Summer, Lies and Motorbike Rides

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a journey of a girl finding friends more like her, being free to do what she may, no matter how stupid. An adrenaline junky if you will. Excuse the incorrect grammar or punctuation or what not, I'm not the brightest.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sex, Lies and Motorbike Rides

Submitted: January 08, 2014

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Submitted: January 08, 2014



I like danger. Excitement. Who doesn’t right? I guess you’d call me an adrenaline Junky.
As I climb over the metal fence into school, my mind -still fuzzy from the joint I’d just smoked out the back alley- tried to comprehend the consequences of all the things I want to do before I leave school. I’m running out of time, as I’m currently at the end of year 11, a week before the summer holidays. I’m hungry for some excitement in my life though! Nothing exciting ever happens here. My name is Keller Stone, and today is my 16th birthday! Woo, happy birthday me and all that. I live in a tiny little town called Blister. Stupid name, I know, but it describes us perfectly. This town is vile and I can’t wait to be clear of it... just like a blister. It’s a rural town, on the coast of England. I’d much prefer to live in a city, where not everyone knows me and my family. I’d love the anonymity of a big city. I’ve got at least another two years though before I can leave, and trust me, I’m counting down the days until I’m 18. How many days would that be now? Is it a leap year next year or...
“Hey stop!” A teacher’s shrill voice broke through my thought process, jerking me back to the present. There’s no way he could know it was me he was chasing. My hair which is Just above my shoulders and scarlet red (my favourite colour) is tucked up in a cap, despite it being nearly 30 degrees out and sunglasses covered up most of my face. I’m wearing my school uniform as well, so I could be anyone of the sheep they call students.  The teacher quickly gives up chase though like I thought he would, considering his beer belly, and I head to my favourite hideout. The roof of the science block.

As I’m pulling myself up, i look around the roof expecting to see my Cool Box which is stocked up on coke, and the empty deck chair I’d managed to haul up a couple weeks ago. However, what i did see was completely out of the blue.

There in my mum’s old deck chair, in a bikini that was definitely not school uniform, was the one and only Robyn Hunt. Usually I would have been angry and told whoever it was to piss off. But come one, it’s Robyn Hunt for God sakes. She’s beautiful, with flawless makeup all the time and waist-long bleach blonde hair that was currently pulled back in a scruffy bun. People take one look at her and jump to the conclusion that she’s an air head. How wrong they are. She’s managed to be the biggest bad ass in school and still manage to get all A’s and B’s in her GCSE’s. You’ve got to give the girl credit! I guess i should explain who she is though. Robyn Hunt is a legend in Blister’s small town school. She slept with a teacher who all the girls thought were fit, got suspended for drinking, smoking weed, the works. She’s in her last year of sixth Form, and has never spoken to me before. And now she’s sunbathing in MY deckchair!  I always thought she was a goddess, but her first words to me didn’t exactly make a good first impression.
“Don’t bother. Just piss off” She snapped, not even bothering to take off her aviators and glance at whom she was so rudely addressing. I don’t take too kindly to rudeness.
“And why would I do that? Considering you’re sitting in my chair right now, and drinking what I can only assume is my coke.” She’d looked up surprised when I’d started talking. I didn’t know who she was expecting to see but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t me.
“I’m sorry; I thought you were someone else. I’m hiding from my boyfriend you see, I tried to break up with him at lunch and he didn’t take it too well so I figured I’d come up here and catch some sun in the meantime. Hey, you’re Keller Stone right? I’ve heard of you. Apparently you’re the next me, but i don’t think anyone could be me. You don’t look badass enough anyway.” To be honest, I expected her to be a stuck-up bitch and she certainly gave off that impression now. I was determined to show her i wasn’t some pathetic little church girl though.  I took of my hat and sunglasses, letting my red hair loose. I started walking towards the deck chair, all the while removing items of clothing. The v-neck jumper, the plain white shirt, and tie with my house color. Purple. How vulgar. Finally I got my skirt and tights off revealing my own bikini underneath. I reach the deck chair and lean into it, resting one hand either side of Robyn. My eyes never left hers and hers never left mine. We were testing each other and I was adamant not to give her the satisfaction of seeing me squirm. This is my territory. I reach under the deck chair and pull out a towel I stored there. Backing off, I spread it on the floor, grab myself a coke and plop down, laughing at the look on her face.
“What did you think I was gunna do? Sorry to disappoint ‘hun’, but I don’t swing that way.” I reach over to where I had dumped my clothes and pull out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from a pocket I’d sewn into my skirt.
 “Cigarette?”  I offer her. She appears to have gotten over the shock of my initial behaviour and accepts, pulling out a lighter from her cleavage. We sit and smoke in silence for a while, listening to the screams of year 7 girls play hockey.  And then out of the blue she says, “Keller, this is my last week of school. I’m 17 years old, 18 next week meaning I’ll be expected to get a job, start chipping in to pay rent to my parents and look for a place of my own. This is the last summer I’m gunna be able to have fun and go wild and I think it’s fate that’s brought us together here on this roof right now. So me and you are going to meet up at lunch tomorrow, and talk ok?” At that point, my mind went blank and my response wasn’t as witty and impressive as I’d have hoped.
“Uhh...” I mumble; embarrassingly so, might I add!
She laughs at my sudden shyness.
“Just relax. I’ll give you a ride home later on my bike if you want? I managed to acquire a Yamaha YZF-R125. Don’t ask me how, and I won’t make you an accessory to a crime, simple as.” She winks at me and go back to sunbathing.
“Early birthday present from your parents?” I inquire.
“Yup,” She manages to gasp out, trying so hard not to laugh.
I poke her in the ribs and she explodes with giggles, making me laugh too. That’s when we knew we’d be best friends. Cheesy right?


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