Shadows of the wolves rough

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



Chapter 5




I feel my eyes turn a vibrant red as they sink slightly in to the old dragons scales, he turns harshly in a circle, as I fly through the misty air I transform, turning in to a human as I roll on to my shoulder, as soon as I reach my feet, I pull my hands in to fists, and raising them above my head, like a cloak, I am again a wolf. I rack my brain, as I remember Nex talking about our powers ‘I shot light from my body’ he had said. I take a deep breath, tightening my muscles as I stair in to Ivy’s emerald green eyes, hoping to find comfort, yet I find hurt, her eyes a sad blue now. Proof that she has been bitten. My anger increases my body temperature on the rise, as I concentrate all my muscles, I find the power deep inside, and just before I release the shadows inside my body, I am hit head on by Ebony, again in human form. In on my back, she sits over me, her knees on my arms with her weight pinning me down, I glare at her eyes, the blood thirsty red they always seen to be, before a kill. She raises her dagger, aiming it for my heart, as she plunges it down through the air. Suddenly all her weight fly’s off of me, as I see Nex, his lip cut with a multiple of wounds. I stand and run to hug him, but for some unknown reason she shoves me on to the cold damp floor. Looking up at him I see gold in his eyes, and I know he still cares, as a shot of fire skims past us. I try to find the shadows again but fail, as a horde of werewolves and vampires rush in, the vampires, with hands up, palms facing forward, shooting fire dark balls of flame, lighting up what seems to be a cellar. I can now see where Ivy sits, in a oversized lobster cage, as I watch the grey mist travel towards her. ‘Ivy’ I yell ‘hold your breath, please, don’t breath in the mist’ I finish as I skid between the legs of a vampire, using them as a shield, as Nex lets out beams of light from his shaggy grey coat. Turning his head he smiles, letting me see his eyes turn gold. Yet again, I dodge another attack, as the werewolves are left, none with powers all clawing at our chests. ‘Can you hold them back’ I yell at Nex, he gives a shy nod. I dig into his mind, ‘I’m gonna try to use my power’  I say using telecommunication, as I skit over to Ivy, giving her a gentle nod. I dig into my soul, I find the shadows for which I am named. With one deep breath I lunge forward, my paws grazing along the metal floor. A deep growl starts in my stomach, and grows, in to my throat, erupting in to a sonic bark, as I let out the pulse of darkness. All around me wolves fall still, I’m pretty sure I haven’t killed them. I looks to Nex for support, he had the same idea, as he his behind a wolf in human form as he lets the limp body fall to the floor. ‘I can hear there pulse, the wolves are alive, however’ he says pointing to the dust that scatters the floor. ‘The vampires, not so much alive as the wolves’ He says scratching the back of his head. He looks at me smiling as we walk over to Ivy.


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I hear Umbria yelling, telling me to hold my breath. And even though, she has lied to me for years I trust her. I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with air, as I feel the mist, like acid against my skin. Howls of pain and panic are alive in the air. I grimace, my face a mask of sadness, as I see a blazing white light shimmer through the air. Soon followed by a close to black, ray of darkness that I saw fly out in rings, that took out the last of the creatures. I saw Umbria turn to the boy that  shot the bright light and hug him tightly. Both of there faces looked black and charred, there cheeks red under the soot. They run up to the cage, in the eyes of my sister I see relief, as her eyes shimmer green, as she takes a deep breath as looks at me. My mouth fights me with so many questions, and im sure she wont be able to see the logic in the way I will probably utter them out. I look at my sister and the monster she has become. Then I ask myself, aren’t I a monster too?

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