Taxi's Arrows

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Maya Sterling and Will Joseph were the complete opposites of each other. And they hated the each other's gut worse than the other person did. In fact, they could start a war with their glares alone.
What happens when they end up catching the same taxi three times in ONE day?
These two very different people are dangerous when in one building. Put them together in a small taxi and you might just regret it.
But...who said taxis couldn't play Cupid?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Taxi's Arrows

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



Author's Note: Hey! This is the first chapter of Taxi's Arrows (like it isn't obvious, lol). Anyway, this was entered for Cera Seren's Creative Prompt contest! I hope you all will support me as you have done a long time ago when I was still 'Kitkattish'. I'd love to hear your comments! It's only ten chapters long and won't take long to update! I hope you enjoy this!


Chapter One: Taxi's Targets

Maya Sterling

“Oh my God, I have a study session with my group! Rowan, why didn’t you wake me?! I’m late!” I shrieked in horror as I jumped out of my bed and made a dash for the bathroom…..managing to trip like a fool and land on my stomach.

An accident so early in the morning can only be achieved by someone who has an evil roommate that leaves their books and papers and heavy boxes all over the place.

“Rowan! Your things! Pick them up and shove them one side!” I complained, getting to my feet and grabbing my towel hanging on the bed post of my bed.

Rowan, my pretty and pretty messy roommate with brown hair and green eyes just looked at me. She was texting and laying on her bed, chewing gum in the exact imitation of a cow.

“Sorry, your alarm did go off….but I banged on it because I was on the phone…”she said, popping her gum.

I gave her a disgusted look. “Geez, Rowan. You know how important these study sessions are!”

“I already said I’m sorry…” Rowan drawled lazily. I sighed and hurried into the bathroom, dumping my towel on the rack and quickly brushing my teeth. I rubbed my eyes and squinted at the hazy image before me.

I forgot my glasses by my table again.


I jumped into the shower and shampooed my hair with my favorite shampoo, and then quickly finding out that it was half empty. My eyebrow twitched with annoyance.

After my refreshing shower, I dried off and pulled out an extra towel to wrap around my damp hair.

I ran out, carefully maneuvering my way around Rowan’s things.

“Rowan, you jerk. You started using my shampoo again!” I complained, pulling on my undergarment necessities and then deodorant. I dropped the towel that was wrapped around me and then went to the closet to pick out something to wear.

It was hot outside.

So maybe a pair of shorts and a light t-shirt….

As I slipped them on, Rowan chewed loudly in the background. “Oh, sorry, Maya. But my Clear shampoo has finished and I don’t want my hair to frizz out.”

I just glared at her and then reached for my glasses. I slipped it on and went to the dresser to check my appearance, removing the hair towel and dumping it on my bed.

Short blond hair, cut in a Victoria-style with long bangs in front, blue eyes that were as clear as swimming pool water and skin as fair as Barbie.

I sighed, slipping on my rather plain glasses, delighting in the clear vision it brought me. I picked up my brush and quickly fixed my hair. I put on my face cream, powder and added on some lip gloss and light line of eyeliner.

After I was done, I picked up my book bag and slipped in my wallet and mobile. I glanced at the clock.

The study session was at eleven thirty… was eleven twenty. Damn. I was late.

“Bye, Rowan! Don’t forget, it’s your turn to make dinner!” I called as I slipped on a pair of ankle boots with long socks. Rowan just snorted to tell me she got the message.

I rolled my eyes and left the apartment, closing the door behind me. I hurried down the stairs, adjusting the bag on my shoulder.

I stood outside and waited to hail a taxi. One came towards me so I immediately hailed it.

I yelled out at the same time a man yelled out but seriously? I’d be damned if I let a man steal my taxi to go girl-watching at the park!


Will Joseph

“You do realize that I have a life outside of books, too?” I grumbled into my phone as I sat by the counter, eyeing the plate of fried eggs Logan had left for me. My stomach grumbled noisily, telling me…eat it…eat it! Don’t think about the phone call…I’m more important! This could be life threatening.

“You haven’t done anything with the books, anyway. Just come. We have to get prepared for the finals coming up, soon,” Logan said through the phone, chuckling a bit.

“You couldn’t have warned me earlier?” I complained, reaching out and bringing the plate closer. I grabbed a fork and dished out a forkful of egg before eating it.

“Well, even if I did you would have forgotten. Just hurry up, man. We were scheduled to meet at eleven thirty.”

I glanced at the clock over Logan’s bed.

Eleven twenty. I sighed and swallowed.

“Fine, fine. Don’t sweat it. I’ll be there soon…if not a little late.”

Logan chuckled. “Got it. Don’t forget your books. And put the empty plate into the sink, understand?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, honey. Would you like me to wrap up a furry coat and send it over as a gift?”

“Definitely. I want a matching fur bag and boots. Make me look fabulous,” Logan snorted, hanging up.

I laughed a little and quickly scooped up the rest of my breakfast. Since I was already half ready…

I just needed a shirt to wear then I was all set to hit the roads.

I didn’t have a freaking shirt to wear…I thought as I looked into my closet. I glanced over at Logan’s and pulled his closet open. My eyes widened.

“Whoa. Who knew he had this many clothes?” I murmured to myself, reaching out and pulling the most casual shirt he owned. I slipped it on, thankful that we were both round about the same size except he was a bit smaller and shorter.

I yawned and ran my hand through my damp hair before picking up my bag and dumping it whatever books I laid my hands on. I grabbed my wallet and left the apartment.

Ugh. Who wanted to study on a Saturday morning?

Geez….I thought. How troublesome and annoying.

I stood outside and looked around for a taxi. Just as one came up, I yelled out at the same time as another lady. But I’d be damn if I lost my taxi to a woman who probably wanted to go shopping.


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