Jenna Chan's Guide to Surviving High School

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Woes of School Buses

Submitted: March 22, 2012

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Submitted: March 22, 2012



Hey there again :) So in case you haven't noticed, I don't upload regularly, and I'm so sorry for that! I have an extremely busy schedule, so I don't have time. I also like to start a new chapter and then halfway through, I may hate it. So it takes me quite a while to actually have somthing I'm satisfied with. Also, I've been aware there's not too much dialogue in the story yet. But I promise as you get farther in this chapter, there will definitely be some! ;)



Crap, crap, crap.

What do I do now? I mean, does Mother Nature hate me? But I should’ve suspected as much, I’ve always been suspicious of sunshine, especially on mornings that are beginnings to a lifetime of torture.

Groaning aloud, I hesitated. Oddly enough, the sky was but a light gray, the cloud cover fairly thin. And yet it was pouring. Raining cats and dogs whatever you want to say. But what was I to do? Maybe it was one of those quick summer downpours, do they have those in September? Whatever, I was wasting time.

So I had two options, ultimately. I could a), decide not to risk it, and miss the first day of my Junior year. Or b), sprint the mile or so to the bus stop, and hope my wet clothes won’t be too noticeable. Obviously choice A was out of the question, so I was left with the second.

Oh my God.

Inhaling sharply, I let out what I meant to be a battle cry (though it sounded more like a baby lion, trying to roar for the first time) and I was off.  Sprinting as fast as my legs could carry me, I let the cool wetness of the raindrops splatter down upon me, refreshingly sweet and strangely welcoming. I felt free. Just another rogue spirit running through the forest of concrete pavement, breathing in the misty smell of morning air, and letting the cascade of droplets envelop me in its watery arms. I laughed a silly grin forever on my face, a wandering spirit…

So maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, just a bit.  Because what really happened, went something like this; even though the rain did pour down, it wasn’t nearly as graceful as I hoped. With the water, my hair became clumped together in strands, tangled and frizzy. There was also some serious wind that day (just my luck), and let me tell you, that rain did not just come downwards. It rained in every direction; it hit me like bullets from the side, from the front, from absolutely everywhere.

And I didn’t feel like a spirit at all, not nearly as light that’s for sure. Even though I’m thin and need to gain weight, I’m not the most athletic person in the world. So by the third block, I was winded and felt like my lungs were on fire. Not to mention my quivering legs and raspy breathing. I’m sure I looked beautiful.

Oh yes, and that forest of concrete pavement? I don’t suggest you going there, it’s a death trap. I happen to live in an older neighborhood, and those sidewalks are in an incredible state of ruin. With cracks everywhere, little bumps and dips in the path, is it really any wonder that one as uncoordinated and ungainly as myself, stumbles constantly rather clumsily over cracks?

 But it doesn’t stop there, nope.

Panting, I seriously considered crawling the last few feet just dramatize it, but of course, that that wouldn't have been the smartest choice. So struggling as if it were an extended version of the worst gym class ever, I made it to the street where the conjugation of people usually gathered. Odd, no one was there. The place was like a ghost town.

Confused, a backtracked a bit to glance up at the street sign, just to double check. Wysteria Drive, not a doubt in the world that this is the right place. So why on earth am I the only one here? Then it came to me, I couldn't believe how long it had taken me to figure out the problem, for the lightbulb to go off in my head. I'd missed the bus. Sure enough, the faint smell of gasoline still lingered in the air as a glanced around looking for any sign of help. Maybe I'd be able to catch it if I ran ahead and caught off with them? It was worth a shot.

Sighing, I picked up whatever was left of my poor, broken dignity, and ran around the corner praying it was there. Well there it was, pulling out and speeding away faster than I'd ever seen a piece of junk that size go.

"Wait! I'm still here! No, please!" I called, flapping my arms, hoping someone would spot me from the back window.

