Tales of Roksan Palace

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Heroes Are Born

Submitted: October 11, 2014

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Submitted: October 11, 2014



750 years after the 6th King had passed on, heroes were emerging at a time when man and beast from all over, traveled to the Games of Roksan. Each warrior was given the chance to show off their strength at the biggest competition of the year. 

Among the many compeitors were three, very significant men. 

The first, was named Minsaki. Warrior of the Land and a proud member of the Salamander Clan. His arrogant nature and selfish desires, led him to the games. 

The second, was known as the notorious Tansuro, Warrior of the Sea. His adventures across the ocean gave off an air of danger. His uncontrolled anger earned him the title of Fearsome. The island he had left behind was said to be the birthplace of all sails man 

While the first two are definitely worth mentioning, the story cannot begin so mindlessly without the mysterious number three.

Many say that the third warrior was born from the shadows. He dresses in a way that only ever reveals his dark green eyes, an assassin's hood and a black mask. No one who has seen his face has lived to see the next blue sky, or so they say. The arcane Zinquan, Warrior of the Skies. 

Each warrior was placed in a different block. The blocks held random challengers from all over the world. It was hardly 5 minutes into the game when the remaining three challengers were announced. Coming from different backgrounds along with conflicting personalities, the following sight was definitely not going to involve red roses and good sportsmanship.



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