Forlorn: Summons

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 01, 2007



The final week of work passed a bit quicker, and the group had to quit on Friday because of their classes starting on Monday. Serene got the most tips because the customers always tried to get her to smile. Maybe they thought it was an act, or maybe they thought the money would make her smile. Who knew? Zack, Al, Claudia and Serene turned in their uniforms and stood outside, holding their last paychecks. Zack stretched, smiling. “Well, Im glad that's over and done with. I didn't work there long, but...” He paused. “Wait. I didn't enjoy it. Hah! Good riddance.” He started walking away with a proud look on his face and the others followed. Al patted Zack on the back, which didn't hurt so much anymore. “So what say you guys come over and we party, huh?” “Id love to, but I just want to relax and catch up on sleep. Im exhausted and this might be my last chance before school begins.” Al shrugged. “Your loss!” He got in the limo with Claudia and they drove away. Zack was expecting more than that, but he was telling the truth. Throughout the past while, he had either been working, or working out, so he did not get to much of a chance to sleep in for a while.
Zack and Serene just walked back to the apartment building. “Do you want to go with me to pick up some school supplies tomorrow or something? We really need to get some new stuff for you two. You could get in major trouble if you come unprepared.” She shrugged. “Get what you need, but only pick up the necessities for Crea and I.” She suddenly stopped, only a few feet from the front entrance to the building. Zack turned around, noticing she stopped. “Serene? What's wrong?” “Do you not hear that?” “My hearing isn't like yours. What is it?” “Crea.” She dashed inside, flying past him. Thankfully, all of the people inside did not notice her almost unnatural speed. She must have been trying to still seem human, but she was in a major rush. Zack finally made it to his room and ran in through the door to find his home almost completely trashed. Serene was standing in the middle of the room with Crea in her left arm, and she was facing something. He got in and closed the door. Upon moving to the side, he saw she was facing some sort of demon. Its hands were similar to the one Serene had shown him a while ago. There were three others of its kind, but were laying dead on the floor around Serene. The demons themselves looked like something out of a nightmare. About Zack’s size, but the black scaly skin, the huge claws and fang filled snouts, the two horns on its head and a thin, jagged tail. The last one seemed to be hesitating, and Serene took a step forward. “I know you can understand me. Who is controlling you?” The demon saw Zack, but it suddenly jumped backwards towards the large window. he expected the window to shatter, but the demon simply phased through it as if the window wasn't there. Once it was out of the window, its body disappeared. Serene looked down at the other demon bodies, and they suddenly started to form into shadows, soon going into Serene like they were a summon.
Zack took a few steps forward and Saw Crea was in Serene's arms. The young girl was completely still. “Did they kill her? Crea!” Serene walked over to the now torn couch and set her down. “She is alive, but barely. She will be okay. Think of this as the same thing from last time.” “So she will be okay by tomorrow?” “I would say two days. She has taken more damage than that battle.” He sighed in relief. “Are those the demon things you told me about?” Serene nodded. “Yes. It seems like they were trying to eliminate your summons before coming after you.” “Do you think its because you were with me?” “That would make the most sense. They must have assumed she would be weaker on her own, but she held them off long enough to survive.” “Well, she is stronger than she looks.” Serene nodded. “Clean up what you can and make it look like thieves came in. We cannot stay here now.” “Uh... Alright. How would I do that?” She sighed. “Fine. Just make sure her breathing doesn't get worse. I will do it.” Zack sat down next to Crea and Serene got to work. She rearranged items to make it look like someone was trying to find something valuable, and anything torn, she cut it herself to not look like claw marks any more. “So Serene. How did that thing even get here? Why did the window not break?” “They have the ability do go through solid objects. But remember how only a chosen can see them?” “Oh yeah. Well, Ill give Al a call.”
