Shadows of the wolves rough

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



Chapter 6







I dig around in the crates, searching for a key to Ivy’s cage. Nex smiles at me as I search. Giving up I hunch my shoulders. ‘Stay back Ivy’ I smile, before raising my arms in to the air, and creating my wolf form. I see the fear in her eyes as the turn black, her pupils widen in shock at my toothy smile. My teeth shimmer that same colour as my silver eyes, they turn blue in sorrow, as I look up, smelling Ivy’s fear of me, of who she is. I look away, as I swipe my claws across the cage, as the metal frays like wool, as Nex pulls it back, I see her fear widen further at the sight of him. I turn, facing him directly, I whisper in his ear ‘Could you step back?’ I ask cautiously

‘I know’ he reply’s ‘I can smell her fear, mostly fear of me’ He steps back, I resist the urge to hug him as offer a hand to Ivy, she looks at me coldly, keeping her hands by her side, she grunts. Her leg wobbles a bit before she stands fully, she bends down, her blond hair cluttering her face as she brushes her hand against the wound, she holds her leg straight and walks on. I shoot a questioning look at her, she gives me a snide smile and paces off,  her summer dress bounces around everywhere as we exit the basement. I gaze back, looking in to the amber eyes of  the dragon, who I now realised was alive and just in shackles, withered and tugged at his chains, he gave a moan for help. I grabbed hold on the steel door feeling the weight in my grip as I slammed it shut behind me. I turn to Nex,  and before I can ask, he begins to talk in our minds. He looks worried as his voice carries the tone, even in his mind ‘I saw Ebony walk out’ his whole body seems to quiver ‘She’s still alive Umbria, and we won’t be able to walk out unharmed’ He takes another deep breath. I nod, as I sense my eyes glaze over with a hue of dark purple, the first time I have felt fear in a while.


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My whole life has been a lie, I think. My brain shakes around, like I have just run in to a door. My blond hair scattered all over my shoulders, I clutch my wrists tight, cutting of the circulation as I scamper down the corridor. My eyes are forced closed by the speed as I run, trying my best to get away from my sister and this mystery beast. As I run, I think about before, when life was normal, when the world made sense, with politics and algebra, and school. It sounds funny now saying it, the days I have been bored to death with equations, now I miss school! I gasp, mostly to breath in air as I seem to be struggling to breath. I gaze down at my feet, my shoes slip of my feet like they where glass, of rivulets of water. I dare to gaze back at my sister, now jogging to keep pace with me. Wind slithers around me, chilling my bones, as I hear Umbria in the distance yelling for me to stop . before I get the chance to turn and look at her I crash through a blaze of mist. I take a sharp breath, the pain like thousands of pins digging in to my skin, my bones crack and reform, I look at the floor the reflective surface showing a oversized beast, with a main like tattered sheets, that’s what I can see in me, before someone slips a restraint collar around my neck and I am flung back in to my cell

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