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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Chapter 2

"I'm mad?" Beylie asked in disbelief.

"Yes! You're mad! You're completely insane, I am not a fairy!" I ran out of the room and stumbled back into Wonderland. I gasped and looked around, frantically trying to figure out a way out of this place. It took me a few minutes but I finally managed to find the stairs and when I did, I bolted down them like you wouldn't believe.

"Mom, dad! We have to get out of here." I called, running over to them where they stood talking to Ms. White.

"Why honey?" Mom asked, putting her hand on my back.

"Mom my roommate is insane. She said she's a fairy and that I'm one too. I don't want to be here!"

My parents exchanged an uneasy look at each other. Beylie came down the stairs and stopped by me.

"Min what's wrong with you? Don't you know this is a Faery and Faey school?"

"See!?" I gestured to Beylie, hoping my parents would think she was as insane as I did.

"Min, sweetie, there's something we should tell you." My mom stepped back and a big pair of golden wings sprung out from her back. "Min, I'm a Faery. As is your father. And you are a Faey."

I screamed again and backed away only to run into Ms. White. She smiled gently at me and took my hands into hers. "Min, there's no need to be frightened. You belong here. We can teach you about your magic and how to control it, how to take care of your wings and how keep your existence a secret."

"I. Am. Not. A. Fairy!" I screamed for the last time.

"Correct, you aren't." Ms. White said. "You're a Faey."

"No I'm not! You people are out of your minds, completely insane, fucking crack head idiots!"

"Min!" Mom called. "Watch your mouth!"

I crossed my arms over my chest. Me? A fairy? This couldn't be real. Fairies weren't even real. I didn't believe in that crap and never would, no matter who told me. My dead grandma's spirit could come down and tell me and I wouldn't believe it. Hell, even future me could come tell present me and I still wouldn't even believe myself.

"Min, we're telling you the truth. I'm sorry we waited so long to tell you it's just..."

"It's just what? You like lying to your only daughter? Waiting fifteen years and then dropping this huge freaking bomb on my head seemed like an awesome option? Guess what, it wasn't."

"We know Min." My dad cut in. "But the reason we didn't tell you sooner was because humans can't see Faerie's unless they are of blood relation. That's why you could see us. We didn't tell you because we didn't want you to walk up to some humans and say hi then come home crying because they didn't respond since they couldn't see you. We wanted you to have the normal childhood neither of us had."

My mom nodded. "We were basically told we were Faerie's as soon as we could walk and talk then shipped here. We didn't want to do the same to you. It wouldn't be fair."

"Really? Because the way I see it, waiting fifteen years was more unfair then anything you've said so far. You realize that now that I know this little family secret or whatever, I'll never be able to see my human friends again? Did you even think this through?"


"I'm not finished. I'll never get to see the people I love again. I'll never see Julia again. She was my best friend! Now I have to start all over and make fairy friends. I'll never have the same life! I can't even call my friends again because they won't know it's me. If you'd told me when I was younger, I wouldn't have this problem! Grandma and grandpa, both sides, were brilliant for shipping you here before you got attached to humans. You guys are stupid!"

They took the insults I hurled at them because I think, deep down, they knew what I was saying was true. They knew they'd royally screwed up on this one. Especially since I still didn't completely believe them. Telling a teenager she's a fairy doesn't go over as well as one would think.

Once I was done with my tirade, mom spoke. "We're sorry sweetie. We realize now how in the wrong we were. You're right, this was a bad idea." She sighed. "But everything will be all right. You'll make friends fast and like Gill said, learn everything about your magic."

I sighed. "I'm still not sure I even believe you but okay."

Beylie came closer and touched my arm. "So, want to go unpack and get ready for tomorrow?"

"Yeah. I guess so."


The next day was my first day at the Faery school - Beylie gave me a lecture on how we were Faerie's not fairies. I'm still not sure what the difference is but according to my schedule, I'll learn today in some class called Faery History. I'll also learn about this school, my Faey life, Wingology or something, on and on.

Beylie got up early and woke me up so we could go meet her friends in the cafeteria and I could meet them and hopefully make them my friends too. As soon as we were ready, Beylieled me out of our dorm and across the campus to the cafeteria, talking the whole time.

"So there's the cafeteria where we eat breakfast and lunch then there's the dining hall where we eat dinner because it's more formal. Make sense?"

"I think so."