When the three got to the mansion, Al and Claudia were at the entrance to meet them. Zack was carrying Crea who was still unconscious. “Zack! Are you okay?” Claudia ran down the stairs. Once she reached him, she looked down at Crea. “What happened to her? Is she okay?” Zack nodded. “Were fine. Crea was at the house when the robbers came, but it seemed he just knocked her out. She’ll be fine, but I would like to let her rest in a bed or something.” She nodded. “Sure. Ill show you a guest room she can use. Then Ill show you one for yourself and one for Serene.” Zack nodded again. “Thanks. I really appreciate this.” They went inside, and Serene and Al were left outside. “Serene. Did you see who did this? I will do everything I can to find whoever did this to you!” She shook her head. “No. I did not.” He sighed. “Well, Im sure you'll get any information the police can find. Ill tell them I personally want them to work on this, so I know that they will put more effort into it. Maybe actually put any effort into it.” Zack came out the door. “I thought you hated the government and anything to do with it?” Al turned around. “I do, but I cant go and investigate this myself. Where is Claudia and Crea?” “Oh. Claudia took her to the guest room. I thought I’d come and see what you two were talking about.” Serene went inside and Al spoke. “Well, your welcome to stay as long as you need. Even longer if you want to. Ill even get you replacements for any stolen or broken stuff.” “Oy... Its alright. You really don't have to buy us any more stuff. Letting us stay is more than enough.”
Sunday finally came around, and Crea was up walking on her own. There was a slight limp, but everything else seemed okay. That night, she asked to speak to Zack and Serene alone in her new room. Once the door was closed, Crea suddenly burst into tears and threw her arms around Zack’s waist. She tried to cover her crying noises so Al and Claudia wouldn't hear, and she whispered as well. as best she could anyway. “Zack, Im so sorry. I was to weak and I couldn't stop them. They destroyed all your stuff while trying to get me and now you don't have a home!” Zack looked down at her and put his arms around her. “Crea, don't worry about it. Im just glad your okay.” “But I couldn't stop them! Those demons are supposed to be the weakest thing we ever have to handle, and I couldn't even do that!” “Crea, its fine. Maybe you couldn't beat them. So what? You were strong enough to survive, right?” She sniffled lightly. “Well, yeah, but...” “Then your not weak Crea. You held them off as long as you could. There was no way I could do that. You way stronger than me, and that's not weak in my book. Heck. Your stronger than Al! And he is twice what I am. Crea. Don't ever think your weak. Even if you are, you only get stronger by realizing that, right?” Crea finally stopped crying. “I guess so.” He hugged her again and Serene spoke. “You managed to take out two of them yourself. I noticed that they were much stronger and more coordinated than before. You have improved greatly Crea.” Zack and Crea looked up at Serene. “I certainly never expected something like that to come from you Serene.” Zack said. Serene scoffed but Crea spoke up. “Zack. Just accept it. That's the closest thing to a complement she will ever give anyone.”
As the trio came out, Al was approaching the door with a large box. “Oh, hey! I was going to put this in front of the door, but now that your here Ill just give them to you. I figured you would have gotten these eventually, but I had gotten a bunch of them already. And considering the circumstances...” Putting the box down in front of them, Zack looked inside. There were three backpacks. The main zipper was open, showing various folders with paper, some pencils and pens, and a few other random school supplies. One of the bags was black, while the smallest was blue, and the last was a dark green. “I didnt know your favorite colors, so I just picked out some that looked like they would fit you. Claudia picked out the other supplies though.” Zack picked up the green bag since he figured it was for him. “Thanks a lot! You really didnt have to do this though.” Crea pulled out the smaller blue bag and started going through it with a smile on her face. Al laughed a bit. “Ah, no problem. you would have done the same for me.” He paused. “Right?” Zack looked up. “Of course we would have! We cant thank you enough.” Al nodded and walked away. “No problem.” Zack picked up the black bag and handed it to Serene. She took it with her left hand, but only put it down next to her foot. “You really need to at least appear more gratfeul Serene. You might get us thrown out if you dont say thank you every once in a while.” She shrugged and Crea looked up. “I dont think that would bother her much actually.” “Oh. Well. Its getting late. We should get rested up and set for tomorrow.” Serene picked up her bag and went into the room Claudia had shown her, then closed the door. “Ill tell Al and Claudia you said good night Crea. Go ahead and lie down. You need it the most.” She nodded and went to her room. “Okay. Good night. And thanks again.” Zack nodded and picked up his bag and the box before walking down to where he saw Al walk to. He heard Crea open her door. “Can I have the box?” Zack turned around. “I guess so. Here.” He tossed it to her and she went back into her room after catching it.
