Fiery Pain

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Kayla Simmon has been abused by her mother since her father left when she was 2. Her brother Bryan, isn't better off. She hates her mother and when Kayla finally runs she must come back for her brother. Her mother is now aiming for her. And when Kayla's mother gets a nw boyfriend, things only get worse. Can Kayla muster up the courage to run again this time, with her brother?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fiery Pain

Submitted: November 09, 2013

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Submitted: November 09, 2013



Kayla turned slowly and faced the bear. Her green eyes shone with fear. She cursed her mother for making her run. Cursed her dad for leaving her mom. Then Kayla gave up. She fell to the muddy ground and wept. She wept for leaving her brother in the hands of there abusive mother and wept for herself. Herself being the selfish girl she was. If she survived she swore she would change. She heard the bear snort and then the pain. The claws digging into her arm. Kayla screamed and tore her arm away, leaving the bear with skin hanging from his claws. She ran faster than she had ever before than collapsed next to a tree. Blood flowed down her arm like a waterfall. She screamed again but more of longing. Longing for her brother. For the safety of a real home. She stood and walked toward back where she came from. She would return and the next time she ran. Her brother would be in her arms.


Kayla walked for hours. She finally saw the view of the dingy old road she lived on in a stinky old apartment. Her heart started pumping wildly. Images raced through her mind of different tortures. A slap to the face or the drunken rage she would most likely get. The shove against the wall and a hard smack to the face and then to final it she would pour whatever drink she has on Kayla's little brother. Then lock them in the room while she goes to the bar. Kayla shuddered but propelled herself forward. When she opened the apartment door to darkness she thought they were asleep. Than she saw a sliver of light peeking out of the room she and her brother shared and all the relief drained out. As she came closer she heard her mother.


“Where is she Bryan,” Kaylas mothers slow voice laced with anger came out of the room. “Damn it Bryan tell me!!!”


Kayla heard a smacking sound and cringed. She was suddenly overcame with anger and banged open the door. Her mother jolted up from over her brother. Kayla saw her brother covered with bruises. Her mother took out her cigarette and smashed it on the ground. “Where,” she started slowly then yelled. “HAVE YOU BEEN!” She struck out and caught Kayla straight across the face. A burning pain caught Kayla again and seeing her wound her mother smiled and dragged her nails across it. Kayla screamed. “Don't... Hurt... Bryan.” Kayla stuttered, pain drowning her like the ocean. Her mom smiled then left the room, locking the door.


“Oh god Bryan!” Kayla staggered over to her brother who whimpered. Bruises covered every inch of his body. Kayla gritted her teeth as she walked over to the first aid kit she hid in her room, ignoring the pain for her brothers sake.

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