My Little Pony: Princess Luna's sorrow

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In this chapter: Princess Luna and Princess Celestia have a tearful row about Luna's imprisonment on the moon...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Little Pony: Luna x Celestia

Submitted: July 26, 2013

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Submitted: July 26, 2013



Princess Luna sighed as she watched the night sky from one of her sister's balconies. Princess Celestia trotted up to Princess Luna and smiled. "It's a very beautiful sky, isn't it Princess Luna?" Celestia asked her sister. Luna shrugged.   "I guess," she replied. Celestia smiled again but then she noticed a tear slid down her sister's cheek. She frowned. "Princess Luna, what's wrong?" she asked her sister. Luna glanced away. Celestia cupped her sister's face in her hooves so that Luna was facing her sister. "It's, it's just that I missed you sis because sent me away," Luna cried. 

Princess Celestia's eyes filled with tears. "I had no choice! I didn't want to send you away, it's just you turned against me!" she cried. Princess Luna's tears trickled down her chin. "Why didn't you just reason with me? I didn't want to be sent away! It was so horrible and I screamed out to earth everyday that I was sorry and you couldn't hear me. I cried my eyes out every single day!" Luna shouted, still wetting tears on her cheeks. Celestia sobbed into her hooves at the thought that Luna had been calling out to her every single day and she didn't hear her.

"I'M SORRY!" Princess Celestia screamed and galloped back indoors, leaving her sister distraught. 


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