Shadows of the wolves rough

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



Chapter 15




(Ok now its Umbria)


Zinnia walks swiftly in to the front doors, soft polished oak shaped in to arches. The handles layered in gold and flowers. The door swings smoothly open, the interior bathed in white and purple, in a montage of plants. We shuffle in to the room, our feet scraping along the wooden tiled floor. She slides over to a hardwood work surface, quickly looking through the cupboards. ‘What would you like to drink?’ She smiles, pulling something out of her pocket, clutching it in her white knuckled fingers. I think back to when I slipped the amulet out of my pocket, knowing that Ebony had had no clue to what it was. The tube is long and thin, as she clasps it in her palm, I can’t help but smell the toxins. For all I know she can read our minds. What are we doing in a strange land in and even stranger persons house. I feel everyone’s gaze on me, as bullet black pythons of darkness swarm around my body, I can see the same sort of thing happening to Glace, her body guarded by thousands of ice shards, her eyes lose all colour, just white eye balls sitting in the place her bright green eyes would be. And all I can think is of the plain black my eyes would be. Feeling Nex’s arm restraining my motivation to bite her. Zinnias eyes glimmer in joy. Her nails like claws even in human form, her hair flailing around her shoulders, in a tangle of purple. Her eyes smile a deep crimson, giving her face a sinister look. ‘Come now’ She says her voice a bittersweet purr.

‘have a drink, please.’ Her eyes sweetening, as she turns away. ‘What would you like to drink?’ she asks again as I force down the darkness. Her voice still edgy. Glace swallows, I watch as she asks for orange juice. ‘water, please’ I say spitting at her. She gathers a plate, placing the cups in a flower pattern. I watch, as the others talk. She drops some of that toxic smelling stuff in to each cup. The clear liquids seeping in to the drinks. I bit my lip, closing my mind, protecting my mind from Zinnia. ‘Nex, every one.’ I struggle to whisper in my mind. ‘don’t drink it, please. Whatever you do please. Especially you summer’ I watch as the crazy wolf picks up a packet of chewing gum. Tipping them out on her hand, she shoves about three in her mouth, she quietly listens while attempting to blow bubbles. Her hair dances in clumps, stuck with gum. I smile as Glace walks over to her. Blowing on her palm face up, freezing the gum, and watching as it crumbles out of summers bouncy red hair.



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Spina’s eyes are now a pure black . My heart beats faster as I hear nothing from my sisters chest. Her hair now growing exceptionally fast. We have since learnt she can read minds and control peoples body’s, we could even control a sky wolf! My mind races as I ponder over the possibilities. How we could take over this cluster of wolf population. Each country has its own colonies, we however as the British isles have to share our space. I spit at the thought, how could a shadow wolf share, its against our nature.  Our claws digging deep in to the dirt, my sisters form slightly translucent, I look at my sister, her shinny body invisible, it seems, to other clans. My chest tightens, ‘it seems that they are still alive’ I say to my sister

‘They have been spotted on the path towards Emerald city.’ She nods taking the lead, I hear her voice boom through the air, like sand paper. ‘Come sister’.





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