The Fatboy Saga Book One Chapter One

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

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Submitted: September 07, 2008



Chapter 4
By ferrets

Fatboy woke up late the next morning, sore and tired. He thought about getting a quick cup of blubber at the coffee shop, it could help wake him up, but he didn’t want to drive that far, he thought about all those strange events that had been happening all that week. It had all started when he had gone shopping for dinner. After that, he had met the weird hobo, lost all his lawn ornaments, single handedly blown half of Fugo Shugos to kingdom come, and been accused of a crazy old cat fanatics house. And on top of it all felt fizzy. He couldn’t figure out why. After breakfast, he decided to walk to platypus’s house. As he walked out the door, he landed flat on his face. His steps were missing. Completely gone. All that remained was a small hole in the ground, the size of weasels. “Oh crud, I should get some hobo repellent when I get home” Fatboy murmured darkly. It took longer than normal, because he took a detour to avoid the remains of Fugo Shugos, and was stopped by a ranting gypsy. Fatboy could always tell where Platypuses house was, because everyone’s house on his street was a yellow. Except Platypuses. All except platypuses. His was a deep purple, because purple was royalty in his platypus culture. That and it was decorated with random items, like the roof was shingled with old hard toast, and over 75% of the house was a large tank of water. Also, the windows were the kind of window were if you looked at it from the lawn, it would look black and you couldn’t see through it, but if you were in the house, you could see out of it. The reason for this was because Platypus was ridiculously paranoid about the government spying on people (or platypuses). Also, his door was in his back yard, and thought it absurd to have it anywhere else. With much, much, MUCH difficulty, Fatboy climbed over the fence, and maneuvered through a yard with mud pits as big as Fugo Shugos. Fatboy could see the grisly remains of former T.P.ers in the pits, and tried hard to avoid them. Even in broad daylight it was hard to avoid Platypuses traps, let alone at night. When he got to Platypuses house, and knocked, Platypus came out still in his pajamas. “YAAWWWWNN! Huwwo Fatboy.” He said pleasantly. “Platypus, have you noticed anything strange going on?” Fatboy whispered quietly. “Uhhhh…why? I hawve! The neighbors are acting rewwey strange!

I mean they have always bewn strange, or at weast he has. He murmurs more than usual. Thawt and he posted a sign that said looking fo’ magical soda can of bad horrid hideous unluckiness.” Fatboy could remember no such thing, but decided to go and help the weirdo, for he felt sorry for him. “Lets go and see what he needs to find that can.” Fatboy decided “Buwt!Buwt hes weird!” Platypus blubbered. Despite his fear Platypus followed loyalty “Must prove loyalty!” But to Platypuses secret relief, the “weirdo” wasn’t there. Taped to his door, there was a note that said “Out loitering at grocery store and stealing shoes, won’t be back until some absurd time at night.” “Hurm….” Fatboy hurmed. Fatboy realized that he should talk to him before anything else happened, he may have valuable info for them and their strange predicament. “ Alright platypus, we need to come here at some absurd time at night!” “Buwt why!?” Platypus wailed. “Why? Because we need to give this story a plotline. …….That and this house is being demolished tomorrow morning” Fatboy said as he pointed toward a second note, which read “THIS HOUSE WILL BE DEMOLISHED FOR NO GOOD REASON IN PARTICULAR, BECAUSE WE FEEL LIKE IT.-with love, demolishinater. “I’ll stay at your house Platypus for tonight, is that okay?” Fatboy asked politely. “Okay” and with that they walked into platypuses house to prepare. “ This is going to be a wong night.” Platypus muttered.

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