The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Unique

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




Ch. 8


“Hey you!” Brittany said walking up to the counter with a bright smile on her beautiful face. “I thought I might catch you here.”

David quickly shook the memory of the Asian woman out of his mind. “Hey…” he said with a short smile. Brittany had a small look of concern on her face as she closed the gap between the counter and herself.

“Is everything alright?”

David looked at her with wide eyes and shook his head. “Everything is fine.” He said with a fake smile. “It’s just….you know….I never thought I would actually….see you….here.” Brittany chuckled lightly.

“I practically live down the street, David. I walk around here a lot when I want to get away from it all.” She said dramatically as if she was performing on stage. David laughed as she began to dance slightly down the counter like an over dramatic ballerina.

“Think I can make it as a dancer, David?” She asked as she struggled to get her leg up into the air. David laughed at the attempt.

“I think you would be the best one.” He said sarcastically. Brittany put her foot back down, laughing along with David. They both stopped and stared at each other for a few moments.

“How have you been, David?” She asked sincerely. David grinned and looked down at the counter.

“I’ve been good.” He mumbled, playing with the cash register nervously. “Not as good as you obviously.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well….I mean you and your boyfriend…and all.” David shrugged his shoulders as if it meant nothing to him. He glanced up at Brittany’s face and saw that a small frown had formed.

“Oh…yeah.” She said lowly. Her face quickly lit back up and she smiled once again. “So what else do you do?” She asked brightly.


“When we met back at my house you were about to tell me about your other job.”

David’s mind went straight to Calvin back at his home. “Um…I’m a….babysitter.”

There was an awkward silence between the two of them that lasted a few moments. Brittany smiled even more and raised an eyebrow. “A babysitter?”

“Yeah, I uh, I got interested during….senior year and I decided to go for it after graduation.”

“Oh…” Brittany said with a face of bewilderment. “That’s….nice?”

“Yep.” David said as he scratched the back of his ear viciously. “So, uh, what do you do?”

“Well I start back at school next fall. Until then, I’m working as an Avon saleswoman from home.”

“Oh that’s cool.” David said with a smile. “Maybe I can buy something for Kelsey from you.”

“Oh you still talk to Kelsey?” She asked excitingly. “I haven’t talked to her in like two years.”

“Three years.” David corrected under his breath with a short smile.

“How is she?”

“She’s good. She and I have moved in together.” Brittany’s face held a short glimpse of sadness at the information.

“Oh…are you two…”

“Huh? Oh no!” David assured. “We’re not together. We just live together.”

“Oh okay.” She said with some hope in her eyes. “Is she still obsessed with fitness?”

“Yeah.” David said with a chuckle. “She’s like her own fitness guru.”

“Oh man, you remember that time she got all dramatic when she found out she was eating a regular burger instead of her Tofu burger?”

“Oh yeah! Her reaction was priceless!” The two of them shared another long laugh with each other once again. David’s laughing slowly came to a stop and he looked at Brittany with admiration.

Okay David….time to make a move!  He thought.

“So Brittany…”


“What are your plans for the weekend?” David wanted to take back the question as soon as he asked it. Brittany frowned a bit.

“Me and the boyfriend are supposed to be going out to dinner and a movie.” She said.

“Oh…” David said, wanting to go back to the bathroom and dry heave once again.

“But I’m free tonight.” She said with enthusiasm. David looked up with way too much happiness in his eyes.


“Yeah. I’m not doing anything with Avon today and when I saw you on my walk I thought I would ask if you would like to do something.”

David felt lighter than air as his face produced a wide smile from cheek to cheek. “That would be great…” He said slowly. Brittany chuckled at the reaction.

“You’re so adorable, you know that?” She said with a grin. David’s eyes went wide with surprise.

“You…think I’m adorable?” He asked with a soft laugh. Brittany smiled.

“Of course. I’ve always thought that.” There was a brief silent moment between the two of them. Brittany looked down at her wrist and studied her watch for a brief second. “Oh shoot, I’ve gotta get going.”


“So how about seven?” She asked.

“Yeah.” David said automatically. “Seven sounds great.”

“Great.” Brittany gave David another smile and turned to walk out the door. As she walked down the sidewalk, she glanced back through the window at him and waved. David waved back as well.

“I guess today isn’t all bad.” He said to himself with a pleased smile.

“David! The bathrooms need cleaning!” Carl yelled from the back.

David sighed. “And then there was Carl.” He said as he shook his head and lumbered to the back.



