The Fall of the last Riddle

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This story continues form where The untold story of the Riddles ended, so please read that first, to understand :)
Mostly written by my friend, FrostyNote, but i helped a little bit :) I have his permission to upload the story.
This is not as dark as the first one was, but do expect drama ;)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fall of the last Riddle

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



The Third Wizarding War ended. Harry Potter, Voldemort and his older sister, Voldemorta died. The younger sister, Voldemortette survived and the Dark Side took over the world. When the battle started Albus Perselus potter was at Voldemort's side, but in the chaos he managed to escape.

He survived. He couldn't apparate since he was a kid. So all he could was - survive. He traveled for months until he got back home, collapsing as using his last strength to press the doorbell. Ginny opened the door and collapsed on her knees, seeing unconscious Albus.

Ginny thought Albus died. Then when she saw him again, she thought he will die, since he was very weak... But she knew he's like his dad, who's a survivor...

Who... was a survivor... She still couldn't accept that he's gone, that they lost the war... The new rules, the interrogations... She was afraid that even if Albus survives, the deatheaters would take him away from her. She shouldn't tell anybody about him... everyone thought he was dead, and for his good, it should stay like this. But she needs a healer...

She couldn't go to St. Mungo's, as it is being controlled by Deatheaters. Only chance she had was looking for a healer in muggle world, one who is unfamiliar to wizarding world but yet knows the herb magic.


But that was also risky... The deatheaters could attack the muggle world anytime. This is what they planned, she know that much, attack and force them into slavery... She had to be quick and careful.

She contacted Hermione, using muggle means as Hermione taught her. "Hermione, I have a favor to ask." Ginny broke through sobs. Hermione listened to her story, not believing. Man, who once was a boy who lived was dead. Ginny needed a healer but wouldn't say why. Hermione trusted Ginny and knew if she was not saying something, then it was the sake for all of their safety.

Hermione promised she would do everything she could to find a healer, so she set out to Muggle world. World she once called her home, before marrying Ronald Weasley and having kids. She still remembered everything of the old place she lived but it was not time to sink in memories. It was not time for social visit to her parents, no matter how much she wanted. She knew it was not safe and Death Eaters could attack any moment. She knew what she was looking for - an old lady she once met on one summer off Hogwarts.

The house she found was desolated, dusty and looked ready to collapse.

She found her way to basement, as once taught if she didn't want to end up buried under rubble. She could disapparate anytime she wanted but that would mean giving up her location to Death Eaters, which were tracking any magic use in muggle world, no matter were they using themselves or good wizards and witches. She knocked three times to basement door.

"Who is it?" A firm male voice asked. Hermione flinched for a second but kept in mind why she was here. She was here for Ginny - Ron's family and her best friend, right after Harry who was not alive anymore.
"I am here to see the healer." Hermione said.
"Who are you?" Male voice asked again, more demanding. Hermione raised her wand, ready to blast the doors open in protection but a faint voice behind the doors stopped her.
"Michael, let her in. I know her." voice full of age and wisdom calmed the man. There was silence for some seconds and then something clicked, and the doors opened. She was greeted by serious looking man, looking at the same age as she.

"Come in, dear" the old voice invited her deeper. Hermione took some steps deeper in basement.

"You have to forgive my grandson. You can't be too careful these days" old woman continued. Hermione smiled weakly but didn't say anything. She gave a quick look around the basement. It was covered with wires and herbs hanging from them, drying. Incenses were giving up smokes all over the place filling the basement with fog-like air but pleasantly soothing nose, filling it with soft, rich smells of herbal elixirs, teas, potions

"I am here-" Hermione began but the woman raised her aged hand.

"I know why are you here dear. Remember when we met? I told you would come to me when time was right. And here you are." Woman smiled. Hermione tried to force another smile back but she knew every second was grave to her if she wanted to complete her mission. The old woman tried get up to her legs. Grandson seeing his grandmother wanted to get up rushed to her side at once and helped her to her feet. The old woman leaned on her grandson and spoke: "I have what you need, even though you don't know what you need. It's confusing but in time you will understand." the old woman said and handed her the small bottle filled with potion. Hermione took the bottle and rushed out of basement and the desolated house. In nervousness and hurry she forgot not to disapparate. When she did, she fund herself surrounded by 4 Death Eaters.
"Well, well, well, if it isn't the infamous Mudblood Granger." One masked figure said with mock in his voice. 3 others gave a fake laughter. Hermione raised her wand...


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