Poor, Little Lost Girl

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Is This Wrong?

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Chapter 2 - Is This Wrong?

I got home and ran straight up to my room without stopping to say hi to my parents or little sister, Emi. I only got about halfway up the stairs though before my moms voice stopped me. "Hey where do you think you're going?"

I sighed and turned around on the stair I was standing on to face my mother. My mother and I were a lot alike in looks having the same hair color and build, but personality wise we did not see eye to eye. "To my room. I have things to do."

"Such as?"

"Why does it matter? I just have stuff to do."

"I hope it's homework."

I loved my mother but sometimes she seriously annoys me. "Yes mother."

"When you get done come back down. Your father and I want to talk to you."

I sighed. "You might as well just tell me now; I'm not coming back down once I'm up."

My mom looked at me then went over to the couch and sat down. I went back down the steps and sat next to her then my dad came out of the kitchen and sat next to me.

"Emi," He began, "Why don't you go play in your room for a little bit, okay?"

My sister got up and giggled. "Okay daddy." She ran up the stairs to her room. As soon as the door closed my parents started talking to me.

"Bridgit, look, we've noticed lately that your grades have been slipping. You got a minus in participation in English today. We're worrried about you, is anything going on we need to know about?"

"No. I've already read The Great Gatsby, I don't want to read it again."

"You can't just not participate, Bee."

My dad reached across me and placed his hand on my moms knee. "Calm down, sweetie. Let me talk to her."

My mom nodded and sat back. I looked at my dad. "Bridgit you can't just not participate in something. It's worth a grade. I know you've read Gatsby and I know you didn't like it but you still need to try. You're a smart girl and we don't want you to fail."

"Look, I know, I'm trying okay? Just stop pestering me." I got up and went up to my room, closing the door behing me. This was horrible. My parents were chewing me out because of grades and I was pretty sure I liked my student teacher in English. Not just liked as in he was a good teacher but liked becasue he was sweet and handsome and how could you not like him?

I dug around in my backpack until I found mynotebook then flipped to the page I had been working on during English. On it was the description of my newest character plus a very crappy sketch. I looked at it and read what I wrote.

Eyes: Puppy dog brown
Hair: Dark brown, rather messy but adorable
Dimpled smile
Stubble on face about the same shade as his hair
Name: Derick Hendersen

I don't know why I names him Derick, I guess Mr. Hendersen just seemed like a Derick. All though at the same time he didn't... I really wasn't good at guessing names by looks. I was usually wrong.

Anyway, I put Derick in as my main girls lover and I intent on writing a sex scene when the bell in class rang.They were at school, things were getting hot. No one else was around but them and suddenly, it just happened. They were on the desks havingthe most amazing sex as he thrust in and out of her and her screams of pleasure filled the room. It was only moments before things got especially hot and they both came at the climax.

Oh how I wanted a love like I wrote about. And how I wanted it with someone sophisticated and knowlendgable. Someone like Mr. Hendersen. But there was that one question that remained on my mind. Was this wrong? I was writing a sex scene about my student teacher in English. And imagining it as him and I.

But it wasn't wrong if it was a student teacher right? Just if it was a regular teacher. Right?

These thoughts kept me up most of the night and the next day my face and attitude resembled my lack of sleep. I swear, I was like a zombie all day. Not even my best friend, Alina talking my ear off woke me up. I almost fell asleep in about half of my classes and finally did in English during silent reading.

My mind wondered to places unknown, to the classroom emptied of all people except two. Me and Mr. Hendersen. He came over to me at my desk and pulled me up then placed his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. His hands ran about my body making me shudder as his lips worked their expert magic on mine. I felt his hand slip between my thighs and rub my most private, sensitive part through my jeans. It felt absolutely wonderful to feel his hand there, carressing me and rubbing my worries away. I let a groan slip through my teeth.

I reached down and pulled his button and zipper loose then pushed his pants down his legs followed by his boxers. I cupped him in my hand and squeezed lightly so not to hurt him. This time it was his turn to groan. He picked me up and set me on the desk nearest to us then started taking my clothes off. He shoved himself in me and rocked his hips in time with mine. Oh God how good this felt. How right.

Bridgit. He moaned my name.

Bridgit! he screamed louder.

I groaned and tangled my fingers in his hair, never wanting this to end.

A shaking feeling woke me from my erotic dream. "Bridgit. Bridgit! Wake up, school's over."

I opened my eyes and looked up groggily to fnd the source of my dreamed himself standing over me. "Mr. Hendersen, I didn't mean to fall asleep..."

"It's all right Bridigit. You looked dead on your feet when you walked in. I figured you'dprobably crash during silent reading time. But school's over now and you can go home and nap."

"Oh... Thanks." I stood up and grabbed my bag. I had hoped Mr. Hendersen would tell me to stop then pulled me in to his arms and kiss me but instead he just held the door open for me and watched me go. God, what a weird day...

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