Trained To Kill

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David is a 16-year old boy who has ended up with a horrific life. He works as an assassin for his father who commands him to do terrible things constantly. Follow Davids life in this painful story.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Trained To Kill

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Submitted: May 24, 2013



I flinched and woke up early on the sundaymorning. Someone had recently went through the door, probably my father had been gone again, doing business in the middle of the night. The entire top floor were silent so I could clearly hear my father root through some boxes in the kitchen. He has probably lost some documents for the day. My father is stressed all the time. That's the way it has been since my mother passed away. But it works that way, if you need more money, you have to finish the work quicker. That was the first thing my father learned me. However I do not think he's able to work quickly.

We live a dangerous life, there is a lot of people around the city wanting my father dead. However, I don't blame them, he is a swine. Towards everyone. He has never shown any respect to either me, my mother, or my older sister Ellen. My sister Ellen ran away when she was 16, no one of us has never seen her since. She couldn't handle our father. Neither can I really, but I have got used to it. Today, I am the 16-year old, it has been six years since she ran away. It has also been six years since mother died. Since my mother hasn't been there these latest years I have got into a lot of the stuff my father is working with. I work as an assassin. An assassin for my father. I have to get rid of all the people he wants to get rid of. The first time I killed a man I was 11 years old. It's a memory I will never forget. It was the first time I actually caused a man to not live anymore. Not only that, my work is not only to kill. It is to make sure they pay for what they have done. By torture. Today it's not really anything special about torturing someone. I have done it so many times I have even lost count.


I see him standing in the kitchen completely devistated and frustrated. I walk slowly towards him with a grin on my face and I am asking him where he has been. He is just standing bent over the sink and mumbles that I don't have anything to do it with an angry tone. I pick up a small knife I keep in my pocket and put it towards his neck and grabbing his scalp with a hard grip. I ask him again where he has been with an even bigger grin this time.

"Put the knife down, David." he says with a calming voice even though I can see how scared he really is.

I am standing there smiling and I ask again where he has been. I am expecting a threat and I can see on his face how he tries to hide his anger. But he stays calm and answers my question:

"I have been planning out a new order, a pretty big one actually. Apparently he needs a lot of explosive equipment which I can easily get my hands on."

I loosen the grip on his scalp and I move the knife slowly a short distance away from his throat.

"How much will we make on the deal?" I ask with a questionable tone in my voice.

"It's still not confirmed, he needs three large missiles, RDS-37s. They are worth a good amount of money."

I am still a bit shocked from him actually answering my questions but I keep calm. I realize the knife is now in my pocket and I am still standing behind him. I wonder where he has found contacts with explosive equipment in stock. But on the other hand I don't have to worry at all. If he blows it, then I have to make a kill or two, and that gives me money. If not then we make money by the deal. Killing is just part of my life. Torturing aswell. I have almost grown to enjoy it. It is horrible, but it is a part of my life.






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