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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

"Okay," Misty said, pulling her closet doors open. "I have long formal dresses, I have shorter dresses, I have slutty dresses," she waggled her eyebrows. "Those are Jayk's favorites. I also have endless skirts and shirts, I could make you a really cute outfit."

I giggled. "I think I'll just stick with a long formal type dress. So I have a question."

She pulled all the long dresses she had - five of them, can you believe it? - out of the closet and carefully laid them on the beds. "Mhmm?"

"What's up with you and Jayk anyways? I mean, do you like him or what?"

Her cheeks turned the lightest shade of pink. "I don't know. I mean, yeah I like him he's gorgeous, but I don't know if he likes me. He hasn't kissed me or held my hand or acted like he likes me in anyway so I'm just waiting I guess."

"Have you ever thought of making the first move maybe?"

"How do you mean?"

"I mean you do what you want done. You hold his hand, you kiss him, you make him want you."

"I've tried. Why do you think I have the slutty dresses? All he does is sit there and druel."

I laughed at the image of Jayk drueling over Misty in her short, way-too-revealing dresses. Since I already knew he liked her I knew he was bound to do something soon. I hoped anyway. "Come on Misty. If a guy is drueling over you I think that's a pretty sure fire way of telling that he likes you."

"Does Ryker druel over you?"

"No but he licks and bites me."

Misty laughed. "All right, enough talk about boys.Pick a dress."

I loooked over the dresses laid carefully over her bed. They were all so beautiful it was really hard to choose. There was a red one with parts of it missing on either side and a pretty silver shall so it was sexy yet elegant. There was an emerald green one with sparkles across the sweetheart top. A light blue one with short sleeves and a simple flower embelishment on the hip.One with a rainbow of colors that didn't really seem appropriate for black tie. And the last one was a dark blue one that would have been just a short dress except it have a gorgeous long skirt wrapped around it with a slit down the side. It had a beautiful design of little silver flowers on thebodess until it hit theskirt. It was gorgeous.

Misty noticed me stariung at it and picked it up. "Put it on. I bet it will look incredible on you."

I smiled and took the dress into the bathroom where I changed into it. I'd never really done strapless before so I was afraid it might fall down but it actually stayed up pretty well. The dress also fit my body perfect. Who knew Misty and I would end up being the same size? I twirled around for a minute then went out to the room.

Misty's jaw dropped.

"Well?" I asked. "How does it look?"

"Min you... you..."

"I I what?"

"You look beautiful." she smiled and came over to me. "Does it fit well? DoI need to pin anything?"

I smiled. "No it fits. Who knew we'd be the same size?"

she laughed. "Oh! I have the perfect shoes for that!" she ran back to her closet and oulled out a pait of silver heels with little diamonds across the straps. "Here put them on."

"I don't know Misty... I'm not good at wearing heels."

"That's why there's practice. Put them on, I'm going to go put my dress on." She grabbed the red dress and went into the bathroom. I rolled my eyes andslip into the shoes then made sure they were on tight enough so they wouldn't slip. Once I was sure they were good I started to walk around the room with my arms out. I slipped a couple times but I caught myself adn eventually got the hang of walking in them.

The bathroom door opened and Misty came out in her sexy red dress. I smiled. "Jayk is so going to eat you up in that."

She giggled and twirled around. "You think?"

"Honey I know. I couldn't be surprised if the twins even tried to get you in that."

She laughed sarcastically. "Yeah right. The twins don't like me like that."

"But Jayk does."

She blushed and rolled her eyes.


Twenty minutes before the dinner party started I wrestled Rykers arms off me and ran to Misty and Annabelle's room to get my dress. Misty had it layin on her bed as well at the shoes and her make up kit.

"I'm going to make you so pretty!" Misty said. "Not that you aren't all ready pretty, you're gorgeous! I just meant..."

I cut her off. "I get it Misty." I giggled and grabbed my dress. "So what first?"

"Hair and make up so we don't get anything on the dress."

