Tasha's Story

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Third of the six...tasha's story

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tasha's Story

Submitted: July 24, 2008

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Submitted: July 24, 2008



Tasha James gazed longingly out of the big picture window in her living room.She sighed, when she heard her younger sister, Alexandra, and younger brother, Trevor, arguing.
“Tasha!” Alexandra yelled down the stairs.
“I’m coming.”Hold your horses.Tasha trudged up the stairs.She wished Jonathon and Virginia still lived at home.They had both gotten married and moved out.Tasha despised being the oldest child.
Her father had decided that they needed a new mom, so he went out on a date nearly every night.It was Jennifer that week.Personally, Tasha didn’t think that Jennifer would last.
She didn’t like the idea of getting a new mom, because, first and foremost, she didn’t want a new mom, and second, she hated being stuck as babysitter.“Oh, Tash, would you please? I’ll pay you double,” her dad had pleaded.How do you double nothing? was her thought, but she’d agreed anyways.
“What’s wrong now?” she asked when she reached the top of the stairs.
“Trevor cheated,” Alex said accusingly.
“Trev, did you cheat?” Tasha asked already knowing what the answer would be.
“No, she did!” Trevor said pouting.
Alex turned her head and stuck her tongue out at him.Tasha rolled her eyed.Just then she heard “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” by Tracy Lawrence coming from her pocket.“I’ll be back.It’s Jake.”
“Tasha!” Alex and Trevor yelled.
Tasha breathed in a deep breath.“Hey, Jakey.”
“Hi, Tash,” Jacob Jackson said.
“What’s up?”
“Nothin’, just wanted to talk to you.”
“Well, you’re a lifesaver.”
“Why?” Jake asked confused.
“Alex and Trev are arguing—again.”
“They’re the model of siblinghood.”
“More like rivalry,” she sighed.
“Joe out on a date again?” he asked, referring to her dad.
“Yeah, still Jennifer; I don’t think she’ll last another week.”
“I’ll bet you,” Jake challenged.
“Really?For what?” she asked curiously.
“Loser goes out with whomever the winner chooses.”
“What if you—I mean the loser gets turned down?”
“Then the winner can pick someone else.”
“You’re on!” Tasha agreed.
Jake hung up his cell phone a half-hour later.How can she talk to me like I’m Bri?Why can’t she talk to me like I’m a guy?Oh, well…I’m going to win that bet, and then she’ll go out with me.
“What Hurts the Most” started playing in his hand.Why is Tasha calling me again?We just got off the phone.“Hello?”
“Hey, Jake, do you want to go to a movie?”
“I thought you were babysitting?” Jake said confused.
“No, Tasha’s babysitting.This is Alex,” she said giggling.
Jake tried to think of a polite way to decline, when he heard a struggle going on on the other end of the phone.“Alex!What are you doing?!”
“I’m asking Jake to a movie,” Alex said “like-are-you-stupid?”
“Why…?Never mind.Number one, you don’t ask a guy out.He’s supposed to ask you out.Number two, why are you using my cell phone?”
“I knew he’d answer,” Alex said.
“Alright, give me the phone, Al,” Tasha ordered.
“No!He hasn’t answered yet.”
“I can soften him up for you.”
Alex must have given in, because Tasha’s voice filled the line.“Sorry about that, Jake.”
“It’s fine.She’s cute, but I will not go on a date with her.”
“Come on, Jakey,” Tasha pleaded.
“On one condition…”
“Anything,” she interrupted.
“You and Tony have to come, too.”
“Okay, but don’t expect her to fall for Tony.She’s in love with you,” she whispered conspiratorially.
“That’s what you think.Tone’s really irresistible,” Jake said smiling.
“I’m sure he is,” Tasha said smiling.“He’s the spitting image of you.”
Jake was quiet then he heard.“Jakey?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jake asked.
“Oh, come on, Jakey.You have to know how many girls fall over you…”
You’re not one of them though.Jake held back a sigh.“I’m flattered,” he said sarcastically.
“Every girl at school is jealous of me.You should be grateful that I endure all that just to be your friend,” she teased.
“Well, I’m glad that I’m that important to you,” Jake said pretending to be offended.
“You should be glad.”She sighed.“I have to go, Jake.I can’t stall any longer.I have to settle their fight.”
“OK, Tash, back out of our argument.I’ll talk to you later.”
Jake hung up the phone and sighed.


Tasha ended up telling Alex and Trevor that they had to sit in their rooms and think for awhile, and Tasha walked back downstairs.She placed her phone on the end table and reached for the TV remote and turned on Gilmore Girls (she had all of the seasons on DVD).
Tasha got about half way through an episode, when she heard This is How You Remind Me by Nickleback coming from the end table.Tasha opened the phone and said, “Hey, Bri, what’s up?”
“You will never guess who asked me out!”
“Fine, was it Jake?”
“No…he’s my friend, that’s it.”
“How about Jaime?”
Tasha screamed partly out of joy for her best friend and partly out of sorrow.She liked Jaime.He was supposed to ask her out, not her best friend.

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