Shadows of the wolves

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Chapter 20 (v.1)

Submitted: June 17, 2013

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Submitted: June 17, 2013



Chapter…..? seriously, who’s counting?



(ok, since Atra is missing I will not tell you where yet, Muhahaha. Any way, here’s Glaces messed up feelings. Also, would like opinion on whether I should do a chapter from Nex’s P.O.V. no more chapters until I get opinion!)


Umbria has gone, run away, I had stood by and watched. My sister was always head strong, but never this bad. I wonder what Nex said. But I really don’t care what is going on with them. I’m all to mixed up in my own drama. I sigh, glancing over to Winter, being straddled by Summer. And I know she is my best friend, but you can’t control who your spiritual mate is. All I have been through, and I just care about a mucked up love story. We had walked now for almost a week, I had been staring at Winter, and he looked back at me. But neither of us wanted to break Summer. It was like a badly kept secret, like it was written over our faces. How Summer could ever understand I don’t know. The ground seems to thin out in to sand beneath our feet. I can feel Winters every heart beat, like my own. Nex’s sad eyes, Imbers blue fur, Vene’s distant stair, the pups mournful expressions, my broken heart. The bare land slips past in my mind, every piece of land identical. The sky burning through the clouds, shooting down to our necks. Imbers stone cold face, I watch as she holds tight to Venes hand, as I shift toward Summer, forcing a smile to my face. Her eyes shimmer, beaming at me, read and wide, like wild fire. ‘Its you. You’re the one my brothers standing up for.’ A giggly growl, like torture to my ears. ‘What was me, I never did nothing.’ I say, closing my mind, struggling to keep my voice straight. Why does she have to be so funny. I Dare to turn back to winter, ‘I knew it. Your trying to steel him from me.’ Her voice rises in to a ear-splitting bark, her hands flailing in a flimsy attempt to push me backwards. What is she talking about, I can’t even dream of it. ‘You’re my best friend, I would never ‘steal’ him from you!’ I scream my throat raw, Winters expression splitting through our gaze. My eyes locking on to Summers. A low growling falling from her lips, eyes a cold red, mine a vibrant gold. Wishing I kept a knife in the heel of my shoe. ‘Forget it Summer, I don’t want to fight.’ I say

‘I don’t care, I deserve to know. What is going on with you two.’ Her bitter voice whispers as I pull my gaze from Winter. Sighing I step back, ‘Nothing is going on, I care about him but I don’t want to hurt you.’ Her expression goes distant, I look down. Hearing the sharp sonic snap, running through my spine. My cheek erupts in a blaze of fire. Unable to breath, I force myself to meet Summer’s gaze, her face knitted in to a scowl, making her eyes darker. She was pushing against her limits, it was like watching your best friend fight with there own reflection, her body jittered. The sandy breeze whipping up tornados, as fire rises and falls from the earth. Her eyes like needles as my neck is clawed at by razor sharp blades of a bluish nimbus. My risistgance melts, the invisible force field stopping me from hurnting her is gone. Pushing back on to my feet, I punch her square in the chest, as ice flutters around the front of her body, growing out, swirling through the air. She was like a nightmare, with shards of ice leaping out of her chest. They only stay for a second, before melting to the floor, along with her surprised expression. The fire dancing around her body, the sun brightening in the sky. As a cold wind rushes past us. ‘leave me out of this Summer, its his choice.’  My fear was contagious, as the twins set off and automatic rifle of lights, a cool sea blue, bullets of purified water, I watch in awe as the smash against Summers heart, as water engulfs her, letting her body fall to the floor. Her eyes go wide, as Nex rushes over to her falling body, swiping his arm in an arc. It comes in to contact with my and Winters stomachs, launching us out of site, as I smash my head against a rock. Pulling in my last breath before everything goes dark.


The darkness encloses me in it’s cold embrace. Shadows falling around me, dark snakes, bad dreams,  shivering dimension. Its like needles shooting through my head like darts, I raise my head. Its like my body is left behind me, I reach my long, now, scaly neck high in to the air, its like being a shifter. But this person wasn’t me, I could feel it. Blood red scales, blue eyes. I was Summer, so she has a secret. I have to be her. I scream in my mind, as a ice cold body moves next to the one I inhabit. This one is beautiful and white, golden shimmering scales, green eyes, and amazing strong horns. This had to be Winter, that must be it. That has to be why they feel a bond. I smile, but for some reason I bear my teeth. Then what about Nex, how come he is one hundred percent werewolf, how does that work. I smash through my thoughts, our world is seriously mucked up, I stair to the other dragon, ‘soul blade’. My eyes flutter open, ‘I have to prove it, I have to know.’ I whisper to myself, before meeting  with Winters gaze, ‘soul blade’ I whisper, watching his scared expression. I sit wondering where the others are. ‘how did you know?’ he looks deep in to my eyes. ‘so its true, your are a shifter, and Summer.’ He swallows, ‘yes, her bond, we are of the same blood. It is by chance, it doesn’t run with family how you think. Your fate is chosen by the sky wolves.’ I look back in to his eyes. ‘But you are half wolf?’ I almost plead. He nods, ‘yes you are still my mate.’

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