A World at It's End

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Pierre

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013




“Halle?” Jean whispered. ”Halle wake up!” I wake. Jean picks me up and slips on my luggage. He leads me to the car. I turn around to see a massive tsunami engulfing the towns.

Outside, the wind is cutting through everything. I stared out the window blearily.” Please don’t do this again.” I stuttered.

Jean didn’t look at me.” Look, to survive-“ 

“Jean, shut up! I haven’t eaten in several hours, and I’ve gotten six hours of sleep total! So shut the fuck up!” I swore. I was clearly upset. I had never spoke so boldly nor loudly. 

“Halle, I was going-“ Jean started, disappointed at himself.

“No, stop Jean.” I intervened, covering my face with my hands. We braked at another camp sight. Jean carried me and my luggage into the tent. He placed me down.

Jean began to push food down my throat. After he stretched me out and we took a walk outside. Then he pushed me into a shower, found me some new clothes.

I slipped on the clothes and trudged into our tent. Inside I sipped on water. A moment passed before me and Jean communicated, but until then, Jean rarely made eye contact with me, which slightly scared me. 

Jean turned to me and locked eyes. ”Halle?” I settled my bottle, and raised an eyebrow at him.

“What?” I sighed. Jean gulped and gazed through the roughly open flap. 

“I don’t say sorry just to anybody okay?” Jean stated, I already knew what trail he was going down. But, as he was about to say a word, he stopped right in his tracks.

Smoke wafted in the air, seeking through the tent. As soon as my lungs took in the fowl aroma, I began to cough. Jean took a deep sniff into the air. 

Out of concern, Jean headed me out of the tent to see fire trapping us. I covered my mouth as I wheeze.

Suddenly, a tall, lean shadow appeared out of the smoke. “Get every single one of them.” The voice snapped, it was a man. 

Finally, he stepped in our sight, showing himself. He was striking a defiant pose and wearing a pale grey suit, matching Jean’s magnificent eyes. His hair was pushed back and his face was cleanly shaven. He took a long glance at Jean, who owned a smug smirk on his face.

“Oh, regarde qui c'est, le rebelle de la famille,”(Oh, look who it is, the rebel of the family) He spoke boldly. I knew a wide amount of French, and several other languages, and was alarmed to hear his words.

“Je pensais que je vous ai dit de foutre le camp, Pierre.”(I thought I told you fuck off, Pierre) Said Jean. The man chuckled and gazed over to me.

“Maintenant, je dois savoir, êtes-vous les gars, vous savez?”(Now, I need to know, are you guys, you know?) The man asked.

“Pierre!” Jean boomed.

“What? I want to know if she understands me,” The man named Pierre joked.

“Je pense qu'il est temps pour vous de faire marche arrière,”(I think it is time for you to step back) I spat. Pierre’s disrespectful smile faded from his shaved face. 

“Take them,” Pierre said coldly. Men rushed towards us, I yelled at the top of my lungs. They held me tight as we followed Pierre, walking a distance from the smoke.

Our footsteps crunched the leaves below us.  I cried as our fate dawned on me like a shadow. Pierre stopped and turned around on his boot heel.

“Just because I want this to be fun, I’ll make it a surprise.” At the moment, I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. The buff man capturing me nodded.

His gloved hand came to my face; it had a mysterious gel on it. As soon I sniffed the gel, I became woozy and my eyelids went heavy. The world went blurry and lost all sanity. 

Everything went dark from there………………

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