Vampires And Angels

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When Lauren and Sunny find out about two mysterious and hot boys asking about them and they cant help but feel giddy of course, but with these boys also comes danger thses two best friends have never imagined. when they are told they are the chosen ones too save the world from a war been fought for millions of years you can imagine they thought everyone was crazy.
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The New Guys

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



Chapter 1: New kid

It was an average day at Formington high in Arizona, USA for Lauren Ashwood. Same routine like every other day, she wakes up, eats breakfast with her mum and only her mum because her father died at a young age from cancer. Her father new he had cancer but he didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want anyone to worry. When it came to that time where he told everyone it was too late the cancer had already spread throughout his body. It was too late for treatment and he only had a few weeks left. Lauren was told that her father spent almost every second of that time left with her. Lauren was half proud of her father for being brave because she didn’t want anyone to worry about his illness but the other half she was mad at her for keeping it to himself, Lauren was mad about how everyone would talk about how great her father and she was mad because she had never met him. Lauren did meet him of course but she doesn’t remember meeting him. There would be some pictures around the house of her father and Lauren would just stare at them and try and remember him but she never could. Anyhow Lauren would eat with her mum then she would drive to school in her dad’s old car sometimes she then goes to her class and keeps her head down, trying not to attract any attention. She eats with her best friend sunny, but Lauren calls her sun for short and sun calls Lauren Laugh for short. Sunny calls Lauren laugh because she laughs at anything. Sunny was given her name because her parents thought she would bring sunshine and laughter to everything she comes across. They were half right. She was an average high school girl other than the fact that she (including Lauren) aren’t ever interested in popularity or really caring about what they ever wore unlike most of the girls in her school. All of the girls in her school are always trying to wear something new and in fashion. They never wore the same thing twice, and If they did they would hope no one would notice or they would alter that piece of clothing so it wouldn’t look the same. On the other hand Lauren and Sunny would wear the same jeans for a week if they could, but then they would stink, and even then they wouldn’t care. As soon as the bell rang it would be time to go for Lauren and Sunny. But it wasn’t that easy, it was never that easy. Lauren was constantly mocked and embarrassed by the one and only Avery Hewitt. Avery Hewitt was the most popular girl in school, she was pretty, mean, and ’RICH’. Obviously everyone loved her because of her money. She would get any boy she liked. Weatherly they were a jock, a loner, or even a geek. Avery would pick on everyone in the school, but she would especially have her eye on Lauren, because in the first week that both of them came to this school they were both absolutely positively best friends. But something went wrong Avery started to draw attention because she had everything that the other girls never had because her dad spoiled her with all of these things that haven’t even been put on shelves yet and the things that every girl dreamed of having. So all of the girls would hang with Avery hoping that she might give them something in return for them hanging with her. This started to then get the whole schools attention. And then Avery finally was put in the spot, the girls that wanted her stuff made her chose between her long friend and them. Avery spent a month thinking it through. Then she decided to ditch Lauren for popularity. All Avery wanted to do was leave Lauren alone but her ‘FRIENDS’ insisted that she tease and embarrass Lauren but Avery refused. But the reason why Avery mocks Lauren to this day is because of jealousy. Sunny arrived in school around half of the first term, and instantly Lauren and Sunny were friends. This enraged Avery knowing that Lauren had found a new best friend. Any way back to the story Lauren and Sunny were almost neighbors there were three houses between their houses. So Lauren and Sunny would walk home together. Today Avery decided to do something different to them she saw them walk out of school so her and her friends followed them. When Lauren and sunny were right at the front of the school, Avery tapped Lauren lightly on the shoulder and as Lauren was turning Avery dumped an ice cold bucket of water all over Lauren. Avery and her friends started bursting out loud and the school echoed of laughter as everyone joined in laughing at Lauren standing there frozen, Sunny just stared in horror as she saw her best friend shivering. Then she quickly reacted and grabbed a jacket out of her back pack. Sunny pulled of Laurens jacket slowly and rapped her jacket around Lauren. “What is wrong with you” exclaimed Sunny. “You are” replied Avery. “What did I do”. “Nothing except steal my best friend”. Now Lauren was furious. “You left me for them”, Lauren glanced at the girls behind Avery. “Sunny came to my rescue, u can’t blame her for being my friend when I needed one”. Avery stood there frozen in shock, emotions crashing into her like a tidal wave, anger, sadness, confusion, embarrassment. All Avery did was turn and walk away. Sunny took Lauren’s arm and helped her was Friday so it was the weekend Sunny didn’t want to leave Lauren alone so they had a sleepover. That night they talked and talked till they eventually fell asleep. The next morning they spent the day on their computers because Lauren still didn’t want to talk about what happened. Sunny knew how sensitive this topic was, Lauren and Avery were friends for 6 years. Sunny decided she had enough they slept over at Sunny’s house this time and the next morning Sunny forced Lauren to go to the mall and that cheered Lauren up slightly. Then finally came school again. Today was weird for Lauren and Sunny, everyone was whispering around them but it wasn’t because of them they whispering about some new kid. Everyone was talking about him that never really happened no one really cared for the new kids, they didn’t care about sunny when she came to school in the middle of last year so why care about this kid. He was going to be in Laurens form class, so Lauren couldn’t wait to see what the whispering was all about and why he was so popular. The next day Lauren and Sunny saw for themselves why everyone was whispering about this new kid he’s really cute and his best friend now lives with him his parents and his two brothers and two sisters, since both his parents were murdered a year and a half ago and he doesn’t have any other relatives. But the real reason why everyone was so interested in him was because he along with the rest of his family plus his best friend were only planning on staying for 2 weeks which everyone found odd.

