It's His and Her story.

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Cheesiest Scene Ever!

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013




Cheesiest Scene Ever!

She smashed the door and yet she feels the same; with her tears shushing beside her cheeks. She scats tramping her messed bed. She ranged her pocket note, with her matched dark pen; and her name beside it. “Dear diary, I had a lot of things to creep, and let me first tell you about Reid… (She continued writing) Then I told Keke about it, and he feels so happy about it (I think), and he wants me to make a stride backwards, I mean, is there something I should know?” Her question remained unanswered. She still guesses, and her phone rings. She dare to skip the call; and ended on voice call. “This is the awesome PAU (her doppelganger), leave a message after this toot, wait for, wait for it… TOOT! – Hey this is Reid, I can’t stand thinking what could’ve happened to you after, look, we need to talk about this. I hope. Huh!” He breathes. “I hope it’d be soon, I hope you’ll forget about this. And even if you..” She grok tightly, and.. “Stop apologizing. I forgive you. It’s nice talking with you, but I hope this would be the last.” She held her last pant, and gasps; grasping her pillow at her edge. She threw (all things around her), and the radiance of darkness haloed. She moaned and she shrieked her neck, pounding her head on the ground. “Why did I get so affected with this? I felt this way before, and came through right. But know, why is it I’m stuck assessing myself with this re – entered process of problem” She inquired herself, as she puts herself back to sleep (even though she hadn’t had her dinner yet). Her stomach roars, but suffers the pain with it. Her throat’s in sore, but still, she bears the sting. She loosely closes her eyes, and instead running away her problem. “I hope I was Cinderella, wherein her prince was the one who’s after her. Yeah, my prince is here, but I think I’m the one who’s running alone along the story. Somehow I don’t feel any feelings for him, right now.” She reflected, and she mops her tears unto the sides, and erectly straightens her back while glancing on the rooftops; where her stickers of “light – in – the – dark” stars cover up the dusk. She got her eyes shut, again, and sings a lullaby with it. “When you wish, upon a star. Make no difference..” Suddenly, her phone beeps one more, and hides it somewhere; where she couldn’t stand and bear to hear the tone. She hid it under her pillow, but there was nothing to terminate the sound. Again, it was put to voice mail and, “Hey! Please we need to talk! I really need it right now. I’m restless! Just please! I’m outside your house. I know you’re in there!” He presumed correctly. Pauleen coat’s up her ears, when the door was bumped by a heavy hand. “Someone’s at the front gate! His with two bouncer! He’s up to see you PAU! Hurry or he’ll pull the trigger!” Keke shouts feebly, and she grabs her coat out of the outside door! “Paul, please! Just a minute or two. Please outside.” She nods her head out of the place. Keke still quivers, but he stands still as the two guards points their gun up in front of him. “What do you need?” “Would you give up so easily?” He got on track with a question, “I’m giving you one last chance Pauleen, if you sincerely wanted me out of your life, then fine it’s great. But I hope you would not wish to go back in this moment, and have all things changed as to what the reverse product of what you planned. I’ll wait for your answer tomorrow” He ended. “Pete and Pit! Leave him alone!” The two big guys puts they’re rifles on their pockets, and bleakly drags they’re way out. He (Keke), went to hold her cold hands. He pats her shoulders, and she, staring on them leaving without any notice of anger or anything. “That’s it. I’ll never gonna see or talk to him, ever. It’ll be my sign for him to abandon me. It’s been the second time, and I will never let the third time come around.” She quietly thought, with her vengeful eyes. “Come on let’s go.” They turned around, and a furious car was about to hit the two. They shouted. The friction of the wheels heated, and the smolder quickly rambled out. Reid got back out of the scene, and still looks irritated. “Come with me.” Keke scoped to touch Pauleen’s hand when, “No! Leave us alone! We’ll be talking privately, were not finished talking yet.” He (Reid), take her to his car, while Keke, still in that moment, where sets up facing the moon of the west, felt motionless for seeing another firearm at front. The car quickly moves fast. She vaguely shapes with nothing but fear. “PLEASE! FORGIVE ME!” “PLEASE STOP THIS THING!” She replied. “JUST GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE, AND I’LL PROVE TO YOU THAT WHAT I DID WAS WRONG AND TO HELP YOU SEE THAT I’M TRULY SORRY!” He asked “OKAY! I FORGIVE YOU! JUST STOP THIS THING!” Then the breaks rapidly ended. He opens the door, still fuzzy about his features. He opened Pauleen’s (door), and in haste, he hauls her hands to his and quickly tapped her lips and started.. (End of Chapter 3)

COMMENT FROM THE AUTHOR: “Hi! Making this part had been very long. I had to take a rest (about a week), because of some important matters [Visayan: Tungod sa among test nga bigaon!]. Well, the title of this chapter and the chapter story is really in common: It’s really cheesy! Sorry if this chapter had been one. I’ve been in a rush making this chapter (I made this just a day and a half), so please, comment or mail me if you think it’s too overwhelming, or I don’t know. Well! Thank you! J.”

[Sorry, but I will no longer continue the story :( This would be the last chapter]

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