New Year Project

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Have you every dreamed about a world with robots, flying cars and spaceships? Or about traveling to another planet? I'm sure a lot of poeple did. So what makes John Newmann so special? That he made it all real! Read about this wonderful world and experience a trip to 9 amasing planets... So if your mind is ready to explore, start reading and let the journly begin!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - New Year Project

Submitted: November 14, 2012

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Submitted: November 14, 2012





Once upon a time, in an other dimension, there was a boy named John. He was tall, had shoulder-length fair hair and deep black eyes. He was a clever boy with a whole lot of creativity. He always drew, imagined things that other people never even dreamed about. But it wasn’t enough for him. He started inventing things, new things that nobody have seen before. He built them, made them work and started a new age with them. An age with space ships, time machines, robots and aliens…

Chapter 1:
Year 3022
Phoenix galaxy
Planet Dechra
-John? Are you there? We gonna be late!
-A minute Emmy, I have to finish this before I forget. But it won’t take too long.
-You always say that… But all right, I’ll tell ß41 to get the car. Meet you outside.
Just one line… One last, perfect line and… Ready! Now, where is my coat? It was on the chair… Or did I leave it in the kitchen?
-Suzy! Get me my coat, please!
-Yes.Master. A.Minute.Master.
Oh, I love Suzy. She was my first creation. She’s a little robot, not taller than a 6-year-old. But she’s very useful. Once she…
-Here.Master. You.Gonna.Be.Late.Master.
-Yes, yes, you’re right, I'm going. Joseph will be here in 2 hours. Don’t let him into my lab!
-Yes.Master. Have.Fun.Master.
A quick look at my watch: we’ve got only 10 mins to get there. I ran out the house and got into the car with my beautiful wife, Emmy and ß41, the driver. Nowadays everybody have a driver robot, but ß41 was one of the prototypes. When we made the new serial I updated him, so he knows everything that an ?-type knows, but we didn’t change his name. He likes “ß41”. But back to the present. I told ß41 to go to Jaimes’s and to hurry up, so now we’re flying above Goldtown on the motorway. I got 14 years to get used to the flying but it still amuses me.
Goldtown is beautiful from here. Well, it’s beautiful when the air is clear. Otherwise you can only see clouds or smog. But now, at night, the hole city is buzzing, some people are packing out the fireworks, others are partying and waiting for the New Year. New year, new worlds, new experiences.
We’re heading to the New Year Project which is a spaceship for billionaires ant the lucky ones who wanna see different planets. Professionals have been building it for years and finally it’s ready to fly. It’ll take off at midnight of a half-year-long trip across the Phoenix galaxy via 9 planets. It’ll have 100 passengers plus 200 robots and hosts. The New Year Project is basically a small flying planet with cities, forests, mountains and lakes and everything to make the passengers as comfortable as possible. My masterpiece. It took me 3 years to plan and 10 years to build.
And here we go now, I can see Jaime’s villa. We’re meeting there with a couple of friends, than we teleport straight to the ship.
Just in time, I see everybody’s already here and waiting for us.
-Emmy, my dear, at last! Hurry up, we have only 2 minutes. And John! You finally left your laboratory!
-Hello Jaime! You know, for the N. Y. P. I had to. But I have my plans and researches with me.
-As always. Now come on, greet the others than we all will go to the next room for the teleportation.
I look around the room. No new face, just the same old friends. Most of them are Emmy’s friends, I have only 3 friends here. Scientists who helped me with the planning. The rest of us – 5 more people – are already on board, checking everything one more time. It’s time, we’re heading to the next room.
The teleportation room is just a simple room with light-blue walls, filled with chairs. It has no windows, the only thing on the walls is a black monitor in front of the chairs. After everybody took their seats, it started counting back.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…
It happens under a blink of the eye. You close your eyes in the blue room and when you open them, you see this huge room with glass walls and lots of people behind them. You fell nothing. Absolutely nothing. No flash or loud noise like it is in those films, you just disappear and appear in an other place. We have only these room-sized teleports but, if everything goes well, the personalised version will be ready in 2 or 3 months.
-Welcome our special guests on the New Year Project! Please leave the room through the door on the right. Your hosts will lead you to you suits.
Special guests, yeah, that’s us, these 12 people from the 100. Only we have whole suits for ourselves and personal hosts. And we are the only ones who arrived by teleport. Everyone else came with N. Y. P. flying buses. I tell you, it’s not the best form of transport, it’s just like the normal bus: lots of people, little space.
Everyone’s looking at us though the glass walls. They all want to see the science team who made this wonder. They all know my name but don’t know me. Don’t wanna know me. But it’s good like that. People need this imagination of a genius who can change the world with one word. Those ones who are important to me are know my true self. And that’s all that counts.
Finally we are out of The Room. Our host is telling us how to find our rooms. Emmy’s smiling at her politely and saying thanks for the information but neither of us is paying attention. We know where it is. We know where everything is. I made this ship! But she’s just doing her job; it’s not her fault the she has to tell us useless information.
She’s coming with us with the lift. These are one of my favourite things on the ship. This lift is not like the other lifts, it can not only go up and down but left and right too! And it’s super fast. It can go across the whole ship in a second.
Our suit is on the top of the tallest building on the N. Y. P. and of course, as every suit, it has maximum security. When you step out of the lift, you find yourself in an empty, white room. But it just looks empty, there’s a scanner built-in, which scans everyone who steps in there and stores the information in the main computer.
You have to walk across this room, there’s no other entrance to the suit. And what a beautiful suit is this! 3 rooms, each one with its own wardrobe, a huge living room, a kitchen with a dinning room and a beautiful bathroom. I’m sure Emmy will love it.
-John, it’s amazing! Did you plan all this? Did you know what’s inside here? You’re fantastic!
So she does love it. I love make her happy. She’s so sweet when she’s surprised.
-Yes, I did know what’s inside here, but it’s Mark’s work.
-You know and didn’t tell me? Oh, I have to thank it to Mark too, it’s a perfect surprise. But we don’t have time to look around now! We have only half hour ‘till midnight! Let me change and than we can go to the Hall. I don’t wanna be late from this New Year. It’s gonna be fantastic.
-I hope so…
The big moment is here… The team wanted me to make a speech but thank God I didn’t have to.
-20, 19, 18…
So it started. I ant to make a resolution. But what should it be?
-17, 16, 15…
I’ll make the world better? No, I can’t do that, I’m not enough for that…
-14, 13, 12…
Something about science? No, I’m doing more than enough in that.
-11, 10, 9…
Dreams? I have bigger and bigger dreams; I really shouldn’t promise anything about them.
-5, 4, 3…
New worlds? I’m gonna see new worlds, strange creatures, aliens, new civilizations… That’s it! I’m gonna help! Help everywhere I can. And I won’t ask anything in return.
-2, 1, 0!
I swear.
And we’re flying! Nobody noticed, perfect. Through the glass dome of the Grand Hall we can see the N. Y. P.’s fireworks and on the big television we can see Dechra’s fireworks. I have only one word for this: beautiful. The music’s turned on, everybody’s chatting, saying ‘cheers’ to each other. And we’re flying. Flying to the unknown space…


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