Shadows of the wolves rough

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



Chapter 4




I sit, shivering while I await Ivy’s return. After I had listened to her cries down the hall, tears had run down my face. I sit, listening to some person in the next room tapping out a tune on the wall, in sadness I sense my eyes shimmer blue, as I find myself joining the tapping prisoner. Without thinking I start to sing, words my mother had sung, only days before she died. To my surprise the, person in the cell next to me joins in, a deep male voice sings the night song. Traditionally sung at the festival of the moon, only once I had been there to witness festivities, when I was five, before the famine, before they all died. Soon my voice turn to sobs again, in morning of my pack, all dead now. All it seems but one. I think as the song singer whispers words to me, only to my heightened hearing can I understand.

‘who are you?’ utters the nameless voice

‘you are from the old county aren’t you?’ he says

I swallow before replying, I can’t believe anyone is still alive I think ‘ yes, me and my sister both.’ As I talk my voice seems like air.

I can hear him suck in a deep breath, like me in realisation of something ‘Umbria? Is that you’ He says in a full voice so I can hear him properly ‘Its been a long time since I last saw you’ he says still in a clear voice. I blink, taken back by the familiar voice, ‘Nex?’ I stutter, I shake my head, your dead, I think to myself. ‘No, I saw you die, that why I left’ I say mystified ‘ I could have helped you, I should have tried’ I feel a hear running down my check.

‘hello, Umbria.’ I can see him smiling in my mind, although in this photo he is the eight year old boy I left in the famine,  when the vampires had tried to claim our clan for food, ‘I saw you get killed’ I still don’t believe he is alive.

‘No you saw me get attacked, I transformed early; He says in wonder ‘After, that I got a raw new power,’ he explains how he shot beams of light from his body dusting the vampires.

‘But, I failed to save my family, I should have run, taken them. I should have gone with you’ Nex cries out as I sit there in shock.

‘So, how’s things?’ He says

‘Well other than my sister being turned back in to a werewolf, without her knowing in the first place, oh and being locked in a cell, yeah fine.’ I breath, realising I had taken about one breath for that rant. I pause for it to sink in. ‘how about you?’ I ask him.

Yeah, well I doubt his life would be worse. I think

‘well he ‘begins’ where do I start’ He starts in a story book manor ‘Long long ago, well you get the picture. Back after all the vampires where dead I left the cave. Your uncle, had managed to escape, but he was one of the wolves to fallow in you parents foot steps’ He choked on his words, as I let it sink in. ‘I escaped, I was found on the streets, I had learnt to control transformation, you know, getting angry and stuff, but I was taken in to a orphanage, where I found my younger brother, blaze. He, however, became I’ll not long after, and died. I got over it.’ He said taking a shaky breath, I sat there picturing him again with a tear running down his face. ‘ I was taken in by family after family until, I was found by, Monarca.’ I fail to understand him,  as if he can see the confusion through the wall ‘That girl who brought you in, ebony, she was from the old land, one of the out casts. Right?’ He’s says

‘well she was my fake sister, and Monarca her fake mum, well she runs this place’ he explains

‘ok, I get it’ I say nodding my head

She sensed I was wolf, and as simple as that she threw me in here’ he says, in a voice like he should add a sweep of his had around the room. ‘ Ok so you had a bad time too’ I say ‘well that’s the way the world works’ I almost see him nodding when I realise I do. The rock and stone between us has been lifted, revealing a strong sheet of glass. I see Nex head still resting against the wall. His eyes closed, joined with tears. As if in a movie, I lift my hand to the glass, he slowly raises his arm, his palm on mine through the glass, as I look in to his strong blue eyes, his chestnut hair overgrowing, settling on his muscular frame. ‘I still love you’ I whisper. My eyes now closing. As the door opens and I am silently dragged out of the cell, eyes still closed. Thinking about Nex.



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I saw Umbria being dragged down the hall, as her figure was thrown through the double doors, I could now see the gashes on her neck, the same as mine, before she was forced to her knees before the great beast before her, the fog cleared, there stood a dragon with deathly black scales. ‘ Hello, I guess you are Umbria?’ I Hear it say. She doesn’t reply, she just shoots him with a blood thirsty stair, I winds its neck down like a snake, as it opens its mouth I scream ‘UMBRIA!’ before the fog engulfs her. In her place stands a giant wolf, with silver eyes and a black she wolf stood before me, purple tipping her ears and tail. It growled at evil growl, before leaping forward to attack the dragon.

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