No such luck, I accelerated in vain to catch up. And just as it seemed as if I had a chance, it rounded the corner and sped away, leaving me behind in the dust all alone. I was fuming, there was no way, no way that they didn't see me from that distance. It was probably some mean trick they had pulled. Hey look! It's that loser from school. Let's laugh because she missed the bus. Yeah, that's me. Still that loser.

Slowing to a jog, that’s when it happened. If my life were a movie, the cameras would’ve zoomed in at the ground, the barely noticeable crack in full screen. And of course, in my carelessness, a foot gets caught, and too late to retaliate, I do a face plant. Splat, right into the grainy pavement.

Oh and here’s the best part, believe me. Rising to my feet, I inspected for any serious damage, sure I’ve broken a bone or two. Feeling my chin, sure enough, there’s a scratch painfully raw. As I picked up my two ton backpack, discovering the papers wet and the ink running, I felt the sudden rush of tears. How embarrassing is that? Crying on the road side, in the pouring rain? Wallowing in self-pity, I turned to trudge back home and call my mom to face her wrath, but at the moment, the extraordinary happened. The good and the bad, that is.

Out of the corner of my eye, a sleek and clearly new Volkswagen was in my vision, the canary red hue screaming attention seeker. But the vehicle itself was nothing compared to who the driver and her passenger were.

The platinum blonde hair with golden streaks was sleek and shiny as ever, large Gucci sunglasses covering her icy gaze. A new summer tan and pricy looking wardrobe, Leyla O’Brian looked better than ever, and all the more evil. In fact, just glancing at her sent shivers down my spine.

If the school were like a beehive, Leyla would be the queen bee. A mean, cruel queen bee. Think Darth Vader, and you're probably halfway there. So why is it she's so dang popular? I don't get it, and I'm not sure anyone else does either. It's just one of those things about society no one ever questions, you learn to accept things the way they are. And believe me, it's pretty hard.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is! Is that you, Jenna?" came the voice, that sickly sweet voice I'd dreaded for so long.

Looking directly at me, she had pulled over along side the curb, a hungry lion ready to pounce on its prey. In fact, I slouched, hoping just to melt into the ground if possible.

"Aren't you going to answer? It's rude to ignore people, you know," Leyla sneered, exposing a  toothpaste commercial worthy set of teeth, "But I wouldn't expect you to know any better, I guess."

Am I just going to let her torture me like this? Let it go without a word? Apparently so. I shuffled my feet, feeling awkward, not knowing exactly what to do with my hands.

Tilting her chin arrogantly skyward, she flipped her hair over her shoulder before turning to her passenger, "Aw, look Hunter! The little nerd's mute, won't even say hello. Pity isn't it?"

Hunter. Hunter? Hunter Davies? Oh please, no. Not now.

If Leyla was the queen bee, Hunter would be the king. If bees had a king that is. Anyway, he is the heartthrob of Westfield Senior High. The single most object the entire female student body will swoon over, and mutually agree on; the Adonis that graces our halls. And sad to say, I'm one of his groupie of fangirls. But how could I not be? With his chestnut waves and hazel eyes, only an idiot would look away, and I am no idiot. However, I sure looked like one at the moment,

"Hi Jenna," was his reply, followed by a quick smile. Did I mention he was actually nice, unlike his malicious counterpart?

 "Oh, hi Hunter. Nice weather we're having." I stuttered nervously. Nice weather? It was like a tsunami on the streets from all the rainwater. This was not going well.

Merely grinning, his eyes twinkled a bit as if he were laughing, maybe laughing at me. But too soon, Leyla had butted in once again,

"Nice weather? Honestly? I thought you were supposed to be a genius. Whatever, guess you're not doing my homework this year."

As if I wanted to. Keep dreaming I thought bitterly. Now if only the words would just connect from my brain to my mouth, if only I could give her a piece of my mind...

But before I could become too violent, a loud honking noise caused us all to turn our heads behind us.

"Yo, what's going on up there? I don't have all day you know." 

I relaxed a bit, I knew that voice anywhere. It was my old friend, Johnathan Lee, crusing his way up slowly in his dad's beat up Chevy. Help had finally come.