"Good." She pushed the door open and let me go in then followed behind me. "Lets see... My friends are over there. Come on." She led me across the cafeteria and sat in a seat next to this gorgeous guy with black hair and gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. He smiled and pulled Beylie in for a hug.

"Hey babe."

"Hey honey." Beylie giggled. "Everyone I want you to meet my new roommate, Min. Min, this is everyone. Well almost everyone. Where's Nix?"

A blonde girl across the table shrugged. "She was finishing getting ready when I left. Hi Min, I'm Sommer. This is Graysen." She pointed to a tall,skinny blonde guy next to her. "The guy Beylie's getting all cuddly with over there is Alec. Luca will be back in a minute, he went to get food, and Nix, my roommate, isn't here yet. Obviously."

"Nice to meet you Min." Graysen said after taking a drink of his water.

I smiled and sat down on the other side of Sommer. I would have sat by Beylie but Sommer wasn't kidding about her and Alec getting cuddly.

I looked around the cafeteria, taking in my surroundings. This was all so much to take in. I was sitting right in the middle of a bunch of Faerie's in this private Faery school somewhere in the mountains in Colorado. This was insane. Just yesterday I was a human at normal public school with my friends and now I was here. My head was still spinning.

I continued to look around the cafeteria until my eyes landed on a table with a group of students that looked... different. I nudged Sommer's arm. "Who are they?" I asked, pointing to them.

Sommer looked where I was pointing and visibly paled. "Min you don't want to get mixed up with them. Those are the Dark Siders."

"Dark Siders?"

"Yes. They're dangerous. Stay away from them."

"I didn't say I was going to go over there and demand they be friends with me or something. I just want to know who they are."

"Who who are?" Beylie asked, finally pulling away from Alec.

"The Dark Siders." Sommer filled her in. "Should we tell her?"

Beylie glanced over her shoulder at them then looked back at us quickly. "It's best that she knows."

"All right." Sommer sucked in her breath and blew it out in a long stream. "So, you see the nervous looking one wearing the grey sweater with the blonde hair? That's Jayk. He's the newest member. I think he was admitted sometime last week by one of the girls."

"Unless he had butt-sex with one of the guys but I'm pretty sure none of those hottie's are gay."A girl with bright red hair - dyed not natural - came over and sat by me. "Hey, I'm Nix."


"Shut your little mouth Nix, you'll scare the poor girl."

"Hey she wanted to know and you know as well as I do that the onlyway to become a Dark Sider is by having sex with one of them."

Sommer rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to me. "Anyways, the two with light brown hair and those beautiful green eyes are the twins, Erik and Matt. And let me tell you, twins? Not a bad thing, especially when they look like that."

Nix laughed. "See I told you."

Sommer rolled her eyes at her roommate again. "Moving on.See the short girl with the short brown hair and big boobs? That's Misty. Then the taller one with the blonde hairand blueeyes is Annabelle."

"What about that one?" I asked, pointing to the last and hottest guy at that table. He had gorgeous, dark brown locks that fell to his shoulders and were whisped back into an elegant ponytail. And those eyes... Oh those eyes. Even from where I sat I could tell they were a dark sapphire blue. They were entrancing.

"That little peice of heaven is Ryker Daae. He's the most gorgeous of the Dark Siders as you can probably tell. But he's also the most dangerous and the one you want to avoid at all costs. Have a class with him? I'd suggest switching classes."

"Why is he so dangerous?"

"Three words." Beylie said. "Raw sexual power."

I glanced back over at him. Yeah he was pretty damn sexy and probably a god in bed. Not that I would know anything about that. Virgin here.

I continued to watch Ryker as he got up and threw his trash away. Even when he walked it was godlike. His perfectly rounded rear was showcased incredibley by his tight black leather pants and his black shirt showed off every muscle he owned. And his face was a completely different story. Along with his amazing eyes, he had an incredible chiseled chin with the slightest bit of stubble on it and lips that, if they smiled, would make his face even more delightful to look at. Sadly I don't think he was going to smile any time soon.

"Min don't stare. They'll notice you."

"I wouldn't mind if Mr. Pretty Buns there noticed me."

"Oh God. All Ryker as to do is shake his ass at her and she's in." Sommer sighed in disgust. "Snap out of it Min."

I shook my head and looked away from Ryker. Worst decision of my life.

A/N: Hope you guys liked this chapter :) I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind if Mr. Hot Buns noticed me either XD Anyway, I posted up the character pics like promised! Go check them out and leave me comments of what you think!! Thanks you guys!

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