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Margaret Johnson, daughter of the two world renowned scientists. The thing is, he parents retired for a reason, they had given a terrible disease, and nine other children across the nation. The disease goes viral, forcing anyone involved with GT- the science department that created it- to retire. But this disease turns into something different, a web of lies, the lies Margaret were raised with.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - INJECTION

Submitted: May 28, 2013

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Submitted: May 28, 2013






“Honey, it’ll be alright,” Mom whispered before stroking my long, fragile hair. I coughed viciously and dropped my head on my knees. “Mommy’s here.” I shivered.

“Hello,” Said a deep and firm voice. “I’m Dr. Black.” Mom sprang up and encouraged me to follow. I lifted my strained eyes and looked into Dr. Black’s.

They were carefree, sky blue eyes.  He smiled at me and reached for my hand. I looked blankly at him. His eyes became sharp and scary. “Follow me please,” He said through his teeth.

I stretched out my hand and followed him down the long gloomy hallway. It was a depressing shade of gray. Dr. Black stopped in front of a long brown door. He typed in the passcode and entered the room.

It was a wide room with a surgical bed in the middle. It was bleak in an unusual way. “Sit down, please.” Dr. Black walked off to a tool rack.

I hesitated to sit down, mainly because the bed appeared to be bloody. Dr. Black glared at me in a spiteful manner.

“I-I-I don’t…want to,” I admitted silently. Dr. Black placed a firm hand over my shoulder, his eyes growing soft.

“Please?” He whispered. I tried to read his shimmering eyes, and that instant I read right through him. Something wasn’t right.

“I never wanted to come here! I always thought-”

Dr. Black cut me right off. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. You can so no.” Dr. Black looked at me innocently.

“No. Can I leave please?” I asked. Gritting his white teeth, his eyebrows arched.

Dr. Black sighed, holding in his rage. “Do you think your parents would approve?”




“Are you re-”

“Yes!” I screamed at him.

Dr. Black gripped my neck and threw me onto the surgical bed. “Lay down!” He ordered as I tried to squirm free.

“Mom!” I yelled just before Dr. Black drowned out my voice with his broad hand. Dr. Black smacked me ferociously.

“Shut up!” I licked the blood clean from my cheek and burst into heavy tears.

While I was wailing, Dr. Black pinned my arms down and stabbed me with a sharp needle. The mysterious blue liquid was steadily placed in my body; I could feel the tingle. It rippled my frail arms all the way to my hair, burning my insides.

After the sensation, my heartbeat dropped and my eyelids grew heavy. Sweat streamed from my forehead.

Finally, I gave up and drifted to sleep.


“Honey, calm down,” Dad reassured Mom.

Mom took a deep breath out, then screamed. “NO! I can’t calm down! My baby could be dying!”

“She’s not dying! The doctor told us that she would be asleep for a while!”

“But, what if-”

“Susanne, don’t you dare ‘what if’ this moment!”

“But, Dan, as a mother I have to right to worry!”

“Of course you do! Just don’t ‘what if’, that just makes it worse.”

I blinked my swollen tear crusted eyes. Mom and Dad’s argument was interrupted when I woke. Mom rested her worried eyes on mine, along with Dad.

There was a long silence until I started uncontrollably crying. “Mom,” I whispered, stretching my long arms out. She smiled and completed my hug.

Dad hugged me afterwards


I stabbed my knife into my steak, and cut my steak into several pieces. I put a piece into my mouth. Hard steak, as usual. I chewed with all my might, hoping it would magically become easier to digest.

“How was school?” Mom finally asked, cutting her steak into teriyaki bits.

“It was fine. Everyone was glad to see me after a whole month.” I swallowed some of my pink lemonade. “I’ve got tons of homework.”

“Need help?” Asked Dad.

“Nah, it was review. You know, SATs and all.”

The rest of dinner, I told them how everyone was all “Awe, Maggie! We missed you!” when I told them like a million times. Then, Mom shared some “exciting” news.

“Well,” Mom started, she turned over to Dad. “Me and your father know your going through your final recovery days. We thought you needed a little push….” Her voice trailed off, she looked at me. “Long story short, we arranged for you to visit a counselor for three weeks, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays after school for two hours.”

My mouth dropped. “What?” I managed to say. Mom’s wide smiled shriveled. I felt a sudden wave of quilt. “ But I’ll do it.”

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