It's His and Her story.

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Princess in Action

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013




Princess in Action

“I’m so sorry but I don’t have money!” A high – pitch tone soar up above her explanation. The man collide his eyebrows and waits for her to show some banknotes away from her pocket. “I need my money. You jumped in and now I want ‘em!” He piqued and beat up the irenic face of Pauleen. Plumps his head on the dashboard; knocks gracefully with his raising heartbeat. “Where.. Is.. My.. Money!” He snapped continuously. As the tick tucks, the lump of his face swells and the questions repeatedly asked annoys her from the inside out. “Would you stop that? You won’t get any money from me!” tattled like a hostage. He gets closer with perversity in his mind and, “Let’s get some magic if you won’t pay.” She revolts and spits him with his ugly façade. “My saliva fits in your face, go get your magic with it, not me.” She laughs, but soon grasps her with knife next to her neck. He gambles his maniac attribute, and slowly sludge his hands from her legs to her hips. She stroked but snubs her with this. He continued his act, and softly buss her on his lips. She bits this that squealed him off to death. She reached on to the knob and victoriously dashed away. She twitched – bamming on the streets, continued yelling and sprinting for her life. She witness the empty space, and bounds with someone / again. She holds her own head, and shockingly finds herself in the hands of the bizarre (kind of man), with a multi - million dollar smile – Mr. Reid Dennings. “Are you clumsy, or are you just in a hurry to see me?” He flirted “Someone’s after me, because I didn’t pay him!” He got disturbed “Why didn’t you call me? I told you, call me if you need anything!” “Because my phone’s back at home. I just got back from the hospital, we bustled mom over there.” She shyly answered, but still quivering about the catastrophic case. The man entered into the picture, “grawling” over his voice. “Here’s your money” Reid tossed (two hundred pieces of dimes on the moist floor) and.. “Let’s go! Run! Faster! Faster!” While darting away over the bright side, he (the man) was left behind, hoarding over the coins that Reid casted. “Get in the van, now!” They lobbed inside, hurting themselves. Pauleen remembered: “I throw up on things like this!” She breathlessly push, didn’t indicate nothing else, just concentrating on her hold. She soon turned, “Are you okay? Pauleen?” She raise her thumb, her eyes leered out, freaking him out. She loses all, and breathes back in, her world revolves and her eyes crossed. “So, Pauleen, I really like you ever since freshmen year, and I was thinking..” He talks without anyone paying heed on his side. “Are you listening?” He repose to embezzle a small kiss when..


“Good morning sunshine! Ooh! I bet sunshine’s sleeping yet! She “euphorically” hollered. She snugs back. She looked around, feels weird around the district. Organized puddles of books, “chandelier” lighting the whole place, and a vintage – themed look of the room fascinated her the most. She turned right and glimpse to touch a young lad’s warm body. Coughing and sneezing coming out over velvet covered ties. She pulled and astonished to see the weak Reid. He pouted his lips and she fondled under his jaws. The tingling and the boiling perception managed over her sleepy – eyes. “Why are you so hot? I mean hot, I mean really really hot! What is that?” “You didn’t know what happened to me? Okay.” He started “The temperature’s about ten degree Celsius while you’re still around the misty alley, barefooted with a blanket of snow under your nose (that soon got red). You screeched and I followed your voice.” He coughed “Surprisingly, in a minute, you grip a scrap of me, a man chase you and you helplessly stared back at him. We drove back to the van and said some truths I felt of you and then..” “Then what?” Lost a breath and.. “I was about to do something on you when you open extensively your mouth and puke yourself way back from the bottom!” He strained. “Hah!” I could just imagine: his fair skin, his blonde hair, his hazel eyes, his red lips, his fragile cheeks, all covered with taupe! – Milk and cookie dough over his handsome quirk. “Look, I’m so sorry, I really do. How can I make up to you on such a distasteful manner? I’m so sorry!” Her eyes wet, and her nose soggy. She wanders and judge on ideas. Reid skipped and snoozes while she whorl around the corner. “Hmmmm..” The door opens and a maid (about my age) paced inside, looking – ready for her master. “What happened?” The nameless lady asked “He’s half past dead.” She cried “Don’t say such things!” The girl then reached into his hands, giving him care and aid. A brow fleeing (and the other, not), smelling a rare odor on them. “What’s going on with him and her?” She thinks. She leaves meandering with her pj’s and thrust to the door of the kitchen. A clump of women were all inside; all whispering on to each other’s ear. She treads and all rested, crouch their head as she walks. A woman scrunching next to the sink was her next destination. Immobilizing and said “Where’s Reid’s menu? I know he has a menu, so..?” “It’s nice to see you ma’am. Reid has talked much of you. Oh my god! My little Reid’s soon – to – be – wife is in front of me!” Excitingly, she waves her hand. “What? Soon – to – be – wife? No, were just close friends. I was wondering if Reid’s breakfast is ready, I would love to serve it while he’s asleep with an abyssal glare.” She handed to me a plateful of bacon, an egg (sunny – side up J), chicken soup and don’t know the others / etc. She drifts back to the room, hearing mixed reviews, one said “She’s ugly” and the other, “She’s perfect, perfect as the rainbow above (???)” Placing laughter at the end. As she walks, she remembers hell from school – Project in Science that’s left back at home that is a requirement for tomorrow’s fieldtrip. She yelps, but simply overlooks on what she deem. She bares the open door and – “Aaaah!” She screamed. (End of chapter 2).

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