Jurassic Journey

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Jurassic Journey

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




Author's Note: Setting is a few years after the final book in the Animorph series. The war between the animorphs and the Yeerks has ended, Ax has gone home to his home world. The main character/narrator in this is Tobias so most of it will be from his point of view. For the chapters that are NOT in his point of view I will make a note. Please review as this is my first ever fanfic! Criticism, comments, ideas, etc. Are all welcome :)

Thought speak will be in {brackets}


Chapter One: The Journey Begins

Here's the deal these days. They know exactly who we are. They know exactly where we live. We've got a few secrets left, and we're gonna use them. But just know that the end is coming. And we don't know how much longer we can do this. How much longer we can fight. What about you? Where will you be when it ends? Think about it. Think hard.

Ha! Who am I kidding, the war is over. It's been five years since the Yeerks left earth. Five years since Rachel's death. I don't know about the others but I was still mourning her death. Every time I went soaring through the skies and visited with the grizzly bear family living in the mountains I thought of her. Jake and Cassie had moved to Costa Rica, soon after their wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony. I watched them from the treetops. Marco was there, I know Rachel was there in spirit. It was after the wedding that we had a small meeting, where the plans for our future were made. That is where this story begins.

"Tobias? May we speak to you and Marco for a moment?" Cassie called out as she and Jake left the wedding party to the forest line behind them. Marco glanced at the tree I was perched in and nodded, holding out his arm. I fluttered down, landing lightly on his arm, watching my claws.

{What is it Cassie? Is everything ok?} I asked cocking my head to the side, staring at them with one eye. Cassie smiled and nodded her head, leaning into Jake.

"Jake and I are leaving. We got offered a position on an island a couple hundred miles of the coast of Costa Rica. Our flight leaves in the morning. I wanted you two to be the first to know." She said proudly, glancing at Jake. He nodded his head smiling, pride in his eyes.

"What position is it? What kind of job?" Marco asked; always the most curious. After his movie deal he disappeared for a while avoiding people. He wanted to let the fame and publicity die down, try to live a normal life.

The shared glance between Cassie and Jake is what caught my interest the most. Jake took a breath before looking away, letting Cassie explain.

"We're not sure yet. All they told us is that they need mine and Jake's err… special talent. They said it is for some research. Not research on us, but the animals in this park they are building." Cassie quickly added at Marco's unanswered question.

{Is it going to be dangerous?} I asked. {You know if you need us there all you have to do is but ask. The war may be over but we are still a team.} Cassie smiled as she held out her arm, motioning for me to come to her. I hopped from Marco's arm and landed on hers, leaning my head into her touch as she gently scratched my head.

"It will be dangerous; as I do not know exactly what animals we will be dealing with but look at what we have done in the past. I think we will be able to handle it. After a couple months when things are settled we want you two to come down and visit." She glanced at Marco, waiting for his opinion.

Marco nodded. "We could do that. Tobias and I have some things to do before we do anything though. We need to run to Forks, Washington. There has been some strange animal activity going on that I wanted to investigate. Give me a chance to finish school." He said with a wink. Cassie and Jake smirked. It was true they all except for Tobias and Marco had finished school. {At least you still look young enough to do senior year Marco.} I said slyly, turning to look at him.

Marco laughed as his cheeks slightly turned pink. It was true, out of them all Marco was the youngest, one of the reasons why the press loved him the most.

"It's settled then. You two will go to Forks and take care of whatever is going on, we will head to Costa Rica and get settled, in a couple months, by the time summer hits, we will send for you." Jake said with a nod, Cassie nodded, quietly agreeing. I said nothing but turned my head, looking into the sky.

{Rachel would have loved a mission like this. She could have fit in going to school with Marco.} I said quietly, a sad tone to my thoughts. The group went quiet for a moment, remembering their deer departed friend.

"Yes she would have but we all know she is here with us in spirit and in all of us." Cassie said, laying a hand gently on my back. I twisted my head, looking at my friends in turn. We all glanced at each other. We all remembered Rachel; she was undoubtedly the most bloodthirsty, ready for battle. Jake was the strongest, Cassie the smartest, Marco found the humor in everything, and I was the one who watched out for the others. I never said anything but to this day I still felt like it was my fault Rachel died. I should have been there for her.

"I hate to break your little group up but there are guests leaving, you two should be there to say good-bye." A female voice interrupted my thoughts. We all turned our heads at the sound of the voice, seeing Rachel's mother slowly approaching us. The group glanced at one another again before nodding in agreement, Cassie and Jake leaving hand in hand. I leapt off Cassie's arms into the air and hovered for a moment before landing on Marco's shoulder.

"It is nice to see you Tobias. I was wondering when we would see you again." She said kindly, with a smile. {Jake and Cassie are two of my best friends; I wouldn't miss their wedding for the world. I just wish Rachel could have been here to see it. She would have loved it.}

Rachel's mom said nothing but nodded sadly, agreeing with me. I sighed inwardly and hopped from Marco's shoulder to hers and nuzzled her gently with my head. I knew she was hurting as much as I was, just not with the same pain. My pain was a pain from losing a loved one; hers was one of losing a daughter, a family member. Something a parent should never have to deal with.

"You know she is always watching over us, from wherever she may be Tobias." She said kindly. "She would be proud of you, watching over the park the way you do and helping out Cassie and her parents." If I could have smiled I would have. I leaned into her, not saying anything. I could hear her small chuckle as she petted me, stroking my feathers.

"Tobias, we should go get packed. We can catch an early plane tomorrow." Marco said with a grin, knowing full well I would be flying on my own. I turned my head and glared at him softly with my raptor like stare. He chuckled and waited, turning his back.

I shook my head and licked her cheek gently. {He's right, we do need to leave. I shall miss you. Please be careful.} She nodded her head and held out her arm. I hopped down it, steadying myself on her wrist. {Marco I will meet you at your place.} I said before taking off into the air.

"Will he ever forgive himself Marco?" I heard her ask as I lifted into the air. By the time Marco answered I was too far away to hear his answer.

I miss you Rachel. You shouldn't have died that day. I should have warned you, but I didn't. I feel like it's my fault you died. I wonder what you would say now if you were here with us. Would you be flying high in the sky with me? Or running free in the fields like we used to? With this new mission, I wish you were joining us. It would be fun, teaming up with you like we used to. I know you can hear me up there, even if you can't respond, I just….

I wish I could go back. Back to that day and warn you, perhaps saving you. If things could have been different that day, you would have been here with me now. You would have been my date to Jake and Cassie's wedding. Oh Rachel you would of loved the wedding. Marco dressed in a tux amazingly. He looked sharp to. Cassie was a vision in cream; Jake dressed in his strikingly white tuxedo. I didn't feel right showing my face at the wedding, so I perched in a tree, watching over the wedding. Cassie, Jake, and Marco knew I was there even if the rest of the party didn't.

I sighed inwardly as my last thought went unanswered to the sky. I knew it was impossible for her to answer me but I wish she could. I clipped my wings and dove, the exhilarating feel of the wind flying through my feathers, the feeling of falling. I opened at the last minute soaring towards a familiar house, fluttering my wings to land on the windowsill of an open window on the second story.

There I waited for Marco's return, tucking my head under my wing, images of Rachel and flying birds soaring into my dreams.

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