Shadows of the wolves

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Chapter 21 (v.1)

Submitted: June 17, 2013

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Submitted: June 17, 2013



.Another chapter…….





The desert sky was long in the past. I keep walking, my legs are on fire, and the wind pushes me onward. The growing life within me pulls me down, as my wolf joins me in my quest. I look to the sky, dragons, thousands of colours swimming through the air. The earth in front of me lathered with the call of spring, as the mountains tower above the clouds, my guess is that I am in the shifters kingdom. The only place where shifters and wolves live in peace. The loneliness pangs through me, my life no where near harmonious, I feel empty without them. Why did I leave, I push on, dragons falling closer to me, there elegant wings and claws falling in to place on the ground. My heart beats faster as I feel the presence of one of the amazing beasts. ‘Shadow maiden, welcome. We were expecting you.’ The animal before me defies logic, silky golden scales, and amber eyes. ‘you where expecting me, how did you know I would come?’ the beast stared back at me, stepping back I watched the animal shrink, in to a woman with beautiful golden hair, and unreal eyes, a shifter. ‘All of the truths of the tribes have come’ her voice was so soft, as I watched five other wolves step forward, all female. Three stood out, saying in turn there names. One I could only guess to be a lightning wolf spoke, her mustard brown hair shoulder length, her eyes a mellow orange, ‘ we have awaited your arrival, welcome. I’m Ictus’ None of them could keep there eyes off of me, just noticeably showing signs of pups, now about three weeks on, since I felt it, felt something. Another now spoke, her milky eyes locked on to me, ‘We where not expecting a wolf so young.’ She looked surprised, her brown hair falling over her shoulders, the smell of salt convinced me that she was a water wolf ‘um, I am Lamia’. The last of the ones who stepped forward spoke, her hair a soft ginger, fiery eyes, she looked younger than the rest, not much older than me. ‘I smell Nex, where is he?’ her voice growled at me, eyes narrowed, how did she know Nex. ‘how do you know him, please, lets go.’ Her eyes narrow as we walk, keeping the on my slowly moving body. What’s your name anyway, since you didn’t have the decency to tell me before, who has such insolence to insult my fiancé, um I mean Nex’. I see her eyes go white, like the colour of her teeth. ‘ok, so my name is Vesta, not that you would care, just tell me, where is Nex.’ I sigh wishing he where hear, ‘honestly I don’t know where he is, I left them a long way back, I left.’ I groan, feeling sorry for myself as I follow the shifter,  the long winding path we took never seemed to want to stop. I walked along, chatting with Lamia and Ictus, both of them settled in to there packs. Lamia, who was about thirty, she had a cheery personality, and her eyes always sparkled in delight at every thing she saw. Like she had a good perspective of everything. And Ictus, she was about twenty five, not much younger than Vene, she was laid back, but had a bit of a dark way of seeing things, she was obsessed with vampires, yet all wolves despised them.  By the time we reached the city we where worn out. The panels slid from the sides of the caves, a light screeching falling from the hinges, much like the one my uncle built.  The high ledges beckon death, much like those in a book I once read, excepts these are lined with deep glistening crystals. most flicker like lightning, dulling in to a scary black as I pass, and other rays of colour as Ictus and the others pass, like a rainbow of jewels, until the shifters pass, a pure white diamond, leaping out of the ledges. A golden sunset falling in the horizons, and my wolf, no longer standing next to me, but inside of me, as my human self follows the new group of wolf maidens. The shifters wore signs of relief on there faces, it was like being part of a scheme where you had no clue of what was going on. ‘Hey Ictus, why are we actually here?’ I truly doubted she would know. ‘Its hard to say. I just found myself at the foot of a mountain yesterday, this is seriously uncalled for.’ She hangs her head in defeat, a little unsure why we were following the shifters, as we hung at the back of the group. The sky now like malted chocolate, all blotchy as the signs of a new moon rushed past my eyes. The path below was paved with a yellow crystal, again much like the ones of the outskirts of the town, that was more the size of a city. Looking forward I see rows of beautify decorated caves, caverns filled with dragons, other shared between wolves, all of the brilliance of a cave. Yet I feel the breath of sweet air running against my cheek, the tantalising touch, I crane my neck, eyeing the great opening of the shelter, falling down over a colour filled meadow, packed with a sea of flowers. The last slips of light where caught of the expanse of ice, kept in perfect shape on the western side, aiming the light to a runway on the edge of the cliff where I now stood. Yet all I can with for is that I could share this sight with my pack. ‘I am alpha you know, I left my pack. How could I leave, my sister, Nex, even Vene.’ I mutter, burying my face in Lamia’s shoulder, comforted by her words. ‘Don’t worry, I’m sure your fellow alpha is strong.’ I nod, ‘Nex is strong, so caring.’ I struggle to get out the words between sobs, as I attempt to dry away the tears, had I just cried, when had I last cried…never. Im soon rushed away from her arms, and face to face with the last person I wanted to talk to at this moment in time. ‘What did you just say, Nex alpha, really?’ I hear her cynical laughter, all I can think of is a girl from my school called Taylor, a skinny blonde bitch with a massive ego, as a brainless jock of a boyfriend. She had made my life a living hell. ‘What’s wrong with him being alpha, tell me?’ I push her roughly, as I hold back the tears. I pull back my face, waiting for her to answer. ‘Oh, nothing, I’ll let him tell himself, I’m sure he will come looking for his, ‘mate’, she laughs again, sauntering off. How did she know? But he will follow me, I know he will, if he isn’t to caught up in trying not to kill Winter.


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