"What, is that?" Leyla smirked, clearly disapproving of the rusty state of the vehicle behind, and from the looks of the thing, I wouldn't have been surprised if it fell apart on the spot.

"What, this old thing?" John mimed, climbing out to walk by my side, "Just the latest model of course. I hear it's what all the 'cool' kids are driving this year. Don't you love it?" He chirped sarcastically.

"Hmph, you wish," was Leyla's steely response. Hunter still sat at her side, silent as ever, but nodded towards Johnathan as if appreciating his attempt to lighten the mood.

"Oh hey Hunter, didn't see you there. Leyla's big head was blocking the way. I mean what, who said that?" Smirking sheepishly, he winked at me, clearly enjoying the moment. He was always so at ease when things like this happened, why couldn't I be more like this kid?

"Um excuse me? What did you just say? Oh please, don't even try, I'm already tired of your voice."

"Oh no you didn't girl! Come at me, I dare you, come on I'll let you hit first!" Raising his fists like a boxer, his too big shirt covered his skinny hands, piano hands as he had always called them.

"Yeah Leyla! Come at me!" I ventured, attempting to at least do something. But as soon as I'd said it, I knew I had killed the moment.

"Shut, up!" Johnathan hissed at me, "Let me handle this, please."

"Fine!" I snapped, slightly hurt.

Ah well, Leyla didn't seem to notice, she merely snickered.

"Yeah, no. Just get out of my way. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself afterall." She smiled, a fake, mocking smile reserved for all those she hated. "Let's go Hunter, we're going to be late, and that can not happen. Amy says she has something crazy important to tell me. Toodles!" she waves, before hitting the gas pedal. Sending a little salute, Hunter grins, "See you guys around sometime."

"Bye! Call me sometime, girl!" He shouted at the car, faking an excellect falsetto voice. "Whew, glad that's over. I never want to act so feminine ever again. How can you girls stand that? With the 'hey girl hey!' or whatever. God, that's irritating."

He shook his head before taking off his glasses and cleaning them, the rain still splattering drops all around.

"Well if you actually stopped talking so I could talk, I'd tell you. But I'd like to inform you about what's really important. We have ten minutes left to get to school on time."

"Oh calm down, Jenna! This baby right here will get us there in no time."

"John, you're kidding right? The Chevy looks like I could kick it over. And you know I can't so much as do one push up."

"Hey! That's rude. Think Peter Pan, if you just believe in it, maybe it'll fly!"

"You men are so irritating. Just hurry up so we can get there, please! I'm soaking!" I cried, gesturing to my drenched clothes now plastered on my body.

"Oh geez, you're right. Sorry, I have a sweatshirt or something in the trunk, you want to use that?"

"Uh, no. Knowing you, the last time you washed that thing must've been well, never. I'd rather be freezing in these clothes than smell in yours, so can we please just go already?"

"Wow, someone's moody today. But fine, just get in if that's what you want. But make sure you don't get the seat wet."

"Johnathan Lee, you are an absolute idiot." I sighed. Walking towards the car, I cast a glance at it skeptical, doubtful this thing can so much as drive a mile. Pulling the handle, I climbed on in. At least it was dry in there.

 Climbing on in on the drivers side, the slid the keys in and turned on the engine, the beast letting at a huge roar probably heard from miles around. "Takes one to know Jenna. Now buckle up!"

Reaching for the seatbelt, I found that it was stuck. No matter how hard I pulled at it, the ratty old thing just wouldn't extend far enough for me to reach the buckle. "John I am going to murder you when we get there."

"Nice to know my heroic rescue and friendship was much appreciated. Now shush, my favorite song's on."

Cranking up the volume on the stereo, Rachmaninoff blasted threw the speakers, staticy and loud. But I didn't bother turning it down, John was in his element. Drumming the notes as if the steering wheel were a piano, I just hoped we weren't going to die. Prayed we weren't going to skid off the side of the road into the nearby woods. Prayed we weren't going to late.

But hand't I prayed that I wouldn't miss the bus? Looks like no one ever listens to me.


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