“Kel-sey.” Kelsey stated in symbols. “My name is Kel-sey.” The vampire stared at her in a blank state as she pointed to herself and looked back at him.

“Kelsey I doubt he’s going to say anything to you.” David said as he ran through the kitchen opening cabinets and peering inside them quickly.

“I beg to differ.” Kelsey said in a matter-of-fact tone. “When you left this morning he did say a word.”

“He did?”

“Yes. He said uh.” David rolled his eyes at her and ran into the living room. After coming home from work he had went straight into his room and searched his closet for something to wear. He had gotten off at six which gave him only an hour to get ready for his big night.

“That’s not a word, Kelsey.” He said as he opened one of the cupboards below the television and searched within it. “If anything it’s one of his usual grunts.”

“Hmm…you may be right.” She said as looked back at the vampire curiously.

“By the way, how has he been? I was worried about you two all day.” David had now rushed over to the closet under the stairs and began rummaging through the coats within it.

“Aw you do care about me.”

“I was worried mostly about him.” David said with a small smile. Kelsey rolled her eyes.

“He’s been okay I guess. He tackled the rest of the meat in the freezer so I know he’s full.” She said as she opened the freezer and frowned inside. “He hasn’t slept all day either and he keeps showing me the picture of his parents.  When I are we going to help him find them, again?”

“As soon as we can get some more information.” David said as he ran back up the stairs. “We can’t just go out and start searching blindly!” He yelled from his room.

The vampire turned his attention towards the stairs and dashed towards it in a blur, causing a small wind to blow Kelsey’s hair in her face. As Kelsey spat out the hair from her mouth she heard David scream.

“Calvin! You have to stop sneaking up on people.” He said. Kelsey shook her head and made her way to the stairs herself.

“David why are you rushing around all of a sudden?”

“Because I’m trying to find my good shirt.” David replied as he appeared at the top of the stairs with the vampire directly behind him.

“You have a good shirt?” Kelsey asked curiously. David grumbled to himself and lumbered down the stairs with a frown. Kelsey chuckled to herself. “I’m only kidding. Why are you searching for this specific shirt?”

“I have a date tonight.” Kelsey’s eyes lit up.

“Really?! Oh that is so great!” She said as she hugged David tightly. The vampire looked at the two of them for a moment and then put his arms around the both of them.

“Calvin…back up.” David said as he stood in between the two hugs. The vampire slowly released the two of them and Kelsey fell back as well.

“Who’s it with?”

“Brittany.” David said as he, and the vampire, made their way into the living room. David slumped onto the couch lazily. The vampire sat beside him.

“Oh then there’s no time to waste!” Kelsey shouted as she grabbed David’s arm and pulled him back to his feet. “We have to get you ready.” She grabbed the keys from the table and dragged David to the door.

“Whoa hold on!” David shouted as he resisted the pull. “What do you mean get ready?

“We’re going shopping.”


The vampire was by David’s side in a less than a second as Kelsey opened the door. The little sun that was outside poured into the house and hit the vampire. He hissed at the light and ducked behind the wall covering himself with his hands and arms.

“Kelsey, close the door!” David shouted as he knelt over the vampire to prevent the sunlight from touching him. Kelsey slammed the door close and came to join David over the vampire. The vampire was rubbing his freshly burned skin roughly and whimpering in pain.

“Oh I’m sorry! I forgot he was a vampire!” Kelsey said as she grabbed his hands and rubbed them softly. The vampire began to calm down slightly. David sighed and thought to himself.
“I think we’re going to have to go shopping another time.” He said. “At least until the sun goes down.”

“Yeah.” Kelsey said, continuing to caress the vampire’s hands. “I actually wanted to get Calvin some clothes.” David looked at the vampire and noticed that he was in nothing but his tattered jeans. Although he didn’t seem to care about his clothing, David knew that once they set out to start searching for his parents, people would wonder why a half naked hobo is walking with two young adults.

“Tell you what, how about you take Calvin to a clothing store when the sun sets.”  David suggested.

“What?! No, we have to make you look good for your date!” Kelsey pleaded. David frowned.

“Let’s face it Kelsey, this is the best that I can do.” He said as he stood up and presented himself with a half confident smile. “I’m not like you or Danny. I don’t have muscles or good looks. I’m just me.”

Kelsey gave David a confident smile.

“Something tells me that having that will get you farther than looks can ever take you.” She said with a wink. David nodded and rubbed the top of the vampires head. He turned around and headed towards his room.

“Let’s hope so.” He muttered to himself quietly.  

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