A World at It's End

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Jean2

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




A light peeks through the crack of my eyelid. Was this it? The light? Finally, I open my eyes, to find life. A lady is standing over me, scanning my eye. She smiles at the sight of my dilated pupils.

Everything seemed wider, brighter. ”It works,” She says, showing her French accent. She puts a shriveled hand on my head and strokes my hair. 

A holler bounces off the walls. It deep and toned. It was Jean’s. 

I sprang up and struggled to break free. “Jean!” I call out. The doctor was pushing my down while I tried for my get away. 

“HALLE!” Jean calls back. I smile as he recognizes me. The doctor presses me firmly unto the bed, and comes into sight a gas mask.

“Where are you keeping him!”  I spat. She doesn’t answer. I pulled when she gripped. Faster than I knew it, I was bolting down the hallway calling out Jean.

In the distance, there he was. His interesting grey eyes stood out as he ran for me. We linked hands and ran for the exit.

Almost there, I was struck with pain. My leg. Although I could barely move it, I continued. Jean realized my change in walk, and turned to me. ” Are you okay?” 

“Fine,” I lied.

“You’re lying,” Jean remarked.

I shoved the exit open and ran, running from Jean, limp and all. Jean hacked into a car by the exit and started the engine. I pushed my mass into the passenger seat. 

Jean revved the engine and zoomed of the lot without a second to lose. “We’ll be on the road awhile, most of Quad 7 moved to the forest region.”  This was relieving to me.

I sank back into the seat, never wanting to see the world. I closed my eyes while Jean rubbed my leg.


I wake to kissing. They’re soft and gentle, like Jean’s. Once I get a look at the face, I see the interesting grey eyes I found to love. 

He smirks,” Finally, awake.”  I smile. His smirk was a happy sight. 

Finally, I notice the scenery. We’re at the riverbank to my favorite river. I named it Swanlike River, because of it tends to attract a lot of swans.

“Wow, it really is beautiful,” Jean, whispered. He grabbed my hand. 

“Halle, Jean, dinner!” Called a soft, yet firm voice. Was it my mother? No it couldn’t be.

I turned around to see our house, a lilac selection, very sweet. I ran for the back door. When I entered, I saw our usual. Gray and Yellow scheme.

Even though I was enjoying this, I was still very much confused. What was this?

“Hey honey,” Mom came over and scuffed my hair. She loved doing that, no matter the age.

“So, how’s college going?” Dad asked from the sink. College? What? College was awhile away. 

Jean handed me some orange juice from the fridge. I kindly accepted and sipped.” What?” I said after finishing my OJ.

Dad laughed nervously,” Honey, the one you’ve been at for three years.” I was 20. What?

This didn’t seem right, something was wrong. Seriously wrong. 

“ She just a little out of it, probably still thinking about our engagement,” Jean commented. I flipped my head to Jean, this wasn’t him. The Jean I knew was observant and protective, a-a-and was slightly awkward. 

Jean reached for my waist. I pushed him away,” Who are you?!” My family looked at me strange.

“ Are you okay?” Jean titled his head strangely. 

“NO!” I screamed.” Where are we, what is this, STOP PRETENDING!” Wait a second- Dad loved to scuff my hair, Mom hated getting it ruined. And we didn’t drink orange juice; it had too much citric acid. The creek I named wasn’t in our backyard; it was behind Quincy’s house.

What was this?! Jean tried to console me, but I just pushed him. I ran upstairs, in hope of locking myself there.

I successfully kicked my door open. Unfortunately, Jean (or Jean2, I’ll call him J2) was following close behind.

I landed on my bed to see J2 plop right next to me. “ Who are you?” I whispered, for the final time. I was beginning to remember the gun stored at my thigh. 

“ Your fiancé,” J2 said, pretending to look hurt. That’s it. I jumped on him and pinned him down with my elbow. With the other arm, I pulled out my gun and stuck it up to his head. 

“ Who the fuck are you!” I hollered. J2 flipped me over, reverse mode, his knife placed on my cheek.

“ You fucking bitch,” He laughed.” I knew you would do this.” I struggled to break free. “ Here, just to make it suspenseful, I’ll tell you where you are!”

“ You’re in a fucking mental institute, they need you to relax. We’ve been studying you for weeks, I told them you were to smart. Now, they look like fools, bitch put a gun to my head.”

“ You’re lying,” I say uneasily.

“ Really? Okay then, walk through that wall.”

I came close to it and put my hand on it, as a result, my hand went through. I gasped.


 “ Bitch,” He said under his breath.

I turned to him, aiming my gun to his head.” Call me bitch one more time and I will fucking shoot you!” He laughed.

Suddenly, he got me in an arm lock and pinned me to the bed. I grasped for air. He put his knife on my stomach, and in one sharp cut, blood spilled everywhere. He pressed on my wound, it hurt like hell.

Suddenly, something grabbed ahold of me. Power? The desks on each side of bed drag themselves right towards J2. He smashes into the wall.

I sprang of the bed and bang unto the wall. “ Get me out!” I scream. I hear a chuckle behind me.

“It will never work,” J2 smirked. My breathing became heavy and tears began to stream down my face. I fumed, forcing my face to turn a deep red.

“ Fuck you,” I whispered, blurred by my tears. I banged my head on the wall and let tears fall.

“ You think I care about you?” He made a revolting face as he edged in closer. “You think I-?”

Bang. Fuck him. My hand trembled grasping the gun. I had used the only bullet. J2 lay lifeless on the floor, a single bullet to the heart, drenched in a pool of blood. His eyes wide open in shock, a hand on his heart.

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