As soon as Lauren and Sunny walked in the new kid and his best friend turned and Lauren and Sunny. Lauren almost dropped her books because she looked right into his eyes and they were piercing blue as if one look could cut you open, there was so much sadness and sorrow in them it could break your heart. His face was so guarded and still you would never be able to tell which emotion he was feeling.

Lauren finally pulled her gaze from the mysterious boy and turned to Sunny who was staring straight at the new kids best friend the exact same way she was staring at the new kid. Sunny looked at him and something inside her just melted and she felt so much sympathy towards him. Lauren sighed and pulled Sunny towards their seats at the back of the classroom. Mrs. Pink announced “class there are two new boys Danny Zumer and Sam mill that will be joining us for the next two weeks so make them feel welcome”. Lauren ever so slightly turned her head to the right and there Danny was sitting in the second row and as Lauren was turning her head back to look at Mrs. Pink she caught Avery staring at Danny and could tell obviously that she was crushing on him. Then suddenly as if she felt Laurens eyes on her Avery looked straight at Lauren with such hatred Lauren faced back to Mrs. Pink and could tell that Avery had been staring at her the entire class. As soon as class ended Lauren bolted from class and Sunny was left chasing her. At the end of school Sunny asked what was up and Lauren whispered, “Avery kept staring at me throughout all of homeroom I have no idea what her problem is but you now I forgot all about it”. “well if it makes you feel better I Caught Danny staring at you a couple of times” Sunny said. “really well now you aren’t that sad today but I also caught that Sam kid looking at you”. “Ha sure-”, but Sunny didn’t get to finish her sentence cause Avery was approaching and she just hushed”. “well, well, well look at what we have here”,

“What do you want Avery” asked Lauren

“I want to know how you know Danny Zumer”

“simple I don’t know Danny Zumer”

“ah yea right don’t play dumb with me I heard him talking to that Sam person about you and Little miss sunshine here but I heard him say your name the most and Sam said Sunny’s the most. but I don’t care about Sam I care about Danny he’s cuter”

“Really you heard Sam talk about me” Asked Sunny enthusiastically

“Yea, whatever anyways I will ask you one more time, how do you now Danny”

“I DON’T know Danny and that is the truth right there” replied Lauren Sternly and walked away with her head up high and Sunny by her side.

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