The Vampire Protection Program

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Problem with Clothing Stores

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




Ch. 9


“Okay Calvin, lets head out.” Kelsey said as she enthusiastically grabbed his hands and led him towards the door. The vampire pulled back and resisted. He growled at the door lowly. “It’s okay. The sun has gone down now so you won’t get hurt.” Kelsey assured. David had left a little while ago for his date with Brittany. Kelsey had freshened up a bit and grabbed a large over coat for the vampire to wear.

She leaned over and opened the door. The vampire immediately shielded himself with his free hand.
“See?” Kelsey asked as she smiled at him. “Nothing can hurt you.” The vampire peered out slightly from behind his hand and stared in amazement. The two of them walked out slowly. The night was beautiful. There was a nice breeze blowing and a few small clouds in the star filled sky. A crescent moon was hanging in the sky as well, watching over the world silently.

Kelsey made her way to the car as the vampire stared at the moon daydreaming.

“Moon…” He said. Kelsey stopped in her tracks and turned around slowly to look at the vampire.

“Calvin, did you just…”

“Moon.” His voice was simple. Just a regular guy’s voice that wasn’t too deep or too light. It was soft, carefree, clear and innocent. Kelsey ran over to the vampire and placed her hands on his broad shoulders. She turned him to her and smiled.

“Say it….say it again!” She demanded. The vampire looked at her startled for a few moments and then looked back to the moon.

“Moon.” He said.

“You can talk!” Kelsey shouted at the top of her lungs. “HE CAN TALK!”

“Hey keep it down!” A nearby neighbor shouted back.

“Oh…Sorry! What else can you say?”

The vampire looked at her blankly. “Oh come on don’t go blank on me now. You just said something!” The vampire lowered his head slightly and mumbled something under his breath. “What…?”

“Kel…sey.” He said. “Kelsey.”

“Yes. Yes! That’s my name!” She said as she jumped up and down. “Oh this shopping trip is going to be so great!” She grabbed the vampires arm once again and dragged him towards the lime green beetle in the driveway.



The vampire looked around at all the men and women making their way through the mall and smiled to himself hungrily. His stomach began to growl uncontrollably as he leaned out to everyone walking by him, attempting to take a bite. Kelsey was in the middle of texting David about the vampire’s first words. As she texted, she kept a tight leash on the sleeve of the jacket he was wearing. Every time he pulled she would tug him back into place.

“You can’t eat these people, Calvin.” She said. The vampire growled in want. She shook her head and headed into one of the clothing stores. Almost immediately a very skinny man swished his way towards the two of them.

“Well well well, who is this gorgeous hunk of a man?” He said with a pleased smile. He tried to place a hand on the vampires chest. The vampire stepped back and growled at the man menacingly. The man jumped back and looked at him with an even more pleased smile.

“Uh…he’s a mute.” Kelsey said quickly. “He doesn’t talk much.”

“Hmm….and from the looks of it, he doesn’t dress much either.” The man said as he looked the vampire up and down. “Well no worries. I am a genius when it comes to fashion.” He motioned for them both to follow him.

Luckily for Kelsey, there weren’t that many people in the store so the vampire didn’t have that many urges.

“Alright let’s see.” The man said as he turned around and gave the vampire a second look. “Nice legs, great upper body, nice arms and a gorgeous face. Every woman’s fantasy, and mine.” He said with a laugh. Kelsey laughed slightly. “Oh I’m just kidding but I do want to set you up with a nice pair of denims and a maybe a collar shirt and we’ll see where we can go from there.”

“Great.” Kelsey said as she lightly pushed the vampire towards the man. “Go on Calvin. I’ll be right here.” The vampire walked cautiously towards the man and turned back to stare at Kelsey. “I’m right here.”

The man took the vampire into a back room and closed the curtains. “Alright now let’s get this jacket off of you and…OH my! Well you’re more gorgeous without it on now aren’t you?” Kelsey heard the vampire growl at the man. She laughed to herself. Soon after, her phone began to vibrate in her pants. She pulled it out and read the text message:

That’s great!

Make sure you keep him in your sight at all times. Oh! And watch out for a small Asian woman

I think she might be trouble…

The date is going well by the way.


