Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 3 (FantasyandRomanceWriter wrote ALL of this one. =])


I sighed, realizing the alarm clock interrupted my sleep. I opened up my eyes to see the still-blank looking room, even though Samantha and I posted a few posters. It turns out we were both big fans of Harry Potter, so the room was basically like a shrine of Daniel Radcliffe. Even though Samantha was almost my complete opposite, I still liked her, all for that reason. We chatted all night, and since today was Labor Day, we were off from school and free to roam around the campus. I wondered where Samantha was.


“Well, I think you're really cute.” I smiled at her, stroking her soft, blonde hair. She smiled too, as I spotted a twinkle in her blue eyes. She blushed, forcing her eyes to focus on the ground. I gently tugged on her arm, bringing her over to the fountain that sat in the middle of the court yard, between the girls and boys dormitories.

“Look, I told my friend I'd go to lunch with her at one, and it's only fifteen minute s away so I better get ready,” Samantha replied with guilt, popping up from where she was sitting.

“You're not going on a date, are you? I mean – I'm just wondering. I was hoping we could spend a little bit of time together in my dorm. You know? Watch a movie, play Monopoly or....something,” I responded with a puppy dog face. I hope she didn't know I was lying....after all, I wanted to stop thinking about how that Belle girl basically rejected me. What else would be better than sex? That way, at least I could know that some girls actually liked me.

“No, I'm going with my roommate: Belle,” she smiled. Great, just what I needed, for her to mention her. She collected her Coach purse and slung it over her shoulder, she flashed another smile. Just as I opened my mouth, she interrupted me.

“Oh and yeah, I'll see you tonight.” She twirled her hair between her fingers and walked away, her hips swaying from side to side.

I was glad she stopped talking, since she had the weirdest mouse-like voice. It's kind of funny how usually the people with weird voices talked the most, kind of like Fran Fine on The Nanny, which was basically my secret obsession. I always tried to catch the re-runs on Nick at Nite in the guy's lounge, when no one besides me is there, of course. Fran Drescher has amazing hair – but that's not the point.

I couldn't stop thinking about Belle, Samantha and Cay. I didn't know why I was so interested in Belle. Maybe I was just in player-shock or something. Maybe I didn't expect to be rejected. I guess that's kind of conceited of me to say, but I couldn't help girls were falling for me left and right. I thought I'd of had Belle in my bed by the end of the first day of school, but sleeping alone that night kept me thinking about why she wouldn't pursue my actions with her own.

I knew I had to get her out of my head once I saw Cay navigating towards me. She was wearing long, leather stiletto boots, which went up to her knees, paired with dull-colored skinny jeans and a lace black top which I couldn't help noticing showed major cleavage.

“Hey, Mason. How are you?” she asked, kissing my forehead. I smiled crookedly, staring down at her chest. Cay was basically known as the school slut, except she only cheated on me once. That was forgivable, though, since I had cheated on her at least four times – with different girls – when she only cheated once. This was during freshman year, a few months after we first met.

“Oh, I'm most definitely good, and you were last night, too,” I chuckled. She raised her eye brows, and brought her plump lips closer to mine. I pressed my lips to hers, my eyes shutting. I slipped in a bit of tongue – and so did she – before I backed away. She turned towards the fountain, and then took out a wad of cash from her purse. She struggled and struggled, but eventually found two pennies. She placed the cash back into her purse and then handed me one cent of the change.

“Make a wish,” she grinned passionately. She took the other rusted penny, stood up, and threw it into the fountain. I rolled my eyes, but then didn't hesitate to do the same as she did. Both of the pennies flopped into the water, making a cling sound as they hit the wet, marble floor, surrounded by thousands of other pennies.

“What did you wish for?” Cay asked with a curious look on her face, as she sat on my lap. I sighed with relief and thought for a minute, almost staring into space.

“I wished for a new beginning. What about you?”

“I wished for a fun night tonight,” she replied, moving her hair away from her face. Uh-oh. This couldn't be good at all!

