4 with bulging muscles. His hair was black and covered in dirt and grime as well. The man towered over David completely and David felt even smaller. David trembled a bit as he took a step back. The man took a step forward. David tried to walk over to the sink. The man followed right behind him like an identical twin. David shook his head and stared at the man’s features. He quickly noticed the bullet holes and gash on his side.

“Kelsey he’s hurt.” David said as he carefully grabbed the man’s arms and pushed him towards the table. The man sat on the table and looked around curiously. Kelsey came over and saw the bullet holes in his body.

“He’s been shot.” She said as she lightly grazed the wounds. The man growled ferociously at her.

“Hey hey, it’s okay.” David said as he rubbed the man’s shoulder. “We’re going to make you feel better, okay?” The man slowly turned his gaze back towards David and stared at him blankly. “Kelsey, run some hot water and get some towels. Kelsey nodded and ran off to tend to her new duties. David sighed and began to take off the tattered shirt of the man. The man didn’t resist and lifted his arms as the shirt came over his face. David winced at the bruises that were scattered all around his body. “You mind telling me why you’re on the run?”

The man looked at David with sadness in his eyes.

“Why do you have all these wounds, buddy?” The man still didn’t answer. He just continued to look into David’s eyes.

“Do you have a name?” The man lowered his head and looked off to the side. “Hey, I’m talking to you.” David grabbed the man’s chin and brought his face back to his eyes. “Can you understand me?” The man slowly reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a partly torn picture. He studied the picture for a few moments and then held it up in David’s face. David looked and saw two people, a woman and a man, standing side by side. The woman was a beautiful brunette with big brown eyes and a nice smile. She had a slim figure about her and she stood with power. The man was almost the same with pitch black hair and deep red eyes. His smile was different seeing that he had fangs coming out of his mouth. His build was almost as huge as the mystery man.

“Are these your parents?” David asked curiously. The man didn’t answer. He took one last look at the picture and put it back into his pocket. “You’re lost aren’t you?” The man lowered his head in sadness once again as Kelsey ran back into the kitchen with a big bowl of hot water in her hands and towels wrapped around her neck. She placed the water on the table beside the man. The man looked at it curiously and stuck his hand in the water. He flinched and reeled his hand back as the water burned his skin. He growled out the water and slashed at it, splashing Kelsey as he did so.

“Hey!” Kelsey screamed out. “No splashing!” The man lowered his head again as he eyed the water and growled at it under his breath. “So could you get anything out of him?”

“Not at all.” David replied as he took the towels from her neck and placed them on the other side of man. The man looked at them and began rubbing them with his hand. “I think he’s a mute.”

“A mute? Oh that’s just great.” Kelsey said as she put her hands on her hips and looked at the man. He was intrigued by the smoothness of the towels.

“Yeah and I think he’s trying to find his way home.” David said as he grabbed one of the towels and dipped a portion of it in the hot water.

“Hmm….so why was the FBI looking for him?”

“I don’t know…you may be right about the escaped prisoner thing.” David said as he began washing off the dirt and blood from the man’s face. “But I don’t think he is a prisoner.”

Kelsey looked at the man as his face became clearer. “I think we need to figure out what he is before we figure out where he came from.”

“I think you’re right.” David said as he finished cleaning off his face.

“Whoa.” Kelsey said as she gazed at him. “For an escape convict, he’s pretty hot.” David rolled his eyes and walked off. The man slid off the table and began to follow him. David turned around and held up his hands.

“No, buddy.” He said. “You stay here with Kelsey.” The man just stared blankly at David. “Stay.” David commanded. The man lowered his head and walked back to the table. He slumped down on it and stood still. “Kelsey, keep an eye on him.”

“Aye aye captain.” Kelsey said as she turned around and continued to adore the man on the table. David ran up the stairs and into his room. He grabbed his laptop and headed back down the stairs and into the kitchen to find the man rubbing a towel along his face. Kelsey just stood back and watched him in a mesmerized state.

