Shadows of the wolves rough

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Chapter 11




(ok now we are with ivy glace person! This part of the chapter is about the Crazy wolf summer!)


I await Umbria’s return, my hands shake like leafs as I hear a rustling outside,  I turn to the boy that never speaks, I realise that I still don’t know his name. I turn to face him, opening my mouth to speak ‘What’s your  na-‘ I’m stooped by a random girl bursting through the door, ‘Nex!’ the ginger girl exclaims, running up to hug his. I watch as he shuffles back wards, ‘who are you?’ he asks his voice quaking, as the strange ginger girl dances in circles, her scent fills my nose with sherbet. ‘Nex, you really don’t remember me….?’ she says turning her head comically while she takes a break from her happy dance ‘Your own sister?’ she smiles awaiting his embrace, instead his face turns upside down, his smile merging in to a frown, his eyes and deep red ‘No, NO! you can’t be’ he says wiping back tears ‘all of my family is dead, you hear me’ her raises his voice again ‘dead!’

The crazy girl fights back  sad eyes, her ginger hair settles at her waist, ‘But I am alive, every one is dead, but I ran’ she breaths out harshly ‘I ran and every one died!’ her voice rising to a yell. ‘I thought you where dead, I thought… I thought I had lost every one!’ She is crying now, tears streaming down her cheeks ‘where have you been Nex’ she runs up to him, giggling under her tears as she wraps her arms around him. I examine his face, she is fighting back the need to cry, I can see it on his face. The girl that smells like sherbet , hugs him tightly crying on his shoulder. ‘ summer, I thought you where dead’ he whispers as he hugs her back, no longer holding back the tears. The room heats, the flames flying off of Summers body, blazing around the tent, I avoid the tongs of flame before I am scorched by the flame, I watch as the crazy girl stars singing a drab song about crocodiles and alligators that goes on for hours before she notices me in the corner of the room. I wave to her, smiling. She looks about my age, I pull out my phone from my over coat, as I freeze in my dress. I groan at the phone, tempted to smash it on the floor, as I look at the battery, ten percent left. I feel crazy walk over and sit next to me. Hearing her voice through the air. ‘your cold, do you want a blanket’ I give it a polite pass and walk to the other side of the room, changing in to wolf form and curling up, my tail tickling my nose. ‘no wonder your cold, your from the pack of the silver souls, ice wolves. Cool’ she says, her voice annoyingly happy, I glare at her as I fill the room with an icy chill, feeling much more at home I drift off in to sleep.


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I watch quietly, unmoving, as I see the crazy omega sat next to me stand up spinning like a lunatic out of the door.  I turn to the other omegas, I guess that where I seem to fit in. I look around the table, about a quarter of the pack sits, so about ten in total. I turn to smile at a middle aged wolf, sitting with silver fur, and dark black eyes. He nod at me, giving me a wolfie smile. I notice a wolf across the table grinning at me also, her fur a pitch black, with deep silver on her tail, her snout ends in a sharp line, her eyes narrowed, it seems, almost in relaxation. My gaze is pulled way, Atra slamming the door roughly behind her, my ears wring, as I see all of the participants in human form, press there hands on there temples in pain. A few howls shiver in the air, until order is called, as Atras father lets out a low bone shattering bark. I watch as every head turns in submission, the omegas slouching, ears back, all in wolf form, cowering at the sound. Quickly I turn, my now wolf body, copying the actions of the lower classed council.

We are motioned to rise, I stand on my hind legs as all of the wolves around me howl, they sing a unfamiliar tune as Atra begins.

‘As you know, Umbria’ she points to me as we sit ‘Has come from Minorca’s prison. We all know that there will inevitably be an army of vampires in our mists’ I look deep in to her eyes I dare to raise my voice ‘Actually the vampires are dead, only her werewolf followers are coming’ I look away, sitting down again ‘Ok, there will still be vampires, although less.’ She says raising her voice. ‘All of the wolves who have heard of the children’s  legend of the shadow wolf, say ‘I’ all of the room pipe up joining in except me. Atra gives me a sly look before she continues ‘I’m glad we have that cleared up, ok. Umbria, meet Spina’ she says pointing towards  the wolf across from me, the one who looks like she is always furrowing. ‘she will be joining you on your journey’ what journey I think as I glare at the red eyed wolf. Her hair scatters around her muzzle, I narrow my eyes, as I sit through the boredom of the meeting, dozing off as Atra explains the legend.










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