Shadows of the wolves rough

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



Chapter 9



(Ok I now its confusing but I am adding another character from the shadow forest, it lives in the clan Umbria had mentioned, sorry for the confusion, it was the only way to get around my writers block!)


I step through the dense foliage, thorns scraping against my fur, as I pad through the mud, my paws sinking in to the floor. My tong tingles, as the breeze carry’s the scent of three wolves, one smells of freshly fallen snow, and vanilla, the other one smells like roses, my guess is that he is from the inferno torches. I think deeply, remembering that flame roses thrive in there volcanic alps. The last smell is harder for me to pin point, it seems out of place in the oak forests, I raise my head to get a stronger sent, standing on my hind legs, I inhale the sent of pine. My ears perk up in excitement as I remember the kids stories from around the fire, as the sent assails my nostrils. My fur seems ablaze in the night, as I howl to my clan, the silent shadows.  I subconsciously slide my foot backwards in the silk textured mud, the dull surface slips easily in to a heap at the heel. Not far off in to the forest I hear a shrill scream, as I track the scents of the three strangers. I see the rough bushes around me fill with dark glowing eyes, may of which glow a happy yellow, , I falter slightly before I am covered all over with an electrifying jolt of adrenaline. The soft cast shadows of the moon do little but make the crevasses on the rocks and banks even darker, but it does nothing but intensify my fear, as the harsh light bounds of there flashing canines, I hear a daunting low growl emanating from the raw throats, ‘Atra, why did you call for us?’ My father asks, ‘Take a deep breath. All of you who believe in the legends, the freshly fallen snow on a pine wood rose.’ I say, many confused looks on there faces ‘In the story of the shadows, where the sweetest sent was from the warriors of  freshly fallen snow?’ I say, unwilling to believe that they had not understood. I start again ‘The truths in ice fire and shadows?’ One wolf nods at me, as all the others follow the lead. I lift my nose in a motion to smell the air, even in the mists of the night I shift in to human form, my deep black hair resting on my shoulders, with a waist long leopard hide vest and a soft material stolen from the humans, falling in a fluffy blanket on my shoulders, my skirt is just above the knee and is made from fox skin, in a feat to show the mongrels who is boss, I slip a bow from my shoulder, unhooking a arrow from the sheath, as I lead the pack in the direction of  the pine tree warrior, I leap in the trees, with stealth as the pack follows down the cliff as we scale the over grown trees, and slide to the ground.


(Ok now we are back to Umbria, but its not the last time we will be in Atra’s perspective :). )

My mind is taken from the fear of the forest, a sharp pain shoots up my spine as I land on my back. Looking around I see that Nex and Glace are fine, they have seemed to have landed on there feet, Glace has gone back to human form, digging splinters out of her hands. I rise to my feet, rolling on my shoulder. I use my hind leg to scratch behind my ear before I smell the mingled wolf smells in the distance. My company’s ears seem to perk up at the sound of a carelessly snapped branch, as the smells of fire smoke, moss, mud, and sweets fill the air. I smell again. Its not sweets but some ones honey scented coat.







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