“It’s like he’s a three year old child in a man’s body.” Kelsey said. David ignored the comment and went over to the table. He sat the laptop down and flipped it up and turned it on. As the screen lit up, the man leaned over and began pressing the buttons. David lightly slapped his hands and pointed at him. “No touching.” He warned. The man looked into David’s eyes and stared blankly once again.

“I wonder why he doesn’t growl at you.” Kelsey wondered out loud.

“I don’t know, maybe he finds you intimidating.” David said as he logged onto the internet and went on the Google browser.

“I am not intimidating!” Kelsey yelled. The man growled at her lowly. She pointed towards him and glared. “Don’t you growl at me you big hunk of dirt.” The man bared his teeth at her and glared back.

David typed in the words red eyed fanged men in the search bar and hit enter. Almost immediately the browser pulled up different pages of one being.


“Oh boy…I was afraid of this.” David said as he clicked open a window.

“What is it?” Kelsey asked curiously as she continued to stare off with the man.

He is a vampire.” David said as he read the article on vampires. “It says here that Vampires have been known to man for thousands of years. Although many have died along the passing years, very few are found today.”

“That’s so cool…” Kelsey said as she stopped glaring at the man and just started studying him. “So you’re a vampire?” The man did nothing but blink at her.

“It also says that you can tell if a person is a Vampire by their eyes and teeth. Their eyes will be red, the color of blood, and their teeth will be sharp with two fangs. The few Vampires that live today are tested on in the closed off premises of Area 51.”

“That explains why the FBI came to the house.” Kelsey said thoughtfully. “They’re looking for him. What else does that site say?”

David shook his head. “Nothing else we don’t already know. Vampires tend to become extremely protective when they feel threatened and will attack if provoked. Before a Vampire attacks its prey it will give a warning growl.” David explained. “Just like it did back in the attic.”

“So he was scared of you but now he can’t stop following you around?” Kelsey asked. “Doesn’t sound like your normal vampire to me.”

“I don’t think he’s a normal vampire, Kelsey.” David said as he stared at the quiet vampire on the table. “This sight goes on to say that the majority of vampires are very mean and dark creatures of the night. But Area 51 has been running tests on the remaining vampires and changing their behavior.”

“For what?”
“The armed forces.” David said plainly. “They want to use vampires as weapons of war and destruction. They even want to use them as decoys as well. They take newborn vampires from their parents and train them in the closed facilities.”

“That’s horrible.” Kelsey said. “Is that what happened to you?” She asked the vampire. The vampire reached into his pocket once again and pulled out the picture. He showed it to Kelsey who studied it just as much as David did. “Wow your dad is pretty hot too.” David sighed.

“Is that really all you care about, Kelsey?”

“Of course not.” Kelsey said as the vampire placed the picture back into his pocket. “I feel for this guy, even though he growls at me for no apparent reason.”

“I think this guy is an escaped vampire from Area 51.” David said. “He probably got lost and decided to crash into the attic.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” Kelsey said. “It’s obvious we have to help him.”

“Wait…you want to help him?” David asked confused.

“Why not? He obviously has no clue about the outside world and if we just fix him up and send him off the FBI will track him down and put him back in Area 51.” She explained.

“Yeah I know.” David said with a smile. “I just thought you didn’t like him.”

“Well his growls at me can cease anytime now.” Kelsey said with a small glare. “But other than that he’s fine. And besides, he’s already bonded to you like a man and his dog.”

“Alright then it’s settled.” David said as he stood up and stood in front of the vampire. “We’re going to fix you up and help you find your parents, buddy.” The man looked at the two of them with a blank stare and went back to his soft towel.

“Maybe we should give him a name?” Kelsey suggested as they stared at the man in curiously.

“Calvin?” David suggested.

“Eh it works.” Kelsey agreed.

“Good. We’ll call him Calvin.” David said. “Now let’s get you healed up Calvin.”

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