“Um, tonight.....tonight I'm doing something,” I said with guilt. Cay narrowed her eyes, as the expression on her face turned from contentment to disappointment. I could tell she was tensing up.

“Something? Something with who? Where?” she asked with great dismay.

“God! Cay, can't you just get a life or something?! Stop getting into my business!” I shouted. She arose from my lap, as she started pacing around in a frustrated way. She finally stopped, targeting me in the eye. She clapped her hands together and opened up her eyes wide, as if she was talking to a small child who didn't understand something, except with anger.

“I am your girlfriend, so I can get into your business all I want to!” she yelled.


“Sam, can't we do lunch a different day? I'm too tired,” I groaned, turning over in the bed. It was nice to sleep when I got up at six in the morning pretty much every day. Samantha stormed out of the bathroom as she wiped foundation all over her face. Lip stick was smeared all over the corner of her lips as she struggled to multitask.

“Sure, but which shirt looks better?” she asked, holding up an almost see through, satin black and yellow shirt, printed with flowers, and a lace, pink sweater. I knew she would wear them with skinny jeans, since she was pretty much obsessed with them, so I guess the flowered one looked better.

“The flowery one. Wait, where are you going?” I asked, curiosity lurking through my voice. I was almost jealous of how pretty Samantha was, but I didn't even want to think about boys this year, anyway, so I guess jealousy had no point.

“I'm going on a date! I went to go get some fresh air this morning, and I met this hot guy. He's in our music class – I think his name was Mason,” she squealed, running back into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

I immediately sat up in the bed, my hair flying all over the place. I knew that Mason was the guy who flirted with me in science class, the one who had a girlfriend, and the one who was about to take advantage of my friend. I couldn't let that happen.

Like I said before, I had no life, so I didn't really know these player types before I met Mason. In fact, I didn't even know that they really existed; I kind of thought they were just made up by the media to falsely portray boys in America. I just saw it in the movies and stuff, but I guess I finally found that player.

It was four in the afternoon by the time Samantha and I were ready. She was about to head out the door as I studied for my English test coming up on Thursday. Even though I was dressed in a large, Yankees shirt, shorts and flip flops while Samantha was dressed like some sort of fashion model, at least I wasn't in my pajamas anymore.

“I kind of feel sorry for Mason; he doesn't have a cell phone. I guess he can't afford one, since I had to call him on his dormitory phone. Gross! Appalling! Icky! Disgusting! That thing must have so many germs,” she shivered. I raised my eyebrows, but managed to stay calm.

“I don't have a cell phone,” I replied with a grin, and then went back to my studying.

“Oh. Sorry. Well, I better go, since Mason's probably waiting. We're watching Shrek.”

“That's a shock,” I mumbled. Samantha's body was between the room and the door, as she turned to me due to my response.

“What?” she asked with her usual smile.

“Nothing, never mind. Just be careful, okay?” I asked, hoping for a reassuring answer. I guess you could technically call her my best friend, and I didn't want her to get hurt or anything. I didn't want her to be taken advantage of.

“I will.” She nodded calmly then shut the door behind her. As I watched her leave the room, my mind disparaged my confidence. I couldn't think about the positives, I could only think of the negatives.

Samantha was one of the prettiest girls I knew, and not to mention, one of the nicest. I guess she was almost perfect, but I knew that something about her was a little bit off. I just couldn't put my finger what it was, yet, though.

Submitted: November 10, 2009

© Copyright 2022 FantasyandRomanceWriter. All rights reserved.


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Hopeless Romantic

First comment? haahaha. I love it so far :) so much suspense update soon!

Wed, November 11th, 2009 11:33am



Thu, November 12th, 2009 1:51pm


Love It :)
Update Soon!
And Tell Me When You Do?

Fri, November 13th, 2009 4:15pm



lol, i reaally like it! hope u update soon, i want to know what happens next! let me know when you do. :)

Fri, November 13th, 2009 4:28pm

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