Kelsey smiled at the message. “Go get ‘em tiger.” She said to herself. She heard another growl come from the dressing area.

“Okay then, I guess you don’t liked to be touched there.” The man said with a chuckle. Kelsey shook her head with disappointment.

“Why hello there.” A voice came from behind Kelsey. Kelsey turned around and froze.

She stared into the jade eyes of a small Asian woman in fear.

Watch out for a small Asian woman…

She quickly caught her nerves and smiled slightly. “Hi there…do I know you?”

The woman smiled deviously. “Oh no, I was actually just wondering if you could help me find a nice pair of pants to wear. There’s this party that I‘ve been invited to and I want to look my best.”

Kelsey looked at the woman up and down and saw that she was already wearing party material. She also noticed that the woman was a little bit too old to be going to parties.

“I’m sorry.” Kelsey said as she backed away from the woman slowly. “I don’t really work here.”

“Oh really?” This time the woman’s voice came from behind Kelsey. She jumped back and saw the woman standing with the same devious smile on her face. “Because I just thought with your great fashion, you would have some ideas!” Before Kelsey could run, the woman had dashed in front of her and socked her in the stomach. Kelsey bent over as the air in her lungs left her. The woman had so much strength for such a little woman. The woman wrapped her hand in Kelsey’s hair and yanked her back up.

“Listen here…Kelsey.” The woman whispered into her ear. “I know what you and David are hiding…why don’t you just tell me where the vampire is and we can be good friends.” Kelsey grit her teeth from the pain.

“Fat chance, bitch!” She yelled as she elbowed the woman in the stomach. The woman released her and held her stomach. Kelsey turned around and grabbed the woman’s shoulders. She then began to knee the woman in her stomach. Kelsey thought that her knee was receiving more pain than what she was giving. The woman’s body felt just like concrete.

In an instant the woman grabbed Kelsey’s knee and twisted it around. Kelsey flipped through the air and landed on her back. She arched forward pain and cried out.

“You’re really going to regret that.” The woman hissed as her eyes began to glow. She reached down for Kelsey and attempted to bite her. All of a sudden Kelsey saw a white and blue blur fly above her and into the woman. She sat up and saw the newly dressed vampire wrestling on the ground with the woman. The vampire was wearing a white three button collar shirt with blue denim jeans. The man in the back even put on some white lace-less shoes as well. The two of them began slashing and biting each other viciously as if they were two lions fighting over a piece of meat. The vampire ended up grabbing the woman and throwing her into the wall. The woman grabbed onto the wall like a spider and looked back with a grim smile.

“So that’s where you’ve been hiding.” She said. The vampire ignored her and ran over to Kelsey. He knelt down and put his cold hands on her cheeks softly. He looked into her eyes soulfully.

“Safe…” He said.

“Y-yeah. I’m fine.” Kelsey said as she continued to stare at the woman in fright.

“Bad…woman.” He said.

“Yeah, no shit.” Kelsey replied.

“What the hell is going on here?!” The man from the back asked as he emerged from the dressing rooms in confusion. Everyone looked his way without a word to say. He looked up towards the woman hanging on the wall and grabbed his chest. “Oh my…” The woman hissed and flew down towards him. The man turned around to run but was tackled to the ground. The woman grabbed his head and shoulder and stretched it apart. She leaned back and sunk her teeth into the screaming man’s neck.

“Oh my god!” Kelsey screamed out in horror. The vampire quickly grabbed Kelsey’s arm and threw her over onto his back. Kelsey held onto his thick neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. The vampire dashed out of the clothing store quickly, leaving nothing but a blur behind.

The woman extracted her teeth from the man’s neck and looked back with blood flowing from her mouth. She frowned a bit at the empty store. “How sad. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.” She said with another one of her devious smiles.

“Please…don’t…” The man beneath her pleaded as he clung on to what little life he had.

“You’re still alive?” The woman asked. “Hmm…I guess I could make you my pet…..but then again I don’t do flamers.” She reached down and twisted the man’s neck with her hand. She stood up and wiped the corners of her mouth clean. She calmly walked out of the door with her iconic smile on her face.

“Run run, little prince.” 

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