The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A Boy and his Beast

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




Ch. 5


“How old are you, Calvin?” Kelsey asked as David bandaged his wounds. Calvin had suffered from a gash in his ribs, three through-and-through bullet wounds in his shoulder and a clean cut to his forehead. After much struggling with trying to keep the giant vampire still the two of them finally cleaned all of his wounds. David had put a homemade bandage on his head and wrapped the rest of his solid body with cloth Kelsey had found in the closet.

Now as the two of them finished patching him up, Kelsey began trying to get some answers out of him. Calvin, however, wasn’t really interested. He was looking at other objects around his surroundings without a care.

“I don’t know how we’re going to get any information out of him.” Kelsey said as she sighed in defeat.

“I told you he’s a mute.” David said as he tied the bandage tight. “Besides, he looks like he’s nineteen or twenty.”

“Yeah, your right.” Kelsey agreed. “If he’s a mute then why doesn’t he just use his hands?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he just doesn’t know how.” David watched in curiosity as Calvin began playing with the water in the bowl beside him again. “I don’t think he knows anything.”

All of a sudden Calvin stopped playing with the water and held his stomach. He moaned out loud and had a frown on his face.

“Uh oh…” Kelsey said as she took a step back.

“What? What’s uh oh?” David asked as he walked over to Calvin and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I think he’s hungry.”

“Hungry?” David asked as Calvin leaned in towards David’s neck and opened his mouth. David calmly pushed him back.

“Yeah.  I doubt he’s eaten anything ever since his escape.”

“Hmm…” David thought as he pushed Calvin away from his neck once again. This time Calvin growled in want. “What do you think he eats?”

“He doesn’t eat anything.” Kelsey said as she walked over to the refrigerator and opened the freezer. “He drinks blood.” Kelsey pulled out a pack of raw steak and tilted it sideways. The blood juice ran down to a corner of the package. Calvin’s attention quickly shot over to the package that Kelsey was holding. In an instant he jumped from the table and grabbed the package of meat. He chomped into the package and began sucking out the blood viciously. Kelsey stepped back as Calvin drank the blood.

“Wow…” David said as he watched him eat. “How many more packs of meat do we have?”

“Three…I think.” Kelsey said as she hesitated to go back to the freezer to check. Calvin dropped the freshly dried out package on the ground and looked at Kelsey and David with a blank stare. “You think he’s full?”

“I doubt that…” David said. “It was only one pack and it wasn’t full of blood at all.” Calvin continued to stare at the two of them blankly. “We have to figure out how we’re going to take care of this guy.”

“Yeah you’re right.” Kelsey agreed. “Where is he going to sleep?”

“On the couch for now.” David said as he walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. Without question, Calvin walked right behind him and stood in David’s shadow. David got nervous and began trembling again from the size of Calvin. “Okay we also have to teach him distance.”

“Oh don’t be such a baby.” Kelsey said as she entered the living room as well. “He just likes you.”

“Yeah, so do you.”

“No David.” Kelsey corrected. “I tolerate you.” David chuckled lightly as he began setting up the couch. After he was done he guided Calvin over and sat him down. Calvin stared into David’s eyes and blinked.

“You sleep here.” David said as he pointed to the couch. Calvin looked at the couch and then back at David. “Sleep.” David said as he placed his hands together and put them to the side of his face. Calvin looked at the gesture and slowly did it himself. “That’s right. You sleep here.”  Calvin slowly leaned over and lay on his side continuing to eye David. “Alright, buddy. We’ll see you in the morning.” David began to walk away from the couch and towards the stairs. He was halted abruptly by Calvin’s hand grabbing onto his wrist. David turned around and saw the saddened look on Calvin’s face. Calvin growled softly and furrowed his brow in confusion.

“I have to go my bed, Calvin.” David said as he tried to remove his wrist from Calvin’s grip. His attempts were to no avail as Calvin refused to let go.

“Maybe he wants you to stay with him.” Kelsey said as she headed to the stairs herself. “Maybe he won’t be able to sleep if you don’t.”

David grumbled to himself but ultimately turned around and sat on the table in front of the couch. Calvin stared at David and held on to his wrist. David struggled to keep his eyes open as the night passed by with each tiring minute.



It took exactly four hours before the vampire closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. David looked over towards the slightly closed curtains and caught sight of the sunlight peaking over the hills of the small city. He looked back at the hand of the vampire that had been glued to his wrist and slowly slid it from his grasp. Calvin growled a little at the motion and turned over in his sleep. David crept away from the couch with caution. He made it to the stairs and began to take one step at a time. As he got to the last step, his foot hit a loose board that made an almost silent creaking sound. David winced at the noise and stood perfectly still. He could no longer hear the growling coming from the couch but he could hear soft breathing directly on his neck. He turned around quickly and screamed out as he came face to face with Calvin.

“Holy shit, Calvin!” He blurted out as he grabbed his heart. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Calvin stared at David with a frown and carefully removed David’s hand from his chest. Calvin knelt down and put his ear against David’s chest and stayed there silently.

“Come on Calvin…” David pleaded as he fell back against the far wall of the stairs. “I need to go to bed.” As he tried to walk up the stairs, the vampire grabbed his shoulders and held him in place as he continued to listen to David’s heart.  David stared down at him in curiosity for a few moments. “Why do you do this?” David asked. The vampire growled softly in a response.

“What is going on here?” Kelsey asked as she rubbed her eyes vigorously. She opened them finally and spotted the two boys on the stairs. “Oh David, I thought you were still trying to get with Brittany.”

David grumbled to himself as he forcefully pushed the vampire away from his chest. The vampire grunted and frowned as he followed David up the stairs.

“I am.” David responded. “Just as soon as I figure out how to make him stop following me.” Kelsey looked over to the vampire and raised an eyebrow of suspicion.

“You know, as I was sleeping last night, I thought that finding him was just another one of my crazy dreams.” She said as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Guess not though.”

“Oh yeah he’s still here.” David said as he made his way into his room. The vampire walked in right after him.

“How long did you two stay up?”

“All night basically.” David explained as he collapsed onto his bed. “It took a few hours before he went to sleep, then I stepped on a creaky step and it woke him up.”

“Wow.” Kelsey said as she looked at the vampire with a smile. “I guess Van Helsing knew his shit when he said vampires had a keen since of hearing.”

David rolled his eyes and buried his face in his pillow. The vampire walked over calmly and sat on his knees beside the bed. He stared at David’s resting body for a few moments and lightly pushed him. David growled to himself softly. The vampire growled back and pushed him again. David turned his head slightly and looked at the vampire with annoyance.

“What is it, buddy?” The vampire said nothing. Instead he just continued to nudge David’s body. David studied his face for a few moments and then ultimately drifted off to sleep.

“Calvin, you have to let him sleep.” Kelsey said. The vampire looked at her curiously and then back at David who was sound asleep. He growled softly and climbed up into David’s bed and lay beside him. He stared at David curiously as he slept. Kelsey shook her head and turned around to walk out the door.

“I’m going to need some caffeine for today.”  

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