Shimmer's white ghost

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Shimmer finds Ripple as a child when his Clan floods. He takes her under his wing but he doesn't know he's bringing her strait into his tormentor's clutches. Now Shimmer must save all those he cares about by defeating the creature who wants him dead the most.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tortured

Submitted: October 22, 2011

Reads: 120

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Submitted: October 22, 2011



Chapter 1

Shimmer sat against a tree with Dream beside him. They had just gone hunting in tiger form together and now with the Clan fed they had some time alone with eachother. Shimmer had jet black hair and blue eyes while Dream had pale ginger hair streaked with black and she had piercing gold eyes. She rested her head on his shoulder as the sun was setting and he felt he never wanted this moment to end. The sun was slowly shrinking and Shimmer was playing around with blades of grass, tieing them into knots, turning them into a whistle and shredding them apart with his fingers. Dream watched him carefully. In the middle of the camp, the children were turning into different creatures like wolf pups and birds. Dream got up and wiped the dirt off her pants. She changed into her usual form as a small tabby cat with pale ginger fur and black stripes. She padded over to her friends leaving Shimmer to watch the kids play. He finally got up himself and slipped into the forest. He changed into a black wolf and crept around slowly, seeing if he could catch a thing or two just for the sport. He looked up at a tall oak and scraped his small canine claws along the bark. Changing into a cat like Dream, he climbs up it and looks through the branches that made a roof over the forest floor.

He heard his concious whisper something inaudible but he shook it away and climbed back down. Today had been pretty boring, nothing much had happened and everyone had at least three good meals. He spotted the kids as he entered camp again. One was a lion cub and she was pouncing playfully on Frail, a teenage girl with a weak foot and brown hair. She was strong and agile despise her weak foot that alwayas seemed to be sprained.

He could see Dream talking with her friends Twist and Shadow. He called to her and she smiled at him. When she turned back to reply to Twist her smile vanished and Shimmer went to the den for the night.

When he woke up he could see just at the entrance Dream was waking up Twist, they were both dripping wet in wolf forms. "Ice wants us" she nudged him awake and they left the den. Shadow was awake and smiling in amusement beside Shimmer. "Why, what happened?"

"Dream and Twist fell into the pond after you fell asleep and I think they might have a cold now" he started laughing and he changed into human form, exiting the den after them. Shimmer stretched and padded out, changing from his wolf form to his tiger form. In this Clan you had only five forms, wolf, tiger/lion, cat, human and bird. In other Clans it was different like in the Falcon Clan that shared a border with them they changed into birds, humans, snakes, dogs and mice.

Shimmer looked to see that the sun was coming up and that the first hunting party was leaving. He waited in the camp, messing around with some leaves, shredding them with his claws and squishing them in the mud out of boredom. Ice was the Clan healer and she was the most important asset to the Clan. He waited until Dream and Twist came out, both hacking like whatever medicine Ice had given them was the worst tasting thing in the world. He giggled a little as Dream came over "This stuff is so gross!" she barked in her wolf form.

"I guess you learned that the hard way huh?" he teased

"Like you'd know" she spat and went to find whatever wasleftover from yesterday of the food stash. She ate a rabbit quickly while Twist followed her and ate the crow Shimmer had caught yesterday morning. They left camp to wash it down and Shimmer followed them quietly.

He padded down to the river, staying a little ways away from Twist and Dream while he drank. He looked up and saw a border patrol from the Falcon Clan on the other side of the river through the trees. The river was the border and he hoped that they wouldn't cross, he wasn't in the mood for fighting anyway.

He left, leaving Twist and Dream still getting the bad medicine taste out of their mouths. He padded up the slope and was halfway back to camp when Dream ran past him. He looked behind to see Twist fighting three Falcon Clan soldiers, now on their side of the river. He ran back and joined in the fight, making lethal blows on one of them who was turned into their dog form. He bit down on the snake one and threw it int the river. The last one was in their eagle form and was now swooping down on Twist. Shimmer bit the dog's ear and it whimpered in pain. It leaped back wards and stuck it's tail between it's legs. Shimmer roared at it but it refused to flee "This is our territory now!"

"Who says?" Shimmer growled defiantly.

"Your Clan is smaller and weaker with sucha large territoryto maintain and ours needs more land" the dog barked and the eagle screeched in agreement.

"Bite your tail off why don't you? Cause you're not getting our territory."

"We'll take it one way or another, all we really have to do is kill Rain!"

"You want our whole territory?!" Twist howled in surprise.

"You won't get a single tree!" Shimmer leaped and batted down the eagle with a mighty paw. It hit the ground dazed and the he and Twist started pushint the dog towards the river.

"Leave now or we'll kill the eagle" Twist threatened.

The dog whimpered and picked up the dazed eagle. running back to it's own territory.

Dream came down the slope with Shadow and Rain as backup only to find that they had already fought them off.

"The dog and eagle made it away and the snake drowned" Shimmer reported to Dream and she sighed in relief.

"Let's go home, we really don't need to be fighting over territory like this, the Falcon Clan has a border against no man's land, they could just expand their territory easily without bloodshed." Rain took the lead in her white lion form.

Back in camp they were greeted by Spider along with the kids, asking what happened and jumping up and down in excitement.

"Twist, you didn't seem to get as many scratches so you can just wash off but Shimmer, meet me in my den after you're one reporting to Rain" Ice was at the scene immediatly. She was also in her tiger form with icey blue fur and green eyes.

Shimmer retold the fight best he could then went to Ice's den where she cleaned him off, put a little medicine on the scratches in her human form and told him to stay in tiger form for the rest of the day so that they could heal more effeciently.

Already the kids were trying to roleplay the fight by what he had reported to Rain. He smiled to see that Otter was playing him while Minnow was playing the eagle in her littlebluejay form.

Tired after fighting Shimmer took a nap in the sun's rays and he dreamed of walking in the forest beside Dream when he stepped into nothingness, plummeting into jet black. He turned to face where he was fallng as it slowly turned into water. He emerged in it without a splash. He floated there in the abyss when a white form started to appear. It almost took full form when he woke up.

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