Random thoughts about life.

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Baisically me ranting about life's complications.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Random thoughts about life.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



At one time or another, everyone feels alone.

At one point everyone expiriences sadness.

Some days everyone feels left out.

Occasionally everyone feels worthless.


But sometimes everyone feels happy.

At some point everyone feels excited.

Some days everyone feels like they fell in love.

Occasionally everyone will say hi to each other.


Everyone will expirience fear.

At times everyone feels neglected.

Sometimes everyone feels upset.

One day everyone will die.


I do not write this to make people feel odd. I am simply stating true believable facts. By writing this i am simply bringing awareness. Everyone feels the same feelings. Old and young, "cool" and "uncool," "popular" or "not." Many people will ignore this fact. they put themselves above others. They climb to the top by pushing others down to the ground.

Many think they are better than others. But in the end everyone faces the same challenges at some point in their lives. No matter who it is, everyone feels the same feelings.



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