I nodded and went into the bathroom. She curled my hair and did my make up then helped me into the dress so I wouldn't mess up anything. I put the shoes on and looked at the clock. "Misty you'd better get your dress on. We should be leaving now."

"I know I know. Help me zip it would you?" She came out of the bathroom in her dress holding it up. I walked over and zipped it for her.

"Ready now?"


"Where is this thing exactly?"

"The ball room."

"We have a ball room here?"

"Yeah it's where all the dances and stuff are held. We also have a gym."

"Yeah I know, I have fitness remember?"

"Oh yeah." she smirked. "Freshman."

Irolled my eyes and walked out of the room. "So where's Annabelle?"

"I have no idea. She'll show up at some point."

I wanted to ask her why Annabellehated me so much and why she wanted nothing todo with me but I just kept my mouth shut. I really didn't want to ruin this night for me or Misty or anyone and bringing that up would completely ruin it. We walked across the campus to the ball room and went in. It was about at big as the dining hall, maybe a bit bigger. In the middle of it there was a long table with tons of food on it and all around it people were talking and dancing and haivng fun.

"There's Ryker." Misty pointed to him.

"And there's Jayk."

Misty took a couple deep breaths. "Wish me luck. "She walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and, were we in a cartoon, he eyes would have bulged out of his head. I giggled for Misty as Jayk took her hand and laid a careful kiss on her knuckles.

"You look ravishing tonight, Ms. Monroe." the voice behind me scared me and made me jump aboutafoot in the air. A chuckle came followed by arms wrapped around me. "It's all right Min. It's just me."

"Ryker you scared the shit out of me." I placed my hand on my heart and turned around in his arms. He was smiling at me with hair slicked back into an elegent ponytail like the day we'd first met. He was wearing a black tux with a silk bowtie. He looked so handsome... "Oh Mr. Daae. You look absolutely breath taking."

He shuckled. "Well then I suppose if your breath is already taken this won't affect you." He bent his head and captured my lips with his. He held the kissfor a couple minutes then released me and held his arms out. "Come, let us dance, my beauty."

I let him pull me out to the dancefloor and hold me close to him while we danced to a few songs. I was stumbling but it was only because of these damn shoes; usually I'm a really good dancer. I eventually got tired of stumbling all over myself so I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror andfixed my hair then started twirling around, attempting to get the hang of dancing in these shoes. It wasn't the same without Ryker though.

"Oh my gosh Min!" I heard Misty squeel then two seconds later she came into the bathroom. "You'll never guess what just happened! Guess! Jayk kissed me! Oh dammit I just gave it away."

"Misty that's great! See, I told you he wouldn't be able to resist you in that dress. What happened after he kissed you?"

"I squeeled and came to tell you."


"What?" she thought for a minute then her eyes widened. "Crap Jayk!" She scurried out of the bathroom. Misty wasn't a natural blonde, but sometimes she had some seriously blonde moments. I smiled to myself and went back to twirling around. As I twirled I heard my name echoe throughout the bathroom.


I looked around, wondering where it came from. It wasn't much, just kind of a whisper but I heard it perfectly.


This time it was a little louder and was started to freak me out. "Hello?" I called, feeling like I was in some horror movie. "Who's there?"

Turn around Min. I promise I won't hurt you.

"I've heard that before."

Just turn around you stuborn beast.

I turned and found a full length mirror behind me that wasn't there when I came in. I stepped toward it and saw myself as anyone would when looking in a mirror. But, at the same time, it wasn't exactly me. She had my face and my body but her hair was snow white and her dress was different. She smiled and waved her hand at me.

"Hi Min. It's me. Or us."

Suddenly my dress felt way to tight and my breath came in heavy gasps. I had to choke back the scream I felt in my throat.

A/N: Alright so i know this isn't the best picture, I couldn't find the better one I had earlier :P But this is Min's dress :) Hope you find it as beautiful as I do and hope you like this chapter. Sorry for the cliffhanger. Or am I...? >:)


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