A World at It's End

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Indescribably Hot Jackass

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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That night, I gently brushed my hair, neatly putting tucking it behind my ear. I placed my brush down and settled on my bed, what had happened earlier played vigorously, scaring me. I stared at my self in the mirror, the terror in my eyes just alarmed me.

My eyes, a pale emerald, were filled with terror, blocking my keenness. My high cheekbones,(usually making me look mature) cascading shadows along my jaw, were puckered. The soft pink lips of mine were barely open, and showing my uneasiness. 

I backed up and carelessly flew onto my bed, back first. I stared at my ceiling, almost crying of pain and happiness. 


The rain struck my windows, my eyes fly open. I blearily take in my tacky room. I shift my attention to my window, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I stumbled to see what was all the noise.

Outside, rain was flooding the whole town. Streets became somewhat 


rivers, a heart-breaking sight. One-floor houses are drowned in the water and people were trying to escape with their cars. I try to locate Quincy’s house, I find it and realize, the first floor is ruined and the second floor was dry. Quincy’s room was on the second floor, like mine.

I rushed to the phone and quickly dialed her number. As the phone rang, I prayed for her to pick up. Please, please, please, I thought pick up. 

“Hello?” Quincy’s voice was slow and dragged out. 

 I had to wait to catch my breath,” Look outside your window.”

“Jolly, I hope it’s a flash mob.” Quincy joked because she was unaware of what was occurring just outside.

“Not the time to be a smartass,” I stated, with a touch of annoyance . There was no response. Quincy dropped the phone, I knew because the carpet of her bedroom muffled her screaming. 

It hit me, what about my parents? I mean, who was to say my parents weren’t screaming. I bolted to the steps to see a stream forming in the door crack and  the rest of the water was banging on our front door. 

I shoved my parents’ door open and found them sleeping peacefully. I pounced on their bed and pushed them. Mom fluttered her eyes and Dad gave me a WTH look. I gripped their wrists and dragged them up into my room.

On the way up, Mom caught a glance of the stream coming from the door.” What’s happening?”  I turned to Mom, but something intervened.

The water succeeded at busting the door and a huge wave gobbled our kitchen. I rushed my parents up the stairs, but because of their aging and drowsiness, they weren’t fast enough. The wave devoured my parents, disappearing them.

 The wave grew strong and pushed farther up the stairs. “Mom, Dad!” I cried in fear, tears fell from my eyes faster that I knew it. 

Cold air was breezing through the door and flowing into the house, 


making me cold just for a nightgown. 

I sprinted to my room and locked the door. I sighed heavily, and began to pack a bag. I forced necessities into my luggage, put on a raincoat, left my luggage in the room, and ran to get food ,plus, look for my parents. 

I waded in the water, that progressively grew higher and higher. And occasionally a wave would crash over me. When I finally reached the kitchen, the water was up to my neck and it was hard to see.

 Since our cabinets are regularly locked, I just punched through the weak wood. The sycamore wood split, revealing several canned goods. I hastily grabbed four and tucked them in my under arm. Next, I grabbed: bottled alkaline water, several mini chicken platters, refrigerated vegetables, bowls, cereal boxes, milk, baloney, and cheese.

I grasped the food and hurried up the stairs, the waves crashing along my ankles. I slammed the door open, and set all of the food on my bed. The foods fumbled everywhere. I started to cram everything I needed.

I slipped off my clothes and put on my bathing suit, before leaving I also strapped on my luggage . I pushed my door open and dove in the water. I saw no sign of my parents, although I heard several screams.


All of a sudden, something caught my collar and pulled me above water. I turned to see my captor. His eyes were an interesting grey, he had a tight jawline, as if he was mad, his lips were relaxed in a casual smirk. 

I coughed, a small amount of my lungs took in water.” Let me go.” I barely spoke, my lungs just yearned to take in air, not talk. He threw me over his shoulder, and led me upstairs.

“How about being in the dry part of the house, hmm?” He joked.

I clenched my jaw,” Hey jackass, don’t you think I thought of that?” He came into my room and set me down on my bed. “What brings you here?”

He settled himself,” I knew this was going to happen two years ago, it’s TEOTW.” I looked at him skeptically, my eyes leaking with doubt and confusion.

“Isn’t that like ‘The End of the World’ of something?” I asked, checking my luggage. 

“ Correct.” I went to my mirror above my drawer and dried my hair. ”C’mon let’s go.” I ignored him. He grabbed my luggage and grabbed my hand, rushing me.

Outside the waves were crashing harder, but he struggled through the water. As we neared the door, the water became higher. Soon we were swimming through the door opening. 

Fortunately, outside , the waves died down and we were in a small puddle of water. I coughed violently, my lungs were grasping for air. He picks me up and carries me away, bridal style. I actually appreciated him carrying me, sort of.

He led me to a small woody area, several people had also set up tents, his tent was resting calmly on an evergreen tree. He pulled back the flap and set me on a sleeping bag. I stared around, the warm fire was lighting the whole tent, reminding me of how every year me and my parents would go camping.

He placed my duffle bag next to me and quietly observed me, as if I were some Science project. 

After a comfortable moment,  and I could breath properly, I sat up. “I’m Halle.” He sat back, his eyes still studying every inch of me. 

“Jean.” Of course the guy with the name ‘Jean’ is totally hot, I thought. ”Halle is a beautiful name.” I thanked him.

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