Ash: In Training

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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I stood staring out over the edge of the cliff. It was my favorite place. Some people may think that's weird. Some people below looking up and seeing me may think I'm suicidal.

I'm not, just so you know. I just love the way it feels. The wind howling, pushing, and pulling at you. Bringing the scent of the sea, sharp and salty, to assault your nose. Making an already chill evening cooler. I shiver. Not from the cold.

No, that doesn't bother me, even without a coat. It's the blood lust singing in my veins that makes me shiver. Waiting, crying to be let free. But I must wait. I sniff the air and smile. Not too much longer, I think. He's almost here.

I've been waiting all day for him to make an appearance. He's doing this on purpose. I can't help but smile. A year ago you'd never think I'd be here, standing a top a cliff, waiting for a murderer to find me. But a year ago I thought my life would be just like every other humans life. A year ago I thought I was human. A lot can change in a year.

Snap! He's here and he wants me to know he's here. I turn with a smile on my face. "You know it's rude to keep a lady waiting." I say toward the woods where I can just barely make out a human shadow among the dense trees and foliage.

He laughs, it's sounds like death. My skin crawls at the sound of it. "Little one."He steps out of concealment. "It's nice to finally meet you." He smiled. It was the smile a rapist would wear when greeting his next victim: amused, excited, aroused, and dangerous. "You have no idea how long I've dreamed about this moment." The last words were spoken at a whisper. A shudder ran down my spine. He was a rather short man with long, dirty, brown hair tied back a the nape of his neck. His skin was marble white and his eyes were black. Coal black. Flat. Empty. Devoid of any emotion.

My smile turned into more of a snarl."Really? Then maybe you shouldn't have been stalking me." I lifted an eyebrow, making the statement a challenge.

He narrowed his empty eyes. "No. That was just a little foreplay." His gaze raked my body. "I couldn't very well miss the chance to watch meek little Dominic grow into Ash? Delishious and fierce Ash." He practically crooned the last sentence.

My silver eyes narrowed. "I prefer lethal and dangerous." My face set, hard as granite.

"Either way," he said, carelessly. "You've grown and I, for one, can't wait to break you back down to little, screaming Dominic." His eyes lit with a fire that was half mad, half excited. It made me sick.

"I'll never be Dominic again." I said, slowly. "And I'll never scream for you." My voice turned cold and hard.

"We'll see about that." He smiled at the challenge and at his own sick memories. "I've never lost a girl. And they all screamed."

I nearly gagged and he took advantage of my momentary lapse.

He launched himself at me. I fumbled for a second with the blade at my hip. With only seconds to spare I released it from it's sheath and brought it up in a wide arc to meet the murderer. There was a small grating sound as my blade struck the monster's spinal cord and then his momentum brought his body down on me, forcing me to the ground. But his head had detached and rolled over the side of the cliff. Several seconds later I heard a splash. Heaving my arms I pushed his lifeless body off of me and left. Leaving the rest of his body to dust.

A year ago I would have been just as appalled as you are right now. But like I said, a year ago I though I was human, like you are.

But let's start at the beginning. Back then I was Dominic Mason. Back then I was human. Back then I was a freak that nobody liked, or even talked to. It was my sixteenth birthday.

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