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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Chapter 23

Submitted: June 25, 2013

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Submitted: June 25, 2013



Chapter 23


"So there's no way to cheat the death part?"

It was day two of my change and I was coming close. I could feel it in my bones. Each day grew closer and closer to the deadline. Literally. I wished it would just happen already, all this waiting was scaring me. I knew death was coming and waiting for it was not fun in the least.

"Sorry Min, but it is what it is." Jayk, Ryker, the twins and I all sat around the Dark Sider table playing go fish. The guys wanted to play poker but I didn't know how so we were doing this, much to their dismay.

"Well, either way, I just wish something would happen, you know?"

Jayk laughed. "Yeah I guess had I known what was happening I would have been anxious to get it over with too. Got any fives?"

"Suck balls." I handed over my five to him. "Ryker, are you sure I'm really going through the change? Maybe I just ate something bad."

"Yes Min. I'm sure. There's really no other explanation."


"Don't start."

Matt grinned and laid his cards down on the table. "Well, as much fun as it's been stealing all Mins cards, I'm getting tired of this. I want to play a real card game."

"How about we play old maid? And Matt can be the old maid."

"Boy someone's in a pissy mood today, aren't they?"

I threw my cards down on the table. "Well, contrary to popular belief, knowing you're going to die is not exactly a fun thing."

"Dying unexpectedly isn't fun either." Jayk threw in.

Erik snorted. "Gee, I wonder why?"

We laughed and went back to our game.


Later that night when Ryker and I were in our room I started getting really dizzy again. My stomach sqeezed and quenched making me feel like I was about to throw up. I quickly sat down on the bed, hoping just sitting for a minute would help but it didn't. My stomach continued to churn and hurt. "Ryker, I don't feel so good..."

He cam eover to the bed and sat beside me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. The second his arm made contact with me, a wretching pain shot through my chest right where my heart was. I screamed out in pain and fell backwards on the bed, clutching my chest.

"Min! Min what hurts? Baby talk to me, talk to me." Rykers voice weaved it's way through my head but when I opened my mouth to respond to him another scream came out. Ryker continued to call my name and beg me to talk to him but I couldn't. It hurt me. Pretty soon Rykers voice went away all together and I didn't hear a thing except a loud ringing. My body went completely numb. I felt nothing. I heard nothing.

And then, there was nothing...


 When I opened my eyes again I was looking up at the blue sky. The sun shone down on me, birds sang in the trees, everything seemed happy. I sat up and looked around. What was this? How had I gotten outside? I hoped I wasn't in another one of Rykers dreams.

I got to my feet and walked forward into the trees. I had to admit, as confusing as this was it was also really beautiful. The warm sun felt good on my pale skin. Whatever this was, I liked it.

"Min? Is that really you?"

I jumped, startled by the disembodied voice, then looked around, trying to find it's owner. "Who's there?"

"What, don't recognize my voice?" A girl came out from behind a tree and smiled playfully at me. "Some best friend you are."

"Oh my God. It can't be." I rubbed my eyes, unable to believe what I was seiing before me.

"Oh but it can."

"Misty..." I ran to her and hugged her tight. "Misty I've missed you so much!"

She giggled and hugged me back. "I misses you too Min. I've missed all you guys. Being dead is a lonely occupation."

I smiled and pulled back form her to look at her. She looked absolutely gorgeous, just like before anything with Jayk happened. Here eyes were their original green color, nice and bright and always happy. Her beautiful smile was painted on her face, making her look happy. She didn't look dead at all. She looked healthier then she had when she was alive.

"So, where are we?" I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and looked around us. "Somewhere in the land of the walking dead. Um... Do you know what happened to Jayk? I haven't seen him since he died."

"You mean you don't know?"

"Know what?"

"Jayk's alive, Misty."

Shock came into her eyes as my words absorbed into her head. I guess I couldn't blame her, it was an odd thing to take in. "What do you mean he's alive? That's impossible. He was dead, I watched him die!"

"Yeah but he came back."

"Ok, Min I think we need to get you to a mental institute. People don't come back after their dead. If they did, I'd be back."

"I don't need to go to a mental hospital Misty. See, here's the deal." I quickly explained to her about the Dark Siders coming back to the good side and the change the way Laurren had and about how if they were too pure of heart, they wouldn't come back at all. After I finished I looked at Misty who was staring at me blankly.

"So, why didn't I come back?"

"Because the death of the Dark Sider has to be natural. And suicide isn't really natural..."

Her face fell instantly and she looked absolutely miserable. "So, I'll never see Jayk or anyone again?"

I shook my head. "I'm sorry Misty."

"If the dead could cry, I'd be bawling by now." She whimpered.

Something pinched my arm making me yelp. "Ouch! What the fuck?"

Misty raised her eyebrows. "What?"

"Somthing just pinched me." I turned around and there I saw myself standing before me. She looked exactly like the one I'd seen in the bathroom mirror at the Dark Sider party.

"Hi Min. Remember me?" She giggled and pushed her white hair over her shoulder.

"Yeah I remember. I am you, dummy."

"Uh, Min? Who are you talking too?" Msity asked, coming up behind me and placing her hand on my shoulder.

I pointed to my good self. "Myself."

"Min... I think now is really a good time for that mental institute."

"Min, she can't see me." my good self told me. "Only you can see me. Now shut up before you make a fool out of us."

I nodded my head and glanced over at Misty. "Nothing's wrong Misty. I'm fine." I looked back at my good self who smiled weakly at me. She looked a little nervous and kind of drained of any energy she'd had before. I furrowed my brows. This couldn't be good.

"This might hurt a little Min." She whispered to me then took a step back and came running at me. I screamed as she jumped forward right towards me. But instead of crashing into me and knocking us both to the ground, she seemed to dissolve into me like I was the spunge and she was the water.

My head started to pound. I cried out as my headache grew worse. I grasped my head, digging my fingers into my scalp but that only made matters worse. I opened my eyes and saw Misty standing over me with tears in her eyes.

"I knew you'd be leaving me." she sobbed. "Goodbye Min."

She stepped back and the world around me started to disappear. "No! Misty come with me!" I screamed. Then the world went black.

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