After putting his bag in his room, Zack saw Al just going into the dining room. Following him in, Zack waved to the siblings. “Hey. I thought I would go and get some rest. Thanks again.” “Hey Zack?” Claudia sat down in her usual chair as Al sat next to her. “Yeah?” “Come sit with us for a minute.” He sat down next to Claudia so she was in the middle. She spoke first. “I have been talking to Al about Serene and Crea a bit, and even I am starting to beleive that those two are some sort of super human. I mean, he does have a point about their strength and speed. Thats not something you find in someone their size.” Al crossed his arms and put his elbows on the table, leaning forward a bit. “See? I got her to start beleiving. That must mean something is true about them being wierd.” Zack scratched his head nervously. “Sorry, but I really cant give you any more details than I already have. Its really, really, really complicated.” “I understand a lot of complicated things.” He looked at Claudia as she spoke. “Please you two. I just dont think I should say anything. They are even keeping some secrets from me.” Of course, he did not know that exactly, but he figured there were at least a few things. It was just something to try and get the siblings to leave the matter alone. Al sighed. “I cant figure out a lot of things, but I guess thats to be expected. Especially since Serene barely says anything about anything.” Zack nodded. “Yeah, shes like that. Im really sorry about her though. Im sure she appreciates it, shes just not good at showing it.” “Yeah, we figured that.” Claudia leaned her head on Zacks shoulder. “She kind of creeps me out though. Especially all of those scars. She always looks so cold and emotionless. Are you sure you dont know what made her that way? Not even a guess?” Zack shrugged with his free shoulder. “Im guessing its because of whatever made those scars. Im sure it wouldnt have only scarred her on the outside if it caused that much damage.” Al leaned back. “Well, I guess the government would do something like that so she would be an emotionless tool for whatever they were going to use her for. Maybe a weapon? I know guns are another thing, but maybe she was going to be like an assassin and infiltrate to kill their enemies. Maybe thats why she likes black to. It could be like an implanted gene to make her like the color.” Claudia glanced at her brother. “Your really bent on accusing them for everything, arent you? Maybe she just likes that color?” Al shrugged. “Yeah, that could be it to. Maybe thats why they chose her to be the experiment! That would fit. Then it would save them the trouble of having someone forced to like the color black.” “Okay Al, we get it.” “Aw, but I have so many more theories.”
Zack yawned. “Well, Im getting pretty tired, so I think Ill go lie down. See you guys in the morning.” He stood up, but Claudia suddenly grabbed his shirt. “Zack. Want to share a bed tonight?” Both Zack and Al stared at her with wide eyes and spoke in unison. “What?” Claudia almost jumped at their sudden reaction. “Well, Im just really nervous about tomorrow and I thought if I was to spend more time with him, or at least have someone with me, it would help.” Zack looked over at all and her brother shrugged. “I guess if you really want him to.” He stoo up and placed a hand on Zack’s shoulder. “Of course, any funny stuff and you’ll have to answer to me.” Zack’s face went completely pale as he nodded quickly. “Yes sir.”
As Zack and Claudia entered her room, she sat down on her bed. “Well, Im not used to sharing a bed with others, but I can overlook that tonight.” His heart was beating through his chest and his throat felt like it was collapsing. “Uh, well, thats okay.” He could also barely speak at all. Claudia patted the spot next to her. “Well, make yourself comfortable. I need to go change.” His knees shook a bit as he walked to her bed and sat down. She went into her bathroom, only to come out a few minutes later in what looked like some sort of night dress. It started on her shoulders, but came all the way down to just above her knees. She sat down on the other side of the bed and got under the blankets. “Well? You going to lay down to?” “Hold on a sec.” He put his hands on his temples and closed his eyes tightly, screaming in his head. After a few moments, he put his arms down, took off his shoes and layed flat on the bed next to her. “Arent you going to get under the covers to? Wont you get cold right there at night?” She turne the light off, but the moonlight was enough to light up the room just enough to see. Getting under the blankets as well, he tried to keep his eyes on the ceiling. “Well, good night Zack. Thanks for agreeing to this.” He nodded his head really quickly again, shaking the bed a bit. Claudia smiled at him and shifted around to a comfortable position, her foot tapping his leg once, which caused him to jump. She was now on her left side, facing him.“Why are you so nervous? Im not going to try anything. And dont worry about my brother. he was just trying to intimidate you.” “Yeah. And he did a heck of a job too.” Claudia giggled lightly. “Well dont worry. I was just going to go to sleep. You should to. Youll need it for tomorrow.” Closing her eyes, she put an arm over him and went to sleep in only a matter of moments. Zack could feel the warmth coming from her arm over his chest. It took him two hours to finally calm down enough to sleep.

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