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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 5

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Chapter 5

Ryker took my plate and set it on the table then pulled out my chair for me. I hesitated and looked around the table at the Dark Siders that had stopped what they were doing and now all had their eyes on me. I glanced at Ryker who stood behind my chair, waiting for me to sit down. I mentally prepared myself for the worst and took my seat. Ryker pushed me in and took his seat beside me.

"Ryker, who is this?" Annabelle, who sat on his other side, said.

"I'm getting there Annabelle. Chill." Ryker gentley placed his warm fingers on the bare flesh of my arm, causing goosebumbs to form on my skin. "Guys, this is Min. Min, This is Annabell," He gestured to her then moved his hand around the table as he introduced the rest of them. "The twins, Matt and Erik, Misty, and Jayk."

"Yeah, I know Jayk. We have Faery and Faey History together."

Jayk smiled. "Yep. Nice to see you again Min."

"You too."

"Hi Min." Misty said sweetly. "It's so nice to have another girl here. Annabelle and I have been drowning in testosterone."

"And you love every minute of it." Jayk said, shoving her arm playfully. Misty giggled and threw a peice of tomato at him which he caught perfectly in his mouth. He looked over at me and grinned. "I have skills my friend." Another peice of tomato came at him and hit his cheek.

"Yeah. Some skill." Misty said with a satisfied smile on her face.

"I wasn't ready!"

I laughed at them as they bickered at each other and playfully punch each other. Well, Jayks' wereplayfull anyways. A couple minutes later, Misty got up to make another taco and I noticed Jayk watching her go.


He turned back to me. "Yeah?"

"Do you have a thing for Misty?"

A goofy smile crossed his lips. "Yeah I do. She's the one that change me and I've been in lovewith her ever since. She's just so beautiful and sweet."

"Does she know?"

"Oh hell no. You don't just tell a girl you love her when you don't even know if she loves you back. It's in the guy rulebook."

"Jayk, if we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times. There is no guy rulebook." One of the twins said, though I didn't know which. How does one tell apart identicle twins when everything about them is... Well identicle?

"Shut up, Matt."


"Who cares?"

My phone buzzed in my pocket and when I pulled it out my heart sunk a little as I saw Beylie's name on the screen. I opened the message andread it.

Why the hell are you at the Dark Siders table!?

I sucked in my breath and put my phone back in my pocket. Of course she noticed. How would she not? It was kind of obvious. "I'll be back." I said quietly, really only meaning for Ryker hear, and got up. I headed over to my table with my friends and sat by Beylie. "You texted?"

"Why were you over there with the Dark Siders?"

"Ryker invited me."

She snorted. "Oh Ryker of course he did and you just couldn't resist, could you? You just couldn't resist the all powerful could you? Did you even listen to what I told you? Don't look at him and don't talk to him. Those were your only rules."

"Beylie I think you're taking this way out of praportion. They really aren't that bad. They're actually really nice. Well, with the exception of Annabelle."

"Min you insane bitch!"


Alec placed his hand on Beylie's shoulder. "Sweetie calm down."

"Look if you're just going to sit here and call me names I'm going to go back where they actually like me." I got up and walked back to the Dark Sider table.

After dinner, back in our room, Beylie didn't really say much to me. She just shuffled around getting ready for bed, mumbled her goodnights and shut the lights off. I sighed and climbed into my bed. I knew she was still pissed but i didn't know why. I was still good. They hadn't drug me off and hurt me. I was perfectly fine. But if she didn't believe that, I guess that was her problem.

After a while of tossing and turning I finally fell into a deep sleep and wasn't awoken until I felt another body next to me. I blinked my eyes open and saw the sun shining down on my face.I quickly closed my eyes then opened them again. What happened to the ceiling? What happened to the night?

I looked over to my left where I felt the person next to me and saw Ryker laying there. Shirtless. With his pants open to show off his white boxers. And the hardness beneath them.

"Ryker? What... What are we doing here? Where is here?"

He smiled at me and wrapped a long arm around my waste. "Hush. No questions. Just love."

I looked down my body and saw all that covered it was a thin silk dress that hugged me in all the right places.What was going on here?

"You look beautiful Min." Ryker told me, stroking my hair.

"Thank you but I'm still confused about what all this is."

"It's you and I, Min. Just us together. Are you okay with that?"

I gasped and leaned closer to him. "Yes." I whispered.

"Good." His breath brushed across my face as his lips came closer to mine. I moved closer and pressed my lips to his. Oh God. This had to be the best feeling ever. Ryker's lips her soft and inviting and kept me wanting more.

"Come here Min." Rykr pulled me on top of him and wrapped his arms around me. There was a ripping sound and my dress landed on the ground in peices. I gasped and crossed my arms over my bared breasts. "What's wrong, love?"

"I've never been naked in front of a guy before."

"Then how about we make this more comfortable for you." The jeans disappeared from Rykers legs and all I felt was his flesh coming together with mine.

"How did you do that?"

"I can do anything, my dear." Ryker pulled my face down to his and kissed me again, this time briging his tounge in and poking it around my mouth. I pulled my tounge back, unsure of this at first, but then Ryker pulled my tounge to his and they danced together. Oh how good this felt...

And it only got better.

Ryker pulled me into his arms and pushed himself into me. I gasped as he slowly pushed into me, making every second count. My eyes clamped shut as I waited for pain to course through me but it didn't. It all just felt so right.

"Open your wings, Min."

"I-I don't know if I can. I've never used them. They're so weak."

"You can Min."

I closed my eyes and imagined my wings and sure enough I felt them spring to life. I opened my eyes and looked at them. They were clear and sparkled under the sunlight. And they didn't hurt at all. I fluttered them like an expert. "Oh my God, Ryker I did it."

He smiled and rocked his hips, pushing further into me. "Good job." He kissed me again.

I